by Satin Ragdoll

The older Christine Chapel was having her lunch and reading her PADD when she heard someone pull out a chair and sit down at her table. Looking up, she saw it was her younger self. Her younger self did not look happy. It was a look she well remembered, considering that this was herself. Well, in a way, at least. Now she figured that they were like twins, only she was older. Weird.

The younger woman pinned her with her eyes, "I do not appreciate you interfering in my life. This is my life, thank you. It's not yours, anymore. You had yours. Leave me alone."

The older Chapel smiled gently, "I would have, but I knew him. Sybok is Spock's brother, did you know that? He showed up in our time-line, with some serious issues. Issues that put a lot of people in danger, and eventually got him killed. He needed the truth, bare-bones and bald-faced, and that's what I made sure he got. I didn't hurt him. I never had any intention of hurting him. I think Sybok will be good for you. He just needed fixing, first."

Younger Christine shook her head, "I didn't know he was Spock's brother, but that's not the point. You interfered! I can't have you messing around in my life. It will drive me crazy! Don't...don't...tinker."

Older Christine's smile faded and her gaze sharpened, "You would have tinkered, too, if you had known what I did. Don't forget, I know you. I know you all too well. We looove to tinker, don't we? Well, I won't mess around in your life any more than I have to, okay? But I do know of something that we can do, together!"

The younger woman's eyes twinkled, and one side of her mouth curled up in a smile, "Ooo! Just what do you have in mind? Who are we going to tag-team? Chekov? Sulu, maybe? Oh, I know! The great James T. Kirk, himself!"

The older Christine slowly shook her head, and the younger one looked alarmed, "Don't tell me we're going after McCoy! That's one nut we're never going to crack! He's too tough!"

The elder Chapel chuckled slyly, "Oh, no, my dear! This one's actually worse. We'll be going after the toughest nut of all! We'll be going after Sarek."

The younger Chapel just stared at her, blinking. "You are insane. One hundred percent, certifiably insane. How are we going to get mister high-and-mighty Vulcan ambassador to bend even a micrometer? And what are we getting him to bend about?"

Elder Chapel grinned a Cheshire-cat grin, "We are going to get him to bend on one of the toughest, most delicate subjects there is for a Vulcan; family. He needs both his sons! And we are going to use the one weapon that will not fail: indesputable, feminine logic!"