Cast (I will be doing their names instead. So I'll just list what item they are):

Tamaki: The Beast

Haruhi: Belle

Kasanova: Gaston (It seemed more likely to use him. I don't want to imagine one of the Host club members being evil. Well… Kyoya could be evil, but read ahead of what he is instead.)

Kasanova's friend (you know, the one Kasanova became friends with? I forgot his name. He's one of the workers at Kasanova's house): La Fou (He's Gaston's literally small wingman)

Hikaru and Karou: Candlesticks

Mori: Teapot (well….. He has to be something that would match Honey…)

Honey: Chipped cup (Yay Chip!)

Kyoya: Mini Grandfather clock (Hahaha! Ironic that I made him Cogsworth! But they are both alike in personalities.)

Renge: Belle's wardrobe (T.T Does this really need some explanation? You've seen her in the manga and anime. Trust me, it fits pretty well)

Ryoji (Ranka to most of you. He's Haruhi's dad in the manga and anime, remember?) : Belle's father (I know… It's a little cliché, but… if I used Tamaki as her father, as he always says he is in comparison, who else would be the beast? Plus, I'm a huge TamaXHaru fangirl!)

Maid one: (Whoever Hikaru marries in the future) Feather duster

Maid two: (Whoever Karou marries in the future) Also a Feather duster

Antoinette: Stays the same (sorry she's not a foot-stool .)

Nekozawa: Enchanter (Again… cliché, but he does love his black magic…*hides in Tamaki's emo-corner* and he's a little creepy when it comes to that! Just kidding! *comes out of emo-corner* I know how much you fangirls love him!)

Ouran students: Townspeople/enchanted objects (too cliché?)

Creepy Negotiator: Tamaki's Grandma (Think about it…)