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God of Fairies

After Naruto defeats Pain, he walks back to Konoha, while on the way back he gets taken to Earthland by the Anima, where he meets a strange Blonde that trains him to become the God of Fairy Tail. M for violence, Profanity, and sexual content you have been warned. NarutoXHarem. By JPClaw

Chapter 23: Not again

"And here we are...? I think." Naruto questions as he looked at the building in front of himself. The others that was with him just glared at the God-Slayer. Kagura knew, she knew this would happen. This is why you never let Naruto have the fucking map!

"Give me that damn thing." Kagura broke, her calm facade completely gone as she quickly grab the map from Naruto's hands. She was done. She tried to give him a second chance with navigation, but he went and fucked it up...again.

Mira heard about Naruto's infamous navigation skills the first night they met, but this was just horrific. She just couldn't believe how bad Naruto was at reading a map. All you have to do is easily find where you are on the map then follow the best route to get to your destination. It wasn't that hard.

Erza just stood there calmly. On the outside she looked completely calm as if none of the jumping and running around bothered her. Though on the inside she was probably just as turned around as Naruto was. She was just as bad with directions as Naruto...well maybe not that bad, but she was still pretty bad.

Juvia and Lucy was just staring at Naruto in complete and total shock. How can someone as strong as himself be so bad with navigation? It was just impossible to believe that an S-class Mage had such a weakness. Though Naruto was right here proving that thought wrong.

Gray...he just stood there highly amused by the situation. He just stood there watching Kagura and Mira rip Naruto a new one. Though he did notice that it seemed to suddenly get a bit breezy for some reason.

"Gray your clothes." Erza stated calmly as Gray widened his eyes and started searching for his clothes. Gray though was thoroughly confused he just had his clothes on and he didn't move around much since they got here. So where the hell his clothes could have gone.

The group stayed there for a good ten minutes with Kagura trying to figure out where the hell Naruto lead them. Mira had made a makeshift map as she tried to teach Naruto how to read it, but she had a feeling none of what she was saying was getting through to him. Erza had taken to watching Gray search around for his clothes. It was highly amusing to watch him look for his clothes when she had noticed that Naruto was the one that actual picked them up after Gray discarded them. Lucy and Juvia were still staring at Naruto in mute shock. It seems they were broken.

Two hours later

"We're here!" Mira announced as she was the one who finally figure out where Naruto had lead them. Meaning that she was the one that had finally gotten the group there. Though they felt pretty stupid from not being able to find this place. It was huge. I mean it had its own personal beach near the ocean and the place itself looked like a freaking palace. This just seemed a bit like overkill. Speaking of the ocean...

"A BEACH!" Naruto and Lucy yelled as the two ran towards the beach leaving the rest of the group behind blinking a few time as they watched the two run towards the beach like children. Though Mira suddenly realized something.

"Wait! We have to sign in!" Mira yelled out as she suddenly felt a gust of wind. Looking behind herself she noticed all their luggage though no one was standing there with her causing her to stare at the packs for a few seconds before it clicked. "Oh you fuckers..."

An hour later

Naruto was getting a little bored as he continued to walk around the beach with Kagura. Though he suddenly remembered that he brought something that would liven up the day with a little game of sorts. Telling Kagura that he was going back to their room, she nodded a few times as she decided to join him. Walking back to the room Kagura told him she would caught up since she had seen something that caught her interest.

Walking into the room he was mildly surprised when he found himself roughly pushed against the wall. Adjusting his eyes to the sudden impact his eyes locked onto the long white hair of the take-over Mage as she glared towards the blonde God-Slayer. He also noticed the cracks that seemed to be forming on her face from the Satan-soul.

"Umm...Mira-chan is everything okay?" Naruto questioned as Mira took her eyes off of Naruto and glanced towards all the luggage that was laid out on the floor. Okay he could understand why she was so ticked off now. Seeing that he understood the situation she leaned in so that her mouth was now right next to his ears causing him to shiver as she spoke from her voice and the Satan-soul voice mixing together.

"And now you're going to make it up to me." She said quietly while Naruto took a sideways glance towards Mira. He was about to question how exactly he was going to make it up to her until she smashed her purple coated lips into his own. His eyes widened somewhat from the sudden connection, but just brushed it off as he deepened the kiss. Though he was thoroughly surprised when he felt something latch around his wrist. Not having enough time to check he suddenly noticed that he was handcuffed. 'What the hell?' Naruto said in thought as he looked between the handcuffs and the smirking Mirajane who seemed to have gone full Satan-soul mode, the tail and all.

"Uh..." That was as far as he got when he found himself suddenly thrown on the bed. 'What the fuck is happening?' Naruto thought as he looked up to Mira who climbed on top of him. 'Also what's up with these handcuffs? I can't break them.' Naruto wondered. Seeing his confused face Mira spoke up.

"Those handcuffs are fused with my magic energy. Meaning as long as I'm pumping magic into them they are unbreakable." Mira answered with that same smirk still in place. Though only one last questioned popped into Naruto's mind.

"I never knew you were a sadist? You were always the submissive type." Naruto stated as Mirajane leaned down allowing her already free chest to rub against his own. Though her real goal was his ear as she licked it with her long reptile like tongue.

"I go both ways." She answered while Naruto merely groaned from the pleasure and the duel meaning of her words.


Mira nibbled on his ear lobe and sucked it slightly. She moved closer to Naruto's lips and kissed him hard. To play with him she bit his lower lip a little to surprise him. "You like that?" She questioned between kisses not waiting for him to answer she spoke up again. "I'm in charge today." She stated and for some reason the way she stated it really excited Naruto.

She then latched onto his neck as she trailed kisses down towards his chest as she licked his nipples then she bit it lightly which caused Naruto to have a sudden intake of breath. Seeing that Naruto seemed to be enjoying her teasing if the bulge in his swim trunks. She moved her breast over to his face as she she spoke.

"Open your mouth." She demanded as Naruto did as he was told seeing as this kind of play was actually pretty damn exciting. Seeing that he was following her orders readily caused her to smile a bit as she shoved her nip in his mouth. "Now suck it." She said as Naruto listened as she had to moan from the sensation. Looking back towards Naruto's bulge she started to rub it with her foot which caused Naruto to groan once again.

She then pulled her breast away from his face getting an audible pop from Naruto. She then pulled herself up as she crouched above Naruto's face. "Now lick it." She said as Naruto just continued to follow her orders as his tongue plunge straight into her vertical lips. Mira shivered a bit from the pleasure then she used her tail to sliver into his pants as it wrapped around his member jerking it gently.

They stayed like this for a few minutes till the two were reaching their climax. "Ah!..Naruto-kun I'm coming!" She yelled as she came on Naruto's face. Though just as Naruto was about to cum she quickly tightened her tail around his member halting his orgasm.

"Nope you can't cum yet Naruto-kun." Mira stated as she smirked down towards the pouting Naruto. Climbing off his face she climb down towards his bulge as she ripped his swimming trunks off. She then proceeded to rub her face on his member as she spoke up. "You have to cum...in here." She said quickly as she place his rod in her mouth and sucked on it strongly. Naruto's eyes widened suddenly then shut from the pleasure he was feeling now.

Naruto didn't last that long as he came in her mouth causing Mira to happily swallow his load. Naruto was panting ever so slightly till he noticed something even hotter than her mouth surround his member which caused his breath to hitch. Looking up he noticed Mira had firmly planted herself on top his rod.

Mira continued to lower herself slowly, loving the feeling as it went in more and more in as did Naruto, feeling the tightness of her and he noticed how her tail was straight up as she slide on his member. "Ahh...this feels so good." She said as she settled. Now that he was all in she started to jump as Naruto helped her the best he could by thrusting his hips up every time she came down. There wasn't much else he could do with his hands still cuffed.

Knowing that she would get more pleasure out of this if he wasn't bound she stopped the flow of magic that was going into the cuffs causing them to unlock and free Naruto's hands. Now seeing as he could use his hands he grabbed her hips as he help her move faster which brought even more pleasure to the two. "AH I love your dick Naru-kun!" Mira yelled out in pleasure. Naruto looked at her bounce on his dick, seeing her breast bounce every time she did. Mira just continued to ride Naruto as drool started to escape her mouth. She was feeling hotter and hotter as it went on. She could even feel her tail becoming more and more stiff as they continued signaling she was coming close to her orgasm.

"Fuck...you're so tight...Mira-chan I love it." Naruto panted out as he continued to buck his hips up into her.

"AH...I...I think I'm going to cum." She moaned out as she suddenly lost all her strength and fell forward onto Naruto giving him full control of the situation. Naruto grabbed her as tightly as he started to pound it since he wanted to make her cum. "Ah...Yes I'm close I'm so close!" She yelled out as Naruto decided to end it by biting the tip of her pointed ear. Mira eyes widened for a split-second as the pleasure coursed through her whole body. The sudden tightness was too much for Naruto as he came. Then that was it for Mira the sudden warmth pushed her over the edge as she had her hardest orgasm of her life. It came like the river that had suddenly been unblocked by a flood gate. She continued to cum for a whole minute with her body as stiff as a bored along with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.

Once she was done coming the two laid there for a minute until Naruto heard her breathing even out. Looking over towards Mira he had noticed that she was passed out. Smiling to himself for a job well done, he gentle pushed her off himself as he covered her up so she didn't catch a cold. He would have to change the sheets later since he didn't want to wake her.

Lemon over

Walking over to the bathroom he quickly washed himself off as he remembered that the others were still waiting for him. So with that being said he quickly slipped his swimming trunks back on and walked over to his bag and pulled out a...ball well it was a beach ball.

Looking over to Mira he noticed that she was probably going to be asleep for a few hours. So with that thought in mind he quietly left the room and walked down the hall on to see...Kagura with a giant twizzler hanging out her mouth.

"That's the thing that looked interesting to you?" Naruto questioned, highly amused by that and how she just nodded her head with the candy just bobbing up and down.

"What took you so long? I went down to the beach because I thought you would have been done, but you weren't." She said as Naruto debated on whether or not he should tell her what he was doing, but he then smirked as he thought of something else.

"Well you see there was this black cat that crossed my path. So I had to walk all the way around the resort so I didn't get any bad luck..." He trailed off as he looked towards Kagura who was already walking away while popping another huge twizzler in her mouth. Noticing Naruto had stopped talking she turned back with a raised eyebrow.

"You said something?" Kagura questioned as Naruto's jaw slowly unhinged. Did she just turn his own joke against him? Seeing that he wasn't answering she just shrugged her shoulders and continued on her way with an extra sway in her hips.

Finally getting over how his joke backfiring he followed Kagura till they were both back on the beach. Seeing that they were finally back Gray, Lucy, and Juvia joined the two.

"Where's Erza?" Naruto questioned as Lucy pointed over to one of the large umbrellas.

"She said that she was going to take a little nap." Lucy explained while Naruto and Kagura nodded from hearing this. Naruto then smirked as he held up the ball.

"How about some beach volley ball? Me and Kagura against you three." Naruto challenged as Gray just smirked and Lucy along with Juvia nodded their heads accepting the challenge.

Thirty minutes later

"How did we not even score one point?" Gray complained as Naruto just smirked towards him as he wrapped an arm around the blank faced Kagura.

"Because we're just to badass." Naruto boasted until he received an elbow to the ribs causing him to quickly let go of Kagura.

"Don't be mean Naru-kun." Kagura scolded lightly which just caused Naruto smile to her.

Hearing shuffling from behind the group turned around and noticed Erza was coming up to them she looked to be sweating a bit.

"You okay Er-chan?" Naruto questioned since he caught the small trace of fear that had passed through her eye for a second.

"Yeah…I'm fine just hot is all." She said and the others believed her seeing as it was really hot out here. Naruto continued staring at her for a few seconds till Erza sent him a smile. He understood that smile it was her way of telling that she was okay now, but the thing is what worried her in the first place.

His thoughts were halted as a sudden yawn escaped his mouth. It was weird, he felt extremely tired all of a sudden. Though if he thought about it he had woken up at 6 in the morning plus all the stuff that happened today so it was understandable.

"Hey guys, I'm going to back to the room and take a nap…" Naruto stated then he noticed the sun was going down indicating that it was at least around 6 in the afternoon. "Or go to bed." He finished as he started walking away. He guessed he would go join Mira.

"How bout we go hit the casino?" Gray questioned the other four as they all just nodded their heads a few times. Erza smiled at the thought of getting dressed up as she pulled the confused Kagura after her. She knew without a little intimid *cough* persuasion that Kagura wouldn't get dressed up on her own. So once Erza dragged Kagura into one of the many changing rooms located on the beach. She spun around as she re-quipped a beautiful silk purple dress that had a slit going up the side that showed off a bit of her long smooth legs.

Holding out her hand a similar dress appeared though this one was black in color though going down the side it had a peacock feather design. Erza smiled at it for a few seconds and looked up towards Kagura who was simply stating at her blankly. She could easily see the twitching eyebrow that Kagura had as she looked towards her and the dress. Erza could easy tell what she was saying. 'There's no way I'm putting that thing on.'

"Come on it's gonna be fun." Erza said as Kagura just change her facial expression a bit more, her face still seemed blank though. Erza could easily read it once again and it was saying. 'For you or for me?' It said which caused Erza to frown.

"Do I have to go get Mira?" Erza questioned as Kagura eyes seemed to widen slightly as she quickly grabbed the dress and stripped off her shirt…well Naruto's shirt since it was a little big for her. She was using it to cover up her bikini. She was done changing in a matter of five seconds. Erza just smirked at her accomplishment. 'Still got it.' She thought to herself as Kagura seemed to glare at the smirking Scarlet. She would never go shopping with the take-over mage again. That was just scary…Who knew the nice bar maiden could be so pushy.

"Well the others are probably waiting for us." Erza stated as Kagura simply nodded her head as the two left the changing room. Tonight was going to be interesting to say the least.


Mira and Kagura go Shopping

"Come on Kagura you would look cute in this." Mira stated as she held up a floor length, red silk, fishtail dress. In Kagura's mind it did look pretty nice, but she really didn't like getting dressed up. There was no point in it really. She liked her outfit it was a sailor type blazer under it was a solid white short skirt, with black leggings. With that thought in mind she just looked up at Mira with a raised eyebrow as if saying. 'Why do I need to?' Mira just sighed as she decided to explain.

"Because girls need to look pretty at times." Mira stated which really annoyed Kagura for some reason and her face showed it. 'What are you trying to say here?' Kagura's face showed as Mira answered.

"You know you just become boring if you're always wearing the same thing day after day." Mira said as Kagura just looked at her with a bored face. 'Who am I trying to please here?' That's what Mira read as she continued.

"Fine I guess we'll have to do this the hard way." Mira said with a sigh as she turned away from Kagura which made her raise an eyebrow. Mira turned back around with a dark aura surrounding her along with the crack forming on her face. For some reason when Mira did this you just felt so small compared to her. "Now will you wear the dress like a good girl?" Mira questioned with a voice that made Kagura shiver a little though she nodded her head a few times as she slowly grabbed the dress from a crackling Mira. Once she was at a safe distance she quickly ran into one of the changing rooms to slip on the dress. 'Mira is scary.' Kagura thought as she could still hear Mira crazy laughter.

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