Drunken Crossdressing and …..

This is my first story and I'm super scared to know if people will like it or not. Oh my gosh! What do I doooooo?! I really, frilly, dilly, hope you like it and review! Even if you didn't like, fell free to tell me!

Chapter 1- Challenge

Kanda lifted to glass to his mouth hurriedly and jugged the alcohol down his mouth quickly enough that some if it fell down his chin rather down his throat.

"K-kanda?! Slow down. You're gonna choke yourself!" A concerned Lenalee voiced from across the table. She stared as the dark-haired teen filled up his glass again.

"Shut up! Tell that to the moyashi who looks as though he'll pass out any second!" He screamed. Lavi could barely stifle back his laughter. Kanda tilted his head back for the 6th time and drowned the contents of his glass in a matter of seconds. Allen, sitting directly across from him, was already on his 9th. He paused to yell at the older teen.

"My name is Allen, BAKANDA!" They continued to drink and fight at the same time. You may be a bit confused of how this all began, so shall we do a flashback?

Allen cheerfully walked beside Lenalee and Lavi as they had planned to go to a restaurant to eat, a reward for all their hard work so far as high school students who managed to pass their midterms. Kanda, surprisingly when asked, accepted the invitation and followed the three loud and laughing teens, or rather children, to the restaurant.

When the crew arrived, they sat at a secluded table at the request of the quiet and foul-mooded teen. Kanda didn't need people to stare at him as he ate. Allen sat at the open-sided seat next to the young Asian girl and across from Kanda, who sat near the red-head.

And then they ordered.

Allen, being as he was, ordered at least two of everything on the menu. Kanda chose whatever Japanese dish he could find. Lavi and Lenalee both ordered a simple pasta. "Moyashi, don't order what you can't pay for." He dared to use the extremely hated nickname once again. Allen's eye twitched. Does he want to start with me right now? He wondered with great annoyance.

With a strained smile, he looked up, "Oh course not, Bakanda. He stretched the name with much emphasis. "Che" was the only reply he got.

"Calm down, calm down. Both of you, why don't you just drink some of this and relax yourselves?" Lavi interjected just as Allen was about to start yelling. He slipped something out of the bag they had all been wondering why he had been holding and set it down on the table.

"Let's drink, to passing!" Lavi continued energetically.

Lenalee stared in surprise. "Where the hell did you get that from?'' She asked, getting annoyed now. "What do you mean? Your brother has a whole stash in his office, he won't notice if a bottle or two are gone." The mischievous red-head said smiling widely.

Allen, smelling the scent that came from the bottle Lavi had recently put down whispered, "Premium Tequila Ley, one of the most expensive alcohol brands in the world…"

Kanda seemed intrigued by the sudden knowledge on alcohol. "Br-brother?! Why o-" Lenalee started. "How do you know that?" The Raven said interrupting the girl in the middle of her rage. He had heard of the brand but had never seen it before, let alone, smelt it. How could this tiny, annoying, silver-haired freak of a beansprout know?

"Master drank it once. He spent nearly all of our money on just one small bottle. He said it tasted disgusting. Something about wasting half of our money on something so uneeded." Allen announced.

"So you memorized the smell?!" Lenalee cried out, completely forgetting about her idiot of an older brother for that moment. "Y-yeah" The young boy flinched at the women's sudden raise in volume.

Lavi was now seriously intrigued. He smiled even bigger than before. "Let's play a game. Whoever faints or throws up first from the amount of alcohol they drink has to pay the entire dinner bill. Oh, and if you don't play, you're the automatic loser."

The entire table stared at him just as the waitress came back with their food. At least everyone's except Allen's. Once she left, Kanda voiced his noninterest. "Hell no am I going to fucking play this game!" He yelled, but not loud enough for the people farther away to hear.

Allen had somewhat of an opposite reaction. He looked interested. "Why is that, Kanda? Afraid you can't beat me?" He teased the older teen. "Shut the hell up, Moyashi. You'd probably faint from the first glass." Kanda glared at him but all it did was make the silver-haired teen smile. Widely at that.

"Game on then. Lavi, pass the bottle and a glass."

Sorry if it was short. I was hoping to make it a bit longer.