I went to see Never Let Me Go in the cinema last year with my Mum and I will be totally honest, I have never cried so much at any film. All the way home, I was crying silently, the way you do when you just can't stop. Normally, I'm not a poet. But this is what I wrote the moment I got home after the film and got my hands on paper and pen. It's not directly related to Never Let Me Go, but that is what inspired it. I hope you like it.

It's like standing on a motorway

You feel as if you're in one of those dreams where you can't move

Except you know this is real

Far away you can hear the sound of an engine

Slowly getting closer and closer

Now you can see the headlights as they rush towards you

You want to run, you want to scream at the driver to stop

But you can't

The lights are blinding now, there's only seconds left

And there's nothing you can do about it


It's like being alone on a train track

With the rails stretching endlessly away from you

You don't know which direction the train is going to come from

All you can do is run

But you don't know if you're running away from the train

Or towards it

The slightest vibration starts the countdown

You run on blindly as the last words are written

The final chapter at the end of your book

You know you can't stop it

But you run on still


It's like falling from the sky

You reach out and grab for something to halt your flight

But your flailing hands close on empty air

The secret holding clouds offer no help

Their deceiving softness soaks your soul

Underneath is the revelation of how far you have left

The patchwork ground you walked upon so carefree

See it from here

You'll be back on the earth soon enough

Count the slipping seconds that remain


It's like being in love

When you feel as if your whole life is in the hands of another

You have to place your absolute trust in them

Trust you have to believe in

But trust you may not have

Everything you ever were, are or could be hangs by a thread

Except now it's not you holding it

You know they could let go at any second

And then you would be left to fall

To stand alone on that motorway or train track

As the seconds ebb away


So I'm begging you, love; for me, for you

Please don't let me go

Thank you for reading.