Epilogue: All Slows Down

"Gajeel! You're back!" Levy ran to Gajeel, jumping in his arms and kissing him full on the lips. He smirked, swinging her around, despite the pain it caused.

"'Course I am, Shrimp," He muttered. "Wanna' hear a secret?"


"I heard you. You an' Lily both."

"You did?!"


"Gajeel. Levy." They looked down at Master Makarov. "In my office."

"Yes sir..." Levy grabbed Gajeel's hand as they follow Makarov. The guild was silent, but Gajeel caught sight of all the members that were sick alive and well, staring at them with wide eyes as they walked past. Makarov closed the door behind the pair as they walked in.

"I thought I told you two not to go out of the guild. Yet you deliberately disobeyed my orders and Gajeel, you come back, looking like absolute s***!" He smacked them on the back of their heads. Well, at least he didn't smack Levy's *** like he did Bunny Girl's...


"But you saved the guild and those in Magnolia who were beginning to catch the sickness as well, and for that I thank you both."

"You're welcome?" Gajeel offered.

Makarov walked back to the door. "I would give you punishment, but from what Levy and Pantherlily tell me, you all have had quite enough of that. And since Porlyusica is gone..." He opened the door with a grin. "PARTY IN FAIRY TAIL!"

Cheers erupted through out the guild as everyone stood on top of the tables, their seats, the stools at the bar, and the bar itself, clinking their drinks with the bright, slightly insane grins that Fairy Tail is so well known for.

That day and night, Fairy Tail had the wildest party that they'd ever had, cheering, drinking, laughing, dancing, singing, the works. The party spread throughout the city and everyone was joining in. The mages even threw some fireworks into the air, clinking drinks with friends and strangers alike.

"Some party, eh Shrimp?" Gajeel smirked as he looped an arm around Levy, pulling her against him. She smiled, leaning her head on his shoulder.

"It's Fairy Tail, so what do you expect?" She replied fondly, her eyes softer than usual, almost liquid.

"That the brawls will be AWESOME!" Gajeel yelled as Natsu, Gray, Elfman, Macao, and several others rolled and tumbled and tusseled past.

As Gajeel ran to join in, he could hear Levy's bubbling laughter. That clear, pure sound made Gajeel's manic grin grow wider and crazier. But he could not be compared to Natsu! Never ever!


The die down until long past midnight. Pantherlily walked Shagotte back to the hideout that she and the other Edolas Exceed called home.

"When I find all of the Exceed children, perhaps I will join Fairy Tail," Shagotte looked up at Pantherlily.

"I look forward to it. We are so much closer than we were before, Love."

Shagotte smiled. "I know..." She looked at the door. "I'll be gone for a long while, Pantherlily. Hopefully this time, we'll have all of the Exceed children gathered..."

"Well, I look forward to the day that we are all together again."

"You and I both."



Levy waddled into the guild, holding hands with Gajeel and Garrette, their 3-year-old son. Their 2-year-old daughter, Layla, hung to Gajeel's leg. Gajeel smirked, canines gleaming, ruffling Layla's dark, blue-tinted hair. She looked so much like her father, while Garrette favored them both.

Pantherlily and Shagotte followed behind, along with newly-weds Charle and Happy. Shagotte had a small bundle of pink with a tiny black kitten with a white mask and paws, her large golden eyes pure and innocent. I swear, Lisha gets cuter every day!

Exceeds jumped around, bonding with the members, and even Sting, Rogue, Frosh, and Lector were there, having joined Fairy Tail about 4 years ago. Yes, Fairy Tail was happy as ever. Levy sat down at a table, smiling and rubbing her swollen belly. She and Gajeel were having twins this time.


"Hello, Lu-chan!" Levy held a small girl with brown eyes and pink hair that was pulled back into pig tails. "Hi Naura-chan!"

Naura giggled, covering her eyes. Natsu bounced up. "PEEKA-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He nearly knocked Levy over, but Gajeel was behind her in less than half a second.

"She's 2 weeks over-due, man! Don't fu-frickin' horse around her like that!"

"Sorry...I was playing with my 'wittle 'wittle Na-na-chaaaaaaaaaaan~!" Natsu pouted.

"I'm gonna' make ya' 'wittle wittle' next time you put your hands on ma' woman!"

"Those are fightin' words, Metal Head!"

"Da-I mean dern straight they are!" Gajeel gently sat Levy down, tackling Natsu to the ground. Sighing, Lucy stepped over them, sitting by Levy out of range.

Shagotte and Lisha joined them, as did a pregnant Juvia and her and Gray's son, Gray Junior...G.J. for short. "Just another day in the life of Fairy Tail, Levy-san?"

"Yep. Just as it should be."

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