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Sanji was sitting by the kitchen table; he had already downed a whole bottle of his cheapest wine, and was going on his second. Now he was clutching a cigarette like it was a life line. He had royally fucked up. Zoro didn't want to talk to him anymore and he didn't know what to do.

How had it even come to this? They were nakama, shouldn't that be enough?

Their friendship had always been intense and passionate, but never on the level Sanji was feeling it now. He hadn't meant for it to end this way, or rather, he hadn't meant to do what he did. But it had felt so fucking right damn-it, he couldn't deny that.

They had been sparring in Zoro's dojo in the crow's-nest late one evening; it was the only time they were actually able to talk to each other like civilized people. Not throwing banters at each other like they always did throughout the day. Sanji lived for those evenings, because that was when Zoro shed his hardened shell and opened up. It had taken them some months to come to the level where they could talk freely about everything, and laugh together. Well for Sanji it had meant being open about most things; there were certain thing he hadn't planned on telling Zoro. Until he had been an idiot and let his emotions cloud his senses that it.

He clutched his hair; he was such a fucking idiot!

One minute they had been sparring like normal, but then they had gone head to head, and Sanji couldn't stop himself in time. He had leaned in and kissed him. He felt disgusted by his own lack of control, he had managed so well the last couple of months to keep himself in check, and then for some reason all his willpower had left him, and he had given into his emotions. But that kiss, it had left him floating and all warm inside, how could Zoro not have felt that?

Zoro had of course thrown him across the room, glared at him with a slight perplex stare and then hurried down the hatch. He had been left sitting on the floor with his jumbled thoughts and emotions, and when reality had hit him, all he had wanted to do was die. But he had managed to get himself up of the floor and hurried after Zoro, he had needed to explain, needed the man to understand that it would never happen again, but Zoro had screamed at him to leave him alone and to never speak to him again. It had hurt much more than he had ever imagined. It was like Zoro had just ripped his heart out, stabbed it and then stomped on it for good measure.

The door into the galley was slowly opened and Sanji was about to scream at what was probably Luffy coming to sneak a night snack, but as he snapped his head around his eyes widened. "Zoro…"

Zoro looked at him apprehensively, "cook… why aren't you in bed?" He didn't move from the doorway, and it looked like he was debating leaving or not.

"I can leave if you like..." Sanji looked down on the table, he wanted to apologize, wanted to explain, but he was so afraid Zoro might just storm of again if he tried. His hands were shaking as well, but he put it down as his body reacting to him being overly sleep deprived, and that there was no way it was because he was afraid or ashamed of being in Zoro's presence.

"No, just stay, I was just coming for a bottle of sake..." He walked calmly across the floor and over the liquor cabinet and got himself a bottle of cheap sake. Sanji was having trouble lighting his cigarette, his hands were trembling so fucking much. "Um cook? Are, are you drunk?" Zoro looked at him concerned, a look the swordsman rarely used, and which he had only seen him direct at him once since he joined the crew. It made the pain in his chest even harder to bear. "I'm fine marimo, now get out, please?" He pleaded for Zoro to leave him before he broke completely down, something he had never done before and he hated himself even more for seeming weak in front of him. But Zoro was not one to follow pleadings, and he took a seat on the opposite side of the table instead. Sanji was on the verge of tears now. "Zoro, please leave"

"What do you want from me Sanji?" Zoro asked him calmly, with the same voice he had used when Sanji had told him about his childhood. Sanji raised his head, tears had started filling in the corners of his eyes. "Huh?" It was all he managed to choke out.

Zoro nursed his bottle and took a good gulp from the bottle, "I asked you what you want from me? What do you want me to do?" He looked at Sanji with total honesty, but Sanji was so lost in his emotions that he had trouble understanding what Zoro was talking about.

"I... I don't want anything..." He didn't know what he should answer or if he should answer at all. What was Zoro trying to say with this? Was he trying to understand, or was he meeting Sanji half-way? Just what the flying fuck was Zoro saying.

"Bullshit! If you don't want me to do anything, you wouldn't be here drowning yourself in cheap wine and going on you forth night without sleep." Zoro slammed the bottle on the table and looked Sanji square in the eye. "So tell me what the fuck you want me to do in all of this, cause I am not willing to stand on the sideline looking at you killing yourself."

"You think it's because of you I'm like this? Fuck you marimo, you have nothing to do with any of this." Sanji sneered back at him, it was partly true anyways, and most of his problems were because he hated himself for what he himself had done, not because of what Zoro hadn't done.

"Then at least tell me what it is, so I can help you!" Zoro leaned forward resting his elbows on the table, lacing his fingers together and resting his head on them, still looking at Sanji.

Sanji looked down at the table again, feeling defeated and vulnerable, "I thought you told me to stay the hell away from you and to never talk to you again..."

Realization hit Zoro like a spade in the face, "Oh man Sanji, I'm so sorry, I overreacted, I didn't mean..." He let a hand run through his head, and Sanji couldn't help following the motion with his eye. "I panicked ok, I acted on instinct, I'm so sorry..." He trailed off, and Sanji could see he was struggling with what to say.

"So... so you don't hate me?" Sanji asked with a small voice, his eyes had again dropped to the table, unable to look at Zoro. "No Sanji, I don't hate you, I could never hate you, no matter how much of an idiot cook you are at times." Zoro smiled at him, that gentle smile that simultaneously broke and melted Sanji's heart.

"W-Will you stay with me tonight?" Sanji managed to mutter out, lower now than before, it was just above a whisper. Zoro reached out and laid his hand over Sanji's trembling ones. "Of course, I'll stay as long as you want me to." He whispered back.

Zoro moved over to Sanji's side of the table, and they stayed silent for the rest of the night, they didn't need words anymore. Sanji was getting sleepier by the moment as well, and he was blaming it on the wine like he always did. He was slumped over the table, his mind in an alcohol induced haze, and just before he fell into the darkness he thought he felt a hand stroking through his hear and a muttered,

"I love you".