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Chapter 11- Surprise Visit Part 2

Allen never thought he'd see something like this in his entire life. His Master, Marian Cross, was cringing away from a female's glare.

The women he'd heard whose name was Emma, was staring daggers at Cross.

Once Allen and Kanda had stepped into the living room, her features softened. She was pretty with straight light brown that reached her mid-back and watery blue eyes.

Her skin was ever so slightly tanned and she stood up tall with elegance and grace. Allen seemed to stare in awe as she turned herself to focus on him and Kanda who was fidgeting behind him in his costume.

Kanda never really cared about how people perceived him but still, being seen in a maid costume by a complete stranger was humiliating. Then again, it was his own fault.

Cross broke the silence after a long period of quiet.

"What the hell happened to you. You look like a flustered virgin whose no longer a virgin." Kanda cursed the red-head before him for knowing his damn apprentice that well.

Allen, who was just beginning to calm down from the earlier events, was full blown red again. Cross was no idiot.

He knew full well what the damn kid in the maid costume was aiming for. He just acted oblivious. And, he gave them space last night to do whatever Kanda had surely been planning.

Emma was no idiot either. She quickly caught on to what was occurring before her and broke out into a full on grin.

"Cross, I never knew your apprentice was such a beautiful child! Oh my! Is his hair naturally that color?" Emma took a few steps towards Allen and reached to gently stroke the teen's hair in amazement.

Her eyes sparkled and Cross couldn't help but do a mental face palm. He'd forgotten how much of a sucker Emma was for pretty boys.

He'd also forgotten how much she was into BL. The red-head was sure the brunette had caught in to then situation by now.

Kanda growled darkly behind Allen as the unfamiliar woman touched the younger teen. He would have frowned at his possessiveness if he had even known he was growling.

Emma looked a little startled at Kanda's reaction to her but quickly recovered and smiled. Dropping her hands to her sides, she faced Kanda fully.

"I apologize for lack of introductions," She began. "My name is Emma, and I'm Marian's boss." She spoke simply.

"I also apologize for getting a little touchy-feely with your boyfriend. But I must say, he's adorable." Allen nearly choked on his own spit and Kanda couldn't help but smirk.

Boyfriend. That's a term he'd never thought he'd use when dealing with Allen though Kanda didn't mind it one bit.

"You make an adorable couple. Oh my, how long have you been together? How did you two first meet? Why are you dressed as a maid?" Emma gasped as if she'd realized something.

"Do you bottom?" She asked specifically to Kanda. By this time, Allen was beginning to recover and smirked. Kanda instead flushed uncharacteristically red. Stuttering, he nearly yelled no.

"Emma, will you stop with this ridiculousness? You're making my idiot apprentice look happy." Cross interrupted Emma's barrage of questions.

Kanda was seething while Allen was attempting to hold back his laughter. Despite what he'd said, Cross was quite happy about Allen's mood. He'd never seen his charge look so happy.

He'd smile with friends but after Mana's death, they had turned fake. But of course Cross couldn't express his pride in the boy out loud. That would mess up his entire instead, he joked around with him.

"That hilarious, Master." Allen said with a straight face and narrowed eyes. Kanda was still struggling with the fact that he'd just been asked if he bottomed.

Sighing, Cross turned to Emma.

"We should get going. We're gonna be late. You know. For that that meeting that we have." Cross said with unneeded urgency. Emma turned to him, confused.

"We don't ha-" Cross grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the door.

"See ya later!" He called out to Allen and Kanda as he pulled Emma through the door and left.

Allen couldn't help but think, 'And then there were two.

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