Ryoji had enough with all the refusals for help. Just because he was a transvestite or sounded crazy didn't mean he wasn't telling the truth.

"Fine! If no one will help me, so be it. But, I will get Haruhi out of there, if it's the last thing I do!" Ryoji mumbled as he packed his bags at home. How much he packed, we can only guess because with all the stuff he packed, Ryoji could've had his whole apartment in there. Once he was finally done, Ryoji took one last look into the apartment, "I'm coming baby girl. Even if I die, I'll die trying Haruhi."

With those final words, Ryoji then set out on the journey to go get Haruhi.

Kasanova and his friend had been in a waiting room for nearly two hours straight. Finally, a woman's voice called their names and they stood up and walked into a long narrow hall. The hall reminded the two of them of hospitals with halls that make you feel as if you're headed towards death.

When the two of them reached a door on the left at the end of the hall, they stopped and opened it. Inside was a creepy looking office that gave off the haunted kind of aura. There was a desk with two chairs in front of it, and one chair behind it. The desk contained nothing on it except a name plaque. On the plaque, it read, "Mrs. Shizue Souo". The woman sitting behind the desk, who was Shizue, motioned them in.

Everyone in town knew that Shizue had a grandson. But no one, not even Shizue, knew where or what happened to him. They all knew he had somehow mysteriously disappeared along with his group of friends and house staff. If people could try to remember, Shizue might have said his name was what, "Tommy" or "Tamaki" was it? Nobody really remembered, nor would they ask. Because anyone who asked about her mysteriously disappeared grandson, they would never be seen again. Not the best status quo for a person like her, but at least it made her somewhat popular.

Sitting on one of each of the chairs, Kasanova and his friend sat before the great Shizue (as many townsfolk called her).

"I suspect that this is important. But, I will need a little bargain in order to know how important this is." Handing her a small bag of a hundred yen, Shizue sat up straighter, "Start talking."

"You see, I'm in a little situation right now, you can say. Haruhi Fujioka, you know, the girl who lives with her transvestite father, won't marry me."

"Young man, I am a business woman, not some kinky matchmaker." Shizue explained coldly.

"I know that. But with this, it does have some business in it."

"Explain to me this business you have in mind for me, young man." Gladly, with an evil like smirk, Kasanova explained the plan carefully. After about a half an hour later, when Kasanova explained it all, Shizue gave him a cold grin.

"Really quite terrible with adding her poor father into this. But maybe that's why I love it so much." Shizue told Kasanova with cold smile. And with that, they shook their hands in agreement to the plan.