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Pairing:Gajeel Redfox/Levy McGarden

Rating:T. Violence, MAYBE blotted out language, yada yada. Suggestive scenes and all that.

Genre:Adventure and romance

Description:It may go a bit AU, but I'll try to keep it to the story line. It happens after the whole Ivan thing. Jet and Droy come down with a deadly and rare sickness that has them unable to awaken; as time passes on, more members come down with the sickness. Desperate to save her friends, Levy disobeys Master Marcorov's strict orders to not leave the guild and embarks on a dangerous journey to find the cure. Worried about the girl's safety, Pantherlily and Gajeel follow.

Chapter 1: First Glimpses

"Gajeel! Quit being mean to my friends!" Gajeel paused in punching Droy's fat jelly belly and laughed as a heavy tome connected with the side of his head. "Oi, Shrimp!" He called, grabbing her wrists as she raised the book again. "Who said ya' can just come in here and hit me over the head? Ya' might break your book, you know."

"Oh I'm not hurt, Levy-chan! And you can let her go, Redfox!" Droy was nice the first half of that statement, seeing as he'd been adressing Levy, but the second was practically snarled because he was talking to Gajeel.

"Yeah, don't you lay a hand on Levy-chan!" Jet seconded. Levy rolled her eyes, making Gajeel smirk.

"Look, guys, it's fine...Gajeel won't hurt me. He's saved my life on more than one occasion. You need to get over your differences..."

"No more punching the jelly?" Gajeel pouted a little; just enough to melt Levy.

"Definately no more punching Droy."

"I didn't say Droy. I said the jelly."


"Whatever ya' say, Shorty." A kick. Levy was quite flexible, though Gajeel didn't see how seeing how she was always sitting in one position reading some random book and getting lost to the world. Her fighting style didn't involve being limber either. Suddenly, Jet and Droy began coughing. Levy turned her attention to them.

"You guys are never sick..." She pulled away from Gajeel, going over to her old friends. "G-guys?"

"We're fine, Levy-chan," Droy wheezed.

"Yeah, don't worry about us," Jet added, patting his chest with the side of his fist.

"You sure?" Gajeel didn't see why she was so worried; they were just coughing. Gajeel felt a weight on his shoulder. Looks like Pantherlily was back from playing cards with Kana, Wendy, Happy, and Charle or whatever the white cat's name was. That stuck up little...bah, she was stupid and not worth his time.



"Maybe you two should go home or something?"


"We'll do that..." Droy strode off while Jet waddled. Gajeel didn't miss the worry in Levy's eyes.

"Why are ya' so worried? I mean, they were just coughin'."

"Because they never get sick!"

"Well it's prob'ly just a cold. Nothin' ya' need to freak out about."

"But I have a bad feeling..." Levy murmured quietly.

"Like what?" Gajeel asked, arching an eyebrow.

"I don't know! It's just bad, okay?" Levy exploded, exasperated. She was pouting and Gajeel couldn't help but soften just a little.

"Actually, Gajeel, Levy's suspicions may be correct," Pantherlily said, arms crossed as he walked over to the table. "The scent on those two...I've never smelled anything like it. But it's very troublesome. What's more, Charle just had another premonition."

"Wh-what?" Levy whispered.

"She said it wasn't very clear, but that there were a lot of occupied beds in the sick ward...2 of them were Jet and Droy. Lucy was crying and Porlyusica had been called over. She and Wendy were working to the bone..."

Gajeel knew that the pink haired old hag being called over meant business. He looked at Levy, who was pale. "But...but it can't be that bad, right? I mean...we'll stop it...right?!"

"Hopefully so," Pantherlily murmured.

"Hey, come on guys. This is Fairy Tail. We can beat anything," Gajeel didn't like seeing Levy on the verge of tears; he'd made her cry enough in the past.


"I mean, we survived an attack from a crazy black dragon; what's some little sickness gonna' do to us, gihihihihiiiiii!"

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