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Mirror Image.

Chapter 1: This Time Is Different.

The sea did not like to be restrained, it was free, every flowing in every direction it could turn.

Atalanta Selene Jackson was no different from the sea she was born a part of.

You shouldn't stay on your own.

"I'm not one to be tied to one location," she muttered to what she'd always assumed was herself.

Atalanta had been on her own since she'd run from her eighth foster home in a year at six years old, nearly seven. It had been around that time the voice, just like her own, had arrived.

At first she'd thought she was insane but with the way her life turned out... she took it with a grain of salt (or however that saying went).

In her first year on the run the monsters came, and finally the letter her mother had left her should anything happen, made sense.

She was a demigod, a daughter of Poseidon.

Truth be told she hadn't believed it at first but it did explain a lot once she thought about it. The time she'd strangled a snake when she was at daycare.

Or the man with one eyes she now knew was a Cyclops. How water would heal her or how she didn't get wet unless she wanted to.

It explained the golden bracelet with two charms that appeared on her bed when she was in her first foster home. The bracelet had a trident and sun charm.

She eventually learned when she was facing her first monster – a really big snake – that it could turn into a crossbow when she touched the trident.

She felt connected to the bracelet, like she'd always had it. Like a forgotten memory.

Thankfully she'd not been a terrible shot. It had taken her years, and the time she spent with the Hunters, to become any good with a regular bow.

It was a good thing too because she'd soon learn that when she tapped the sun charm a regular light golden and silver-sea green bow appeared.

It never seemed to run out of arrows which just appeared from thin air, in crossbow or regular bow form.

It had thrown Artemis for a loop at first, seeing as she was a daughter of Poseidon and the moon goddess mentioned children of Poseidon rarely being much use with a bow.

Swords were more their weapon choice, or spears and tridents. Any weapon other than bows.

But for some reason Atalanta always felt Artemis was holding something back from her. It was the way she looked at Atlanta, like she was remembering fond memories and sad ones at the same time.

With an almost maternal love, almost.

When she was ten, Artemis asked her to join the hunt, but Atalanta just didn't feel right about it.

She loved the Hunters and the Hunt itself, though she didn't exactly share the same feelings they did about men. But she couldn't accept the offer, and instead stayed in Seattle with the Amazons.

Basically, they'd been in the area and had run into the Amazons. They'd seen the potential in her and knew she was struggling on a decisions, so they offered her another option.

In the end she chose to stay with the Amazon's for a while.

With the Amazons, you only answered to the Queen (though that had nothing to do with her choice, she could have happily listened to Lady Artemis).

You had more free reign to come and go as you pleased, Amazons once being rather nomadic in times of Ancient Greece or Rome.

The Queen, Kendra, a daughter of Nemesis, seemed happy to gain a new Amazon sister, and Lady Artemis seemed resigned to her not staying in the Hunt on a more permanent Huntress basis.

The Hunters had left, telling her that if she ever needed a safe place to stay for a day or two or changed her mind that she was a good enough tracker, she knew how to find them.

Currently, four years later she was headed back to the other Amazons after a month of being gone.

Even with being an Amazon, which gave one a lot more leeway to wonder on their own as long as Kendra knew you'd be gone, Atalanta couldn't bring herself to break habit and stay in one place for too long.

Sometimes she'd make a unexpected stop to the Hunters, but most the time she ran into them without even meaning to.

But that wasn't the point.

Now days the voice she'd heard so often when she was younger, the one that sounded just like hers, was few and far in between.

But she never thought twice about hearing it, it was just something that she'd always had, and it didn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Once she had packed up her camp, it only took Atalanta the rest of the day to reach the home of the Amazon's.

For some reason as she approached the entrance she couldn't help but think about the place in her mother's letter from so long ago.

Camp Half-Blood, a place she'd claimed was safe for her and would train her. A place that all demigods went, but she'd actually felt proud about the fact she'd never had to set foot into that place.

Call her bitter, but she couldn't help but blame her father for not saving her mother.

He was a god, and he couldn't stop her from crashing their car?


Atalanta turned at the mention of one of her nicknames and smiled at the girl behind the front desk.

"Kinzie," she greeted, moving her bag farther up her shoulder.

Kinzie had been the first friend she truly made when she'd met the Amazons, she'd been there when the Queen had offered her a place among them.

Giving her another semi-permanent home she could go too. It was thanks to Artemis and Queen Kendra that she wasn't completely homeless... or dead from monsters.

Kinzie was a girl around her age, a year older maybe, but she was probably a little older being a Cloud nymph – like her mother before her.

She had white-blonde hair, almost ivory skin and big cloud blue eyes (they were such a light sky blue it was just what they reminded Atalanta of).

She was a bit shorter and a lot more petite than Atalanta herself, though.

"I'm glad you've returned, it been what? Two months?" Kinzie asked, laughing.

"More like a month," Atalanta said. "Is Queen Kendra seeing anyone currently?"

Kinzie frowned and shook her head.

"As far as I know she isn't busy, but you've missed a lot Lana."

"Like what, did something happen?" she asked, concerned.

Kinzie stood, and motioned for her to follow her up towards the combination of a loading zone throne room, which would take a minute or two to reach.

"Two demigods came to talk to Queen Kendra while you were gone. A girl and boy, though it was obvious the male was in charge despite the girl doing most the talking," Kinzie said.

Atalanta raised an eyebrow.

"That's unusual. What would bring them to talk to Queen Kendra? Especially a boy," she said, a bit of scorn in her voice at the mention of a boy.

She didn't hate men, but she would never bow before one either. It was what made her able to join the Amazons so easily.

Kinzie nodded.

"Yes, and what makes even more strange was what was heard. I was there at the meeting between them. It seems they were representatives from the Titan Army forming over the last two years. They've decided they want our support in the upcoming war."

Atalanta's jaw nearly dropped as she stopped to look at her friend. Kinzie stopped as well seeing Atalanta having stopped.

"They want our help?" she said, her voice holding a tinge of disgust. "Please tell me Queen Kendra showed them both the door to Hades."

Kinzie laughed at her friends sometimes dark humor, and the two began walking once more.

"She refused their offer. Said we were honorable warriors, and would not fight against the gods, even if she doesn't agree with some things concerning them and the way they treat their demigod children at times."

Atalanta smiled slightly and nodded. That sounded like Kendra, stubborn and bluntly honest.

"You think they'll be back?" Atalanta asked, knowing there was more to the worry than what she'd just told her.

Kinzie frowned.

"I don't know, but it's been quiet since they've left. Queen Kendra has upped security a bit to be on the safe side."

Atalanta nodded and noticed they had finally arrived in the throne room and loading zone.

There were Amazons moving around the area, and she saw Arion was in his cage being fed carefully by three Amazons.

A lot of the time they had her feed Arion, seeing as she was the one who could get the closest to him without getting her arm bitten off.

That had to do with her father she was sure, after all Arion was the son of Neptune and Ceres, so he was technically her half-brother.

It had taken her a while to wrap her brain around the fact she had a horse for a brother, but now she was used to it.

"Everyone, quiet!" Queen Kendra called upon seeing Atalanta and Kinzie enter the room. "We have guest. Atalanta, you have returned."

Atalanta bowed respectively to her Queen and friend. A woman she saw as a sister, and confident.

"I am, Queen Kendra," she said, and rose from her bow.

Kendra was a rather beautiful woman, in her mid twenties, with messy shoulder blade length dark brunette hair and bright blue eyes that seemed to have flecks of violet.

A color Atalanta doubted a normal mortal could have achieved.

"Atalanta," two identical Amazons said, smiling at her from where they stood beside Kendra's throne.

"I take it your trip was well?" Queen Kendra said, and Atalanta nodded.

"It was unique," Atalanta began and was about to bring up what Kinzie had told her when there were sounds from other places in the building and two Amazons she recognized as Hylla and Sarai.

Hylla was a newer Amazon. Tall, eighteen years old, with long black hair and dark eyes. She had the look of a great warrior, but being a daughter of Bellona it was almost a given.

Atalanta had found her and her sister, Reyna, onshore of the Willapa Bay in late July. They looked tire, hungry and as if they hadn't had a good shower in weeks.

She had instantly went to help only to find a sword pointed at her chest by Hylla.

It seemed the girl had thought she was someone else, but Atlanta had never met the two sisters. After a brief fight and explanation she had offered to take them to safety.

Hylla had joined the Amazons soon after and Reyna had been escorted to Camp Jupiter.

Atalanta, being an Amazon was aware of the existence of Romans and Greeks. To her it didn't really matter, Greek or Roman, a demigod was a demigod.

Sarai on the other hand was a Greek demigod, a daughter of Athena, a year older then her.

"Hylla, Sarai? What's going on?" Queen Kendra demanded, standing at once.

Kendra wore a black jumpsuit, leather, much like most if not all the other Amazons, and a golden interlocked chain linked belt which had a long history and value to the Amazons.

The belt was the object which marked her as the Queen of the Amazons.

"We apologize," Sarai began, breathing hard.

"We're under attack, Queen Kendra," Hylla said, her face hardened for battle.

Atalanta stared at the two Amazons in shock, and turned back to Kendra who drew a long celestial bronze blade from her belt, longer than a dagger but shorter than a sword.

"Everyone ready for battle," Queen Kendra called, and the Amazons were quick to drop everything a grab their weapons.

Soon, Atalanta found herself running into battle with what seemed like monsters, and enemy demigods.

Her crossbow activated and held in her left hand and a sword in her right – the sword was celestial bronze and on the blade read – Anaklusmos.

The blade had appeared when she was twelve, along with a note.

Use it well, my daughter – it was unsigned but it was obviously from Poseidon.

Atalanta was brought from her thoughts as her sword connected with another demigods sword, and with that, the battle really began.

Atalanta had been in many battles in her life, since she'd run away. Since she'd stayed with the Hunters for a while and more recently, since her time as an Amazon. But for some reason, she felt this time was different.