I Never Told You

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The room was dark even though the moon was easily visible from the window beside her. Hinata sighed wistfully as she set her scroll down on the bedside table to look at the blond mass of hair cuddling up to her naked thigh. A smile spread easily across her face as she watched the man she loved with everything in her, sleep peacefully. "You are so cute when you sleep, Naruto-kun..." She whispered, mostly to herself. "I'm going to miss this terribly."

The raven haired beauty gently pulled the covers up over her lover and kissed his forehead. "I'll miss your blue eyes..." She ran her fingers through his unruly locks resting her hand at the crook of his neck. "I'll miss how you kiss me at night..." Slowly she slid down the mattress so that she was laying next to him. "Even the way that we sleep." She sighed. Her eyes closing and her hand moving down his tanned arm.

"Like there's no sunrise and the taste of your smile..." Her eyes opened and stared at his lips, those hungry, ravaging, delicious lips of his. "I'll miss the way that we breath..."

Hinata sighed heavily again as she brought her hand close, holding it to her chest. She watched as his eyes moved underneath his lids and his long eyelashes brushed his cheek. She loved watching him sleep, it was the only time he ever stayed still for more than two minutes outside of S-Ranked mission briefings.

How long had they been playing this game?

She gazed at him through her lashes... "But I've never told you..."

How long has she felt this?

Her lips crept closer to his... "What I should have said..."

How long would he fight this feeling?

She could feel his breath push against hers... "No...I never told you..."

Why didn't they finish this?

"I just held it in..."

Slowly...Softly...she pressed her lips to his...



The young woman turned with a smile so bright even the sun envied it. Her hands pressed against her chest to keep her pounding heart at bay. "N-Naruto-kun?!"

He touched down next to her, panting from running so fast. "Baa-chan said I can have the day off! Wanna get some Ramen?"

Hinata nodded. "Hai, i'd love to."

The Blonde man grinned and took her hand before they took off walking.


"N-nyah N-Naruto OH!"

She gasped in pleasure and embarrassment at the hands that roamed her body.


"Well you can't have her!"

Hinata looked red faced at the two boys in front of her, one with blond hair and the other red.

"Why do you care who she date's Naruto, you aren't together." The calm voice of Gaara replied.


"Happy Birthday, Hinata-chan!"

Hinata smiled gratefully at the overly excited man. "Arigato Naruto-kun." With hidden excitement she tore through the paper. She smiled through her disappointment and lifted the gift from its box. "O-oh! A Friendship bracelet!"

Naruto nodded happily, "Yeah isn't it great?!" When Hinata nodded Naruto leaned in to peck her lips. "You're my best friend Hinata..."


"Your target is a middle aged male with violet hair. Obviously you will be going undercover." Papers rustled as the buxom blonde searched for the right document. "Here you go Hinata, You leave tomorrow."

Hinata bit her lip as she accepted the scroll. "H-how long will I be required to s-stay?"

Tsunade threw her pigtail over her shoulder and placed her elbows on the table, her hands cradling her chin. "Two years."


Hinata's eyes snapped open just as tears began cascading down her face. "And now, I'll miss everything about you..." Silently, she pulled herself away from him as she slipped out the bed. The threw her clothes on and with only a single glance back, she walked out the door.

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