Hello everyone, may i first apologize for how late this is? I'M SO SORRY! I was grounded so i didn't have my laptop to upload this and my school blocks this site (yet they allow fictionpress?) Anyway please enjoy and I'm sorry for how short it is... I just wanted to give you guys something ya know?

Naruto bolted out of the room with the jonin struggling to keep up behind him. The jonin gasped behind the blonde hokage as he explained the situation waiting for Naruto outside. "W-we, that is my partner and I, were at our post near the area bordering the Takigakure when my partner spotted a figure in the trees. He went over to investigate and when he didn't return I of course went after him. I hid in the nearby bushes and spotted a group of what looked to be about five ninjas. I know that doesn't sound like much Hokage-sama but at that point I received radio messages saying that similar groups were showing up elsewhere. I still couldn't find my partner but I knew he would've told me that warning the village was more important so I ran all the way here!"

The jonin finished his story as they made it outside. Naruto's eyes furrowed together in anger as faint battle cries reached his ears. He tsked. "I want you evacuate all the villagers and post all the genin and the few free Chunin to guard them! This may be over-cautious but I can't take any chances…"

Naruto trailed off and the young jonin scrambled off to carry out his orders. He sighed and formed the hand signs of his signature technique. In a puff of smoke, the shadow clones dispersed around Konohagakure and the surrounding forest. This was just a precautionary measure though. Naruto had no intention of joining in the fight, unless it was absolutely necessary. The blonde jinchuuriki had absolute faith in the ninjas of Konohagakure.

So Naruto watched quietly through the eyes of his clones as, one after another, the Konoha ninjas defeated each enemy ninja team. A small weight was lifted from the Hokage's mind but he still didn't relax. He had a feeling that something else, whether good or bad, had yet to happen.

His suspicions were confirmed when one of his shadow clones was unexpectedly returned and its knowledge fused with his own.

The clone dashed through the branches of the trees, his footsteps barely making any sound when they connected with the bark. He had picked up on the sound of a struggle and was quickly making his way towards it. The clone slowed and stopped as the voices eerily stopped. He turned its head looking for where the voices could've been when a figure leapt out towards him. The Naruto clone easily dodged the attack and landed safely on the ground in a low crouch. The figure landed in front of him and he was able to make out its appearance, and the figure also recognized him. "Naruto?" The onyx-haired Uchiha stood along with the Naruto clone. "What are you doing here?"

"I sent all my clones out to assess the situation at hand, though, it seems like I didn't need to worry."

Sasuke let out a low chuckle and the blonde's heart fluttered. "Well of course not. These Waterfall ninjas are all bark and no bite! I can't believe they thought they could stand against us."

"That's what worries me; it almost feels as if they are merely trying to distract us from something…"

Sasuke huffed and folded his arms together. "I'm sure whatever it is, we can handle it…"

The Uchiha made a move to step towards the clone but before he did a kunai whizzed by his head, scratching his cheek. They immediately turned in the direction the weapon was sent from just as thousands of shiruken rained down upon them. The last thing the clone heard before he disappeared was a pain-filled scream coming from Sasuke.

Naruto growled under his breath as he sped towards the place the clone met up with Sasuke. As he raced through Konoha, Naruto saw at least a dozen different groups of shinobi locked in battle and countless others dashing towards another. There was one female shinobi in particular that set him on edge as he passed her, Kamike Senrei.

Sasuke's fiancé.

She didn't say a word as they passed each other, her eyes locked ahead of her, but Naruto could practically taste the hatred flowing off of her. The hatred for him that is.

He never understood why she hated him so much, though it didn't particularly surprise him. A lot of people hated him after all, even after all these years. Senrei was a young Jounin at 24 and one of the most talented ones he knew. She had waist-length raven hair and brilliant sapphire eyes that greatly complemented her porcelain skin. She also had a nice hourglass shape thanks to the countless missions she went on and the constant training.

In other words, she was beautiful.

But to be honest, Naruto wasn't jealous of her. Nor did he hate or dislike her. Even though she could be with Sasuke where he couldn't. Naruto accepted that though, and so did Sasuke when Naruto told him of his engagement with Hinata. They both knew their relationship could never go public and there was also that "small" problem of them being the last of their clans. Well, Naruto did have scattered relatives out there somewhere but there was no way he could've found them in his lifetime. So, the two men settled for seeing each other in private. Was it fair to their wife/fiancé? No. But they did still love them, if it was possible for a person to love two people at the same time.

Naruto finally arrived at the clearing. The empty clearing. He looked around over the sea of shiruken, trying to find any sign of the Uchiha. Naruto walked forward scanning the area trying to keep the small sense of panic under control. He mentally scolded himself. Baka! This is Sasuke we are talking about! There is absolutely no way he would die this easily! …Right?

The blonde jinchuuriki gave up and started calling the raven's name, letting his old nickname slip out. "Sasuke! Oi teme! Where'd ya run off to?!"

"Baka! Shut the fuck up!"

An enraged hiss informed Naruto of the Uchiha's location. He turned to see Sasuke appear seemingly out of nowhere. Sasuke smirked when he saw Naruto's relived look. "Oh? You were worried about me? I don't know whether to be touched or hurt." Sasuke laughed as Naruto growled. "Hey, you're not the only one who can use Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Anyway I sent another one after the person who set the trap up. Apparently they were also stupid to stick around waiting."

Naruto wasn't quite convinced. He continuously scanned the area looking for anything abnormal. He still had that bad feeling.

I'm sure it's just your imagination kid.

Naruto sighed at the familiar growl of the nine-tailed demon inside of him. 'All the same, it doesn't hurt to be careful.'

Sasuke grew unnerved at Naruto's silence. "Naruto, look at me," Naruto complied, meeting Sasuke's onyx with his blue. "It's fine. Quit worrying so much. I told you, whatever happens I'll be right there with you, okay? We are a team remember?"

Naruto couldn't help but think of those three years Sasuke had betrayed that "team".