Title: Spend my life with you

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Rory hugged her pillow tightly, burying her face in its comforting, familiar fabric. As the moonlight seeped through her half open window, it illuminated the tearstains on her face. She couldn't understand it.

[I've wanted to go to Harvard for as long as I can remember.] Rory thought to herself. [So why do I feel so sad?]

It was her last night at Stars Hollow before she began her exciting venture to Harvard College, but instead of celebrating, she was alone in her room, crying to herself. Rory knew why she was so sad. Why she was wasn't celebrating with Paris and Lane, why she wasn't spending every precious second she had left in Stars Hollow with her long-time boyfriend Dean, why she wasn't guzzling down coffee with her mother at Luke's, why she wasn't.happy. It was because of Jess.

Jess! His name alone made her smile, and his face floated into her mind. He had changed her, in the short time he had spent in her life. He had made her more rebellious, and she liked it. He showed her a world she never dreamed of. She thrived off her and Jess' conversations, and didn't know how she would survive without them.

Sitting up slowly, she brushed some of her hair off her face, and walked slowly to her window. Opening it up all the way, she watched the moon shine down on Stars Hollow. Somewhere out there, lying down on his bed on the top floor of Luke's dinner she knew Jess had the phone next to him, staring at it, wishing that she would call. Well, Rory wouldn't call. She couldn't, because she knew that if she did, she wouldn't want to go to Harvard anymore.

"I love you Jess," she whispered, letting the wind sweep her words away. "Only you."

Then she slammed her window shut, and curled up onto her bed, pulling up her warm covers around her. Closing her eyes, her last thought before she fell asleep was [.if only I could spend my life here forever with you. ]


Chapter One

"Rory! Quit studying!" Melody bounced over to her blue-eyed friend and nudged her. "You need a break!"

M-M-Melody." Rory said, trying not to yawn. "I need to read this chapter at least three more times if I want to pass this test with a reasonable grade!"

"Three more times?" Melody swished her shiny black hair behind her shoulders, making it sparkle blue. "How many times have you read it already?"

"Oh, just a couple," Rory said, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"Don't listen to her, Mel," Sharon warned her friend. She strutted over to Rory's study table, which was littered with paper. "She's been up all night reading and re-reading that damn chapter."

"What?! Rory didn't you sleep?" Innocent, green-eyed Melody was mortified.

Rory dismissed Melody's concern with a shrug. "Oh, I caught a couple of hours rest," she lied.

There was a knock on the door. Ever energetic Melody rushed across the room to open it. In walked a bath soap-scented Laura, carefully balancing a towel on her head. She looked angry, and her nose was red.

"THERE'S NO HOT WATER!!!" she yelled, and even Rory looked up from her books.

"No hot water?" Sharon asked, automatically taking control of the situation. She flicked her untamed, blonde hair out of her face as she tried to think. "How come?"

"Did we pay the bill?" Melody asked uncertainly, sitting down cross-legged on the floor and looking up at the others. "Whose turn was it anyway?"

"It was Rory's turn," Sharon said, looking pointedly over at Rory, who had gone back to studying. "Rory, did you forget to pay the bill?" she asked bluntly.

".Uh uh.what?" Rory mumbled.


Rory looked up from her book. "I didn't forget! I promise, I paid the bills last week!" Rory's blue eyes were large and sincere.

"Then what's going on?" Sharon asked no one in particular, her forehead furrowed with confusion."

"That's what I'd like know!" Laura said, sitting down crossly next to Melody. "This is all your fault Rory!"

"My fault? What did I do?"

"Rory didn't do anything!" Melody said, jumping to Rory's defence.

"Well, maybe that's the problem! Maybe she forgot to pay the bill and just doesn't know it."

"But she said she paid the bill! If Rory said it then I believe it!"

"If Rory said it then I believe it!" Laura mimicked, and laughed. "What a loser!"


"What did you call me?"

"Enough! Enough!" Sharon jumped between the two, who were glaring daggers at each other. "Down tigers! Relax! I call a truce between you too! Whatever!"


Melody shrieked.

"Shut up!" Laura told her.

"Okay, what was that?" Sharon asked.

"Whatever it is I'm going to find out." Rory stood up and walked briskly out of the dorm, leaving her book half open on the desk.

The three girls blinked, and there was silence. Then.

"She moved!!! She's alive!!!" Melody cheered, and ran out of the door, following Rory.

Sharon's curiosity got the better of her; she shrugged at Laura and walked out of the dorm too. Laura looked around at the messy dorm, her gaze fell from Melody's jeans to Sharon's hair ties to Rory's book, and then to her own half eaten bagel, then she sighed, unwrapped the towel from around her head and followed.

"Hey, you guys! Wait for me!"


Tristan and his two other friends, Darrel and Thomas, were still laughing when Rory and the girls approached them.

"Good one Tristan! Switching off the girls hot water! Wicked!" Thomas slapped Tristan on the back. Tristan smirked back, and then the three of them burst into laughter.

"Whoa! Look at all the angry chicks!" Darrel nudged Tristan, who was too busy laughing to notice the approaching girls. When he finally looked up, gasping for air, he came face to face with the stunning blue eyes of Rory Gilmore.


"Tristan.?" Rory said uncertainly, stopping in her tracks. Her thoughts and emotions raced through her faster then she could register them. It had been a long time since she had seen him, and he seemed to have changed a lot. Rory noticed that he didn't call her 'Mary' anymore. She missed that. It used to be their 'thing'. Now he was just a stranger who knew her name.

An awkward silence hung in the air between them. It was suddenly interrupted by the sounds of Rory's pager beeping, and she thankfully checked it.

"Who's calling?" Tristan asked.

"No one," Rory replied shortly. Melody looked over Rory's shoulder.

"Rory!" she squealed. "It's not no one. It's Jess!"

"Yeah.Jess." Rory nudged Melody in the ribs and she became silent.

"Who's Jess?" Tristan sounded only mildly interested, and Rory could see him itching to go and find something more interesting to do.

"Just a friend from Stars Hollow."

"Not just any friend," Sharon exclaimed.

"Yeah Rory, that's not the way to talk about your boyfriend." Laura put in.

"He's not my boyfr-"

"Gotta run. Bye. Come on, guys." Tristan yawned obviously, and walked off.

Rory blinked, a little hurt, but then shrugged it off.

"Who was that?" Sharon asked with bright eyes.

"Tristan Dugrey" Melody giggled. "Bonnie told me about him. He's a rich one, that guy. Don't get in his way, I hear he's really bad tempered."

"What would Bonnie know about him?" Laura sniffed snobbishly. "My parents have business with his parents and they go over to his house a lot. I've never actually been there, but I hear that it's really big."

"You're right." Rory told her. "It's huge."

Laura looked at Rory strangely. "And how would Iyou /Iknow? You're just a townie!"

Rory nodded. "You know what? You're right Laura. Just because my grandparents, who must I mention love me very much, live in the same neighbourhood as him, and just because I went to the same prep school as him, Chilton, doesn't mean I would know anything about him at all."

Beaming at Laura, Rory turned on her heel and walked off, saying, "Well, I gotta go to class now, girls. I have that huge journalism test and I don't want to be late!"

Laura, Melody, and Sharon stood behind her with open mouths.

"Rory! Wait!"

Rory spun around. Laura gave Rory her best smile, hurried towards her, grabbed her arm and started walking off, leaving Melody and Sharon to follow.

"So.what were you saying about Tristan's house.?"