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Forest near Konoha

Naruto Uzumaki slowly makes his trip back home from confronting Pain well I guess you could say Nagato of the Akatsuki after having their little talk Pain/Nagato had decided to bring everyone in the village he had killed back to life, but with the price of his own life.

"Man this really sucks I feel like shit and the village is not getting closer at the rate I`m walking." he sighed as he walk along his path it really did suck when you were low on chakra.

As he was walking couldn't help, but feel that something was going to happen and soon. Just as that thought popped into his head he looks in the sky to see large vortex in the sky right above him. When he starts to feel a pull he can tell if he didn't get out of there soon he was so fucked. As he was trying to get away from the vortex, the pull just kept getting stronger and stronger till he was just sucked straight into it.

Some Mountain in Earthland X775

The blonde slowly opens his eyes to see that he was no longer in the forest near Konoha instead on some random mountain in someplace he had never seen before.

"What the fuck was that?" He groaned out as he stood up to come face to face with someone who had a questioning look on his face.

The man had bright blond hair just like his just a bit longer to his shoulders while having yellow eyes as well he was wearing a blue kimono with yellow lightning bolts on it while sporting a long katana on his back. The man was about 6 feet tall while he seemed to be trying to get the blondes attention.

"Oh sorry. You say something?" Naruto asks as he turns his attention back to the speaking man.

"Yeah I was wonder how did you get here. No human should be able to get to the top of this mountain." He said as he sat down gesturing for Naruto to do as well.

"What do you mean by human, you talk as if you're not human?" Naruto asked generally confused as to why the man spoke that way.

The man chuckled "Yes that is exactly what I am saying to you. I am the God known as Rai the God of lighting." Rai Proclaimed quite loudly, but was ruined by Naruto looking at him with a deadpanned expression.

"Riiiight yeah okay." He replied 'I swear why do I always have to meet the crazy people everywhere I good I think Kami hates me sometimes.' He thought to himself as Rai grow a tick mark on his head.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN! ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY I`M LIEING TO YOU BECAUSE GODS CAN`T LIE YOU LITTLE BRAT." Rai yelled as he was attempting to calm himself down so he didn't kill the little punk that had the nerve to tell him he was lying.

"Okay, Okay calm down it`s just hard to believe that you are a god. The last person that proclaimed he was god I kicked his ass and sent him packing." Naruto said tying calm the guy down that had lighting sparkling around him with his eyes glowing bright yellow.

Rai finally calmed down with a sigh as the lightning went away."Okay back to the main reason of this conversation how did you get up this mountain. This is my home it shouldn't be possible for humans to get up here and yet here you are just sitting in my home with a stupid look on your face." He asked as Naruto looked mildly offended by that remark.

"Well I don't really know I was walking back from fighting Pain/Nagato to return to Konoha when this large vortex appeared in the sky out nowhere and I got sucked up in to it and now here I am." The younger blonde said while Rai narrowed his eyes at that.

'hmm so the kid got sucked up by Anima so that means he's from another world well looks like he is stuck here from now on because he does have magic I can feel it running off him like a fountain even if it feels a little different from normal. So he is most likely not from edolas. The damn thing rarely ever goes to another dimension besides this one and never goes back a second time I don't know how to break it to the kid this sucks.' Rai pondered in thought with frown on his face

"Hey man did I say something wrong or something?" Naruto ask as he saw the frown on the older man's face.

"Oh sorry. Listen I don't know how to tell you this so I just come right out and say it. You are in a different dimension and there is no possible way for you to get back so all I can really say is that I'm sorry you can't go home it's just not possible." Rai said as he looked at Naruto`s reaction he was shocked however to see the kid a little depressed with a small sad smile on his lips.

The two sat there in silence for a good two minutes as Naruto thought about what he heard he couldn't go home, but for some reason he didn't feel the need to go home. It's not like he was wanted there anyway and sure he had friends and goals that he wanted to go back and protect, but here he could start over a new life without being hated from the very beginning. With Rai he was trying to think of a way to help the boy out some way anything till an idea popped up.

"Hey I have an idea why don't I train you to learn my God-Slayer magic for the next ten years here and teach you about this place at the same time. When you leave I promise you will be able to easily stand up to a wizard saint by the time we are done and the best part is when the ten years are up you will only age two years because every year is five years on my mountain." Rai Exclaimed 'The only reason I can`t train him longer is because those damn dragons. God I hate those over grown serpents!' he screamed in thought as Naruto widened his eyes at the man's offer, but was a bit confused.

"Um Rai-san what are you talking about magic and wizard saint don't you mean chakra and Kage level ninja?" Naruto asked completely and utterly confused while Rai chuckled at that.

"Oh yeah" Rai said as he looked at the sky it was still morning." Ok well I guess today I will tell you all about this place and what mages and magic is. So don't interrupt me till I`m finished." Rai stated as he began to tell Naruto as much as he could about Earthland.

8 hours later same place

"And that is about it on Earthland." Rai stated as he stared at the other blonde he was surprised to see a look of understanding on his face Rai figured he would have to answer like 3 hours of questions.

"Rai-san I would like to accept your offer for training and trust me when I say this I will not let you down. Believe it!" Naruto yell as Rai chuckled at Naruto`s verbal tick.

"Oh and one more thing Blondie promise me that whatever I teach you. You will use it only to protect what is precious to you got it." Rai questioned as Naruto gave the nice guy pose with a thumbs up.

"I Promise Rai-Sensei!" Naruto yelled as Rai nodded his head in acceptance.

"Good now let's go in for the night we start training first thing in the morning and I can feel you are already powerful as it is I would like to spare against you in the morning to see what you already can do don't disappoint." Rai waved for Naruto to follow him into the house for dinner and to go to sleep.

After dinner was done Rai told Naruto he could sleep in the spare bedroom so this is where we find our little blonde hero now laying in thinking of all the stuff that happened today over in his head.

'Well that's it I guess I start my new life in this new world where people use magic instead of chakra and they have mages instead of ninja. Well it is better than having to be in a village full of people that hate you. At least now I can drop the dumb idiot acted I made when I was younger for people to not see me sad all the time.' Naruto thought as he sighed and closed his eyes to let sleep take him.

Naruto`s mindscape

"What the hell! Why am I in here again?" He asked himself as he walked toward the cage where the Kyuubi was at." Hey you damn fox where the fuck are you get out here right now!" Naruto demanded the strange thing was is that he did not get any reply so he yelled again and still no answer.

That was when he heard a faint sound of crying coming from inside the cage so beginning the curious person he was he walked into the cage and started to go deeper into it. That's when he saw a girl about his age she red hair that reached the middle of her back she had long slender legs and was wearing a crimson red kimono. From where he was standing he could see she had D-cup breast he had to look away while blushing. The most noticeable feature that made his eyes widen were the nine crimson fox tails that were coming out of her tail bone that`s when it hit him like a ton of bricks on who this person was.

"Y-You're the Kyuubi aren't you." He stuttered out.

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