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There is more to come to this story, and hopefully there will be more stories from other folks out there...

In case there is any confusion, Alibi was a TV movie that aired in the UK in 2003. It starred Michael Kitchen and Sophie Okonedo. And it rocked. All it needed was that little bit more. That love story that seemed to want to be there. The one that needed far more time than what was given.

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Marcey had called him later. Of course she had.

And Greg had trusted that she would. Completely. Although certainly, not just anyone would have known what those three quick flashes of her tail lights meant as she drove away.

But the flashes had said, Yes, I will.

Greg had heard that as plainly as if it had been spoken.

He hadn't really even known that he would find himself out there in the drive, mouthing the words, "Phone me."

It had just happened. The way so much just did between them. There was instinct and energy. His energy. Her sure instincts.

Where other people were suspicious of any strange serendipity – Greg and Marcey welcomed it. It was their notion of normal. Everything was not always smooth between them, certainly. But always eventually sorted.

Righted. Then just right.

Things were a strange brand of good between them. There was a sweet, sure fitting. The sort Greg had known as a younger man when wood and design had been his passion. Not his business.

So, Marcey had called him later. And she let him ask, in his halting way, if he might come over to her place.

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