Goku clenched his teeth as his injured body was thrown over Broly's shoulder. He could see the forms of his unconscious son and friends. He wanted to struggle to get to them but he knew that it would make no difference. Broly would only stomp on his back again and then throw him back over his shoulder.

"What do you intend to do with me?" Goku asked as he watched the ground fly by below them.

"Shut up," Broly growled.

"I will never be on your side if that's what you are planning," Goku growled watching blood drip down his left arm.

"Shut up I said! Don't make me break your jaw," Broly threatened.

Figuring that he really would break his jaw if he talked again Goku opted to remain quiet. He wasn't in any position to try to escape from Broly's grasp. He hoped that his son and the others would make it off of the planet in time and not worry about him. Though, he knew deep down that they would worry about him wondering if he was dead or not. He, however, didn't want them to come looking for him for fear Broly would kill them.

"Can you at least tell me what you want from me?" Goku asked despite knowing that Broly would break his jaw.

"I told you to shut up," Broly said stopping and landing straight down on to the ground. He walked up to a hidden ship and turned it on walking inside. He threw Goku onto the floor and began starting the ship.

"Are you going to kill me?" Goku asked.

"No," Broly snapped and then turned on him snatching his face into one of his large hands.

"Wha are you doin?" Goku slurred through his mashed lips.

"If I hear one more question come out of your mouth I am going break your jaw for real. As a matter of fact just to keep you from being tempted," Broly added before he brought his fist back and punched him on the head.

Goku yelped once before blacking out and sinking to the floor. Broly sighed in annoyance as he threw him over his shoulder again and carried him towards one of the bedrooms on the ship. He tossed him like a sack of potatoes onto a bed and smirked at the satisfying sound of Goku's head smacking into the nearest wall before lolling forward on his neck.

"Stupid fool should have kept his big mouth shut," Broly growled walking back to the ships main controls. He didn't worry about locking the door for he knew Kakarrot was far too weak to escape him. He hunted through a drawer until he found what he was looking for. Kakarrot didn't have a tail but he would remedy that problem later so he would have to put the ki ring on one of his fingers.

Walking back to the room the fool was currently in he took one of his hands and slipped the Ki ring onto his middle finger. Pressing a button on a small controller the ring snapped snuggly around the finger. There was no way Kakarrot was going to be able to get it off on his own. Well not unless he cut off his own finger but Broly doubted he would do that.

With a swish of his auburn tail he left the room and went into his own. He wanted a shower and something to eat before Kakarrot woke up. He would not call him that foolish Earth name 'Goku' for he was a Saiyan and needed to start acting like one. He busied himself over the next hour cleaning himself in a shower and then making his own food.

Goku moaned quietly as he swam back into consciousness and brought his left hand up to the knot on his head. He cursed under his breath before pulling back his hand and looking at it. To his relief his head wasn't split open and bleeding the rest of his body however was pretty much useless. Suddenly he panicked when he noticed that he didn't have any Ki to draw upon. Something was wrong, he should be at least able to sense Broly but he couldn't even do that.

"Damn it he must have done something to my Ki!" Goku growled and then he noticed the ring on his finger.

"Don't even bother trying to remove it, it will not come off unless I take it off," Broly said coldly.

"What in the hell did you do to me?" Goku asked glaring at his captor.

"I put a Ki restraint on your finger I don't want you to think that you can fight me," Broly said smirking.

"You never did tell me what you were going to do with me," Goku said folding his arms across his chest.

"If you are good I will do nothing to harm you. However, if you try to fight me then I will break a bone in your body until you get my message," Broly threatened.

Goku shook his head, he knew better than to try to fight someone who had complete control over him. If he had his Ki then he would be excited at the very thought of fighting Broly again. However, he had his own life to think about and he didn't want this monster going after his family on Earth.

"I will not fight you I have too much at stake to make you angry," Goku said bowing his head in submission.

"Good now go clean yourself up," Broly said pointing towards the door.

Goku nodded and quickly left his captor before he lost his nerve. He found the shower rather quickly and stripped out of his tattered clothing. He folded it up and set it aside for later. He didn't have another set of clothing after all.

"You will not need clothing," Broly said grabbing his tattered pants and boxers before turning and leaving the shower room.

Goku raised an eyebrow but nakedness never bothered him too much until now. He wasn't sure what kind of plans Broly had for him. All he knew was that the Saiyan hated him with a passion and one that he didn't understand. He had no back story on Broly and he couldn't remember doing anything to piss him off so bad. He was sent to Earth as a baby and from what he learned of babies there wasn't much one could have done.

He sighed as his open wounds stung in the hot water. What he wouldn't do for a sensu bean right about then. Broly worked him over pretty good and he was seriously feeling it right about then. He moaned as parts of his injured body twitched in painful cramps and charley horses. He lathered his body and hair in the soaps and shampoos that were left out for him to use. His nose crinkled at the sharp smell of flowers but he could also smell apples and that just made him hungry.

"Are you done in here yet? Hurry up Kakarrot," Broly said coming back in and watching him.

"I am sorry," Goku said hoping that wouldn't make the insane Saiyan mad.

Broly's eyes widened in surprise, he hadn't expected that answer out of him. He was more looking for Kakarrot to turn to him and say something snide to piss him off. He snorted and simply told him to hurry up or he wasn't getting dinner. Just because Kakarrot was being submissive to him didn't mean he wasn't going to be cruel to him. He still had his own evil plans of revenge deep in his mind. First he had to claim Kakarrot so he couldn't escape from him then he would go to Earth and kill that bitch who thought she could tame a Saiyan. He would have fun with Kakarrot's friends killing them slowly and in front of him. After they were dead he would blow up the Earth so there was no where Kakarrot could run to. Revenge would be so sweet and he would have himself someone to take his pleasure from at the same time.

Goku coughed uncomfortably as he shut off the water and looked around for a towel. Of course there wasn't one so he would just have to air dry since he had no ki to draw upon. He set out to find his captor and see exactly what he was up to.

"About time you got out of the shower," Broly growled as Goku came into the dining area of the ship.

"Where are we going?" Goku asked deciding to push his luck a bit.

"We are going to Earth," Broly said shoving a plate of food across the table and motioned for him to sit.

Goku sat across from him suddenly uncomfortable again, "why are we going there?"

"I have some humans to kill," Broly said smirking coldly.

"Please don't, don't hurt the people of Earth they have done nothing to you," Goku pleaded.

"Shut up Kakarrot, there are some of them that have done something to you. That bitch tamed you and those pitiful creatures took away your Saiyan instincts. You are nothing but a neutered low class Saiyan."

Goku flinched at the harsh words that were thrown at him for he knew that some of them were true. His own brother had thrown a different version of the words in his face when he took note that he no longer had his tail. He didn't care if he lost his memories of his own race, he was glad that he did. Now that it was going to be used against the ones that he loved he no longer felt the same way. He didn't mean for this to happen and he would do everything in his power to stop Broly from hurting his family and friends.

"Please don't hurt them I will do anything for you," Goku pleaded again.

"Anything?" Broly asked smirking.

"Anything you want just don't hurt any of them they are innocent," Goku said again about to get on his knees and beg.

"Oh they are far from innocent but since you would do anything for me then I guess I can think about not killing them," Broly lied smoothly.

Oh he was still going to kill the human bitch that Kakarrot called his wife. She would be in his way since Kakarrot would constantly think about her and not about him. He didn't want his Saiyan bitch to think about anyone else. He would make sure to beat it into Kakarrot's mind that he was the only one allowed to touch him.

"Please," Goku said again looking at Broly with puppy dog eyes.

"SILENCE!" Broly roared making Goku flinch.

"Sorry," Goku muttered.

"I have heard enough of your pleading and apologizing eat your food before I send you away with no dinner," Broly snapped crossing his arms over his chest.

Goku eeped and tore into the food before Broly made good on his threat. From what he knew of the man he was not the kind who played games and would really do what he said he would. Though thankfully he had not broken his jaw yet, not that he would keep pressing the matter. That was the last thing he wanted to happen to him out of all the crap that already had.

"What are you thinking about over there?" Broly asked.

"You," Goku said truthfully hoping that would please him and keep him from becoming aggressive.

"Good now hurry up with that," Broly snapped yet again.

Goku finished his plate and looked back up at Broly, this was not enough to fill him but he would take what he got. Broly stood from the table and motioned for him to follow. Goku did so silently a little worried about what was on Broly's mind.

"Stop looking like you are going to die," Broly growled looking over his shoulder.

"Am I?" Goku asked brazenly.

"You talk to me again using that tone and you will die," Broly snarled baring his teeth.

Goku swallowed knowing that he really was pushing his luck and he had no ki to protect himself from an angry Saiyan like Broly. He bowed his head and watched the lines in the flooring go by as he walked. He prayed to Kami that his family and friends were now safely back on Earth. He still didn't want them to come find him since he obviously was going to them. He fear for his wife and child, he wasn't sure if Broly would hear him out at all about not hurting them.

"We are here," Broly said opening a door into a large bedroom that was heavily decorated.

"What is this?" Goku asked going inside and looking around.

"This is my bedroom," Broly said walking in himself and closing the door.

"W-what am I going to do in here?" Goku asked uncertain.

"You are going to get on that bed and stay there until I tell you otherwise," Broly said shoving him towards it.

Goku laughed nervously as he clambered up onto the mattress and sat down waiting for Broly's next instructions. He was all too aware of his nakedness and couldn't help but blush deeply at the thought of certain things taking place. He shook his head clearing those thoughts out of his mind there was no way he was doing something like that with a man.

"I am going to help you grow out your tail, I do not want a neutered Saiyan on my ship," Broly said.

"Neutered?" Goku asked looking back at his butt where his tail once was.

"Yes now turn around and lay on your stomach," Broly said snapping his fingers.

Goku swallowed and slowly turned around laying flat on his stomach as ordered. He heard Broly come up behind him and then he just stood there doing nothing else. Goku could feel sweat bead up on his forehead as he waited in anticipation of what Broly had planned for him. He almost leaped out of his own skin when a hand touched the circular scar where his tail was supposed to be.

"Do not move," Broly growled lowly and closed his own eyes.

He concentrated his ki down to the tips of his fingers where they were placed upon Kakarrot's smooth skin. He slowly started to zap the area with small bursts of ki causing a loud yelp to tear from Kakarrot's lips. He then felt him jerk away trying to escape the feeling. He snarled loudly and brought his free hand harshly down on Kakarrot ass cheeks smirking coldly at the satisfying loud smack it brought.

"OW!" Goku cried out not expecting to be spanked.

"I told you not to move don't do it again or else I will spank you harder," Broly growled lust lacing his voice.

"Sorry," Goku said tears threatening to fall.

"Stop apologizing," Broly snapped and brought his hand down on that supple ass again pulling another strangled sound from Kakarrot.

Goku bit his lip to keep from saying it again his butt was starting to sting and feel hot from being struck. He fought with the urge to jerk his butt away from the stinging zaps of ki hitting his tail spot. Finally Broly pulled his hand away but not before he smacked his ass a good three times.

"OW! I didn't do anything wrong that time," Goku whined not moving to even rub his butt.

"I just wanted to smack that ass again," Broly said chuckling.

"How long do I have to lay like this?" Goku asked.

"I told you until I say so now stop making me repeat myself otherwise I am going to go to town on that ass of yours," Broly snapped pinching it.

Goku yelped but bunched his muscles to keep from moving. He laid there for Kami only knows how long with Broly behind him before he started to feel a burning around his tail scar. He cried out as the burning grew in intensity until it border lined extremely painful. He cried out in agony as he felt something break through his skin and then the pain stopped. He was left panting on the bed feeling some extra weight on his backside.

"Good it finally grew back and what a beautiful color it is," Broly said picking up the tail and examining the dark fur with blue highlights streaking it.

"M-my tail how. . .I thought," Goku stuttered not able to finish his sentence.

"You thought wrong now get off of my bed and go clean your tail," Broly snapped dropping his tail back onto the bed.

Goku climbed to his feet unsteadily and weaved on his feet as his tail flailed wildly trying to find a center point to rest. He took a few steps and fell on his face causing Broly to growl at him. He clambered back onto his feet and slowly began to walk normally as he went back to the showers to take yet another shower. He sighed and turned back to his newly grown tail feeling a small spark of happiness. One that he knew would be squashed out of him eventually by Broly.