Goku woke with a jolt and quickly sat up from his bed looking around him. His chest moved upand down rapidly with his uneven breathing and sweat coated his body in a thick layer. The remains of his nightmare swirled in his head as he slowly grounded himself back to reality. However, he nearly jumped out of his skin when a large cool hand brushed through his hair.

"What is the matter Kakarrot?" Broly asked a bit of concern in his voice.

"Nothing I just had a bad dream is all," Goku said curtly.

It was clear that he did not want to talk about what his nightmare was about. If anything he just wanted to forget about it all together. He began to rise out of his bed but was stopped by a heavy hand shoving him back down. He turned wide eyes at Broly wondering if his tone made the other angry.

"Tell me about your dream," Broly demanded showing that he wouldn't let him go anywhere until he did.

"Fine, I dreamed that we were on Earth and you were killing my wife and friends. Then there was this horrible moment with Vegeta and I really really don't want to talk about it," Goku said feeling tears sting the corner of his eyes.

"You do know I am going to kill them all right?" Broly said with out thinking.

"Y-you said that you wouldn't kill them! You told me that if I did anything you wanted me to you would let them live! You LIED TO ME!" Goku said his voice rising.

Broly snarled and bared his teeth at him. How dare his pet raise his voice to him like that! He hadn't meant for it to slip out like that. Now he would have to come up with something else to ease his little Saiyan's feelings. He needed to stop dawdling and mark him already. After that he would become docile and he could control him to do whatever he wanted him to do. Yet he just couldn't bring himself to do it, at least not yet.

"So what if I did? You haven't really given me any reason not to kill them," Broly growled.

"You kill them and I will kill myself! I will rip out my own jugular vein and bleed to death right in front of you! Maybe I will slit my wrists and make you watch me die," Goku said smirking coldly.

Broly blinked rapidly, he knew that from the look on the other's face he was dead serious. Damn it his plans were going to ruin because he had to blurt out the one thing he needed to keep silent about. Now he really did have to find some way to appease Kakarrot's mood. He was so looking forward to killing that human wench too. Suddenly a thought occurred to him, if the humans frowned upon their partners sleeping with someone else then maybe same sex mating was frowned upon too. The woman might go crazy with anger if she learned that her husband bent over for him. Then he would have a good reason to kill her.

"Fine because I like you I will reconsider killing all of them," Broly said folding his arms across his chest.

"Liar! What about my wife?" Goku growled.

"What about her? You stop thinking about her and then maybe I will not kill her," Broly said smiling.

Goku stared at him for a long moment before relaxing and seemed to take that answer better. Broly knew he had won this battle and he would actually keep his promise. He wouldn't be the one to kill her. Oh no, his little pet was going to kill her he just didn't know it yet.

Broly flushed suddenly as two stomachs roared together all of a sudden. He rubbed his tummy before standing up and leaving the room. He turned back to tell Kakarrot to follow him if he wanted food. He was surprised when the only thing he got in return was a dark glare. He shrugged, if Kakarrot didn't want to eat then there was nothing that he could do about it. He was sure forcing the other to eat wouldn't get him anywhere but angry.

Goku folded his arms across his chest and snorted at the stupidity of his captor. What did he think that he would actually eat with him after what he had said? No, for once in his life he would rather starve than be forced into the presence of a murderer like Broly. While he had seemed satisfied with the answer that Broly had given him there was something inside of him that didn't really believe anything he said. While he really didn't know anything about the male he could tell that he wasn't someone to take lightly. He could be manipulative if he truly wanted to be. Growling at himself he made his way to the dining area of the ship, there was no reason for him to make himself suffer.

"So you decided to join me for breakfast," Broly said looking up at him.

Goku didn't trust himself not to say something rude so he merely nodded and took his seat across from Broly. He pulled his food close to him and with grace that he had never before shown began to eat his food like a normal person instead of a wild starving wolf. He was still far to angry to even taste the food, this was something he had only felt once. He had only on one other occasion felt such wild anger and that was when Frieza murdered his friends right in front of him. While that had pushed him over the edge and into super Saiyan he felt that wouldn't bode well for him with Broly. Not that he could even do so with a ki restraint on his tail. Broly had taken it off of his finger sometime during his sleep and had, with out his knowing it, slipped it on to the base of his tail where it had even more effect than on his finger.

"You are angry," Broly said softly staring at his pet.

Goku looked up at him with a expression that clearly said 'well duh you moron' before dropping it back to his food. He didn't want to be slapped around because he couldn't control his temper or his mouth. Everyone may think what they wanted about him but he wasn't stupid and he sure as hell wasn't as nice as they all believed him to be. He was raised on Earth yes but he was still a Saiyan and Saiyan's were known for their anger and cruel words. He took his clue from Vegeta and the way the prince acted. Hell his own brother had been ruthless when he lost his temper with him.

Broly set his own fork down and moved out of his chair. Goku forced himself not to wince as he walked around the table and stood right next to him. He kept his eyes down on the table top refusing to look over at the larger male. He could feel the heat from his body and involuntarily shivered. He hated the cold and it was cold in the ship all of the time, it also didn't help matters with him being naked as the day he was born.

Broly hesitated for a brief moment before placing his hand on top of Kakarrot's head and began to stroke the wild spikes of hair. He meant for it to be a comforting thing but it quickly turned into something else. He could feel himself harden in his pants but chose to ignore his obvious attraction.

"Why did you capture me?" Goku sobbed dropping his fork onto his plate in favor of covering his face with his hands.

"I told you already," Broly said simply.

Goku sobbed and stood up from his chair. He didn't want Broly to see him cry, he probably would think that he was weak and stupid. Growling at himself he marched back to his room and closed the door behind him with a loud whoosh. He curled up on his bed and cried himself to sleep.

Broly sighed and sat down again glaring at the table top. He knew that he could bully Kakarrot into doing whatever he wanted but that was not the way to go. The harder he pushed the harder Kakarrot would try to get away. That and he really didn't want to test Kakarrot's conviction of slitting his own throat.

After thirty minuets of staring at the table Broly noticed that Kakarrot had not returned and that in turn made him angry. He wanted his pet right here in front of him where he could watch him. It looked like there was going to be some ground rules that needed to be set. He twirled his knife between his fingers before growling and slammed the knife into the table watching it quiver back and forth before storming out of the room and making his way to Kakarrot's bedroom.

"Kakarrot. . ."Broly began but he stopped taking note of him sleeping curled around his pillow.

He could tell that whatever Kakarrot was dreaming it wasn't a good dream for his eyes were moving back and forth rapidly and there was sweat on his brow. He twitched slightly before settling back down into his ball. Broly was tempted to sit on the end of the bed and watch him sleep but now was not the time for sleeping.

He reached out and shook him gently and was reward with a loud gasping growl and a smack across his face. He jumped but fought down his own anger and took a deep breath before opening his eyes. He hadn't even been aware that he had closed them. When he looked at Kakarrot he was taken aback by the animal fear in his eyes.

"I know that you didn't slap me on purpose so I am going to let it slide just this one time. However, you are to never raise your hand to me again," Broly snarled baring his canines.

Goku flinched and nodded his head in agreement. He really didn't mean to slap the crazy Saiyan but he had been abruptly pulled out of his nightmare and had acted on instinct. He took a deep calming breath and placed his hands on his lap clenching them painfully into fists.

"Come there are things I want to talk to you about," Broly said growling.

"Alright," Goku said keeping his eyes on the bed.

"First of all I don't want you to ever leave my presence unless I tell you other wise. Secondly we must work on that temper of yours. If only those friends of yours could see the real you and how you really act. I am sure that they would be shocked," Broly said reaching out and gently running his fingers down the side of Kakarrot's face who flinched away from his touch.

"Don't jerk away from my touch," Broly muttered snatching the back of Kakarrot's neck and pulling him close to kiss him.

Goku froze in terror as he was kissed by Broly. This was not the first time he was kissed by him and it still unnerved the hell out of him. He was plagued by nightmares and the fear of what Broly was planning for him, his family and friends. He scrubbed his face once Broly let him go. He wasn't sure how much more of this he could take and it's only been two days since his capture. Sighing he knew he would have to resign himself to his fate.