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Next Morning Earthland X775

Our favorite blonde slowly opens his eyes and for some reason he can`t keep a smile off his face. He already had a new sensei and a new friend in one day he couldn't help, but feel that he accomplished something in only a day in this world that took almost his whole life in the Elemental Nations to do. Deciding to push those thoughts away for now he gets out of bed to start his day with his new sensei and friend.

"Oh Naruto-kun I`m so happy that you think so much of me." Kyuubi purred in his head causing him to face fault while Kyuubi laughed in his head.

"What the hell Kyuu-chan, don't scare me like that I swear." He grumbled as stood back up.

"Oh sorry you were just having such nice thoughts that I wanted to tell you thank you for everything you have done for me. Now let`s go see your new sensei." Kyuubi chirped happily while Naruto grumbled about damn cheeky fox girls.

As Naruto walked to the door to open it right at that moment, Rai decides it was time to wake Naruto up as he slams the door in Naruto`s face.

"Hey Blondie get your ass up and…oh there you are what are you doing on the floor we don't have time for you to be lazy. Now get up and come in the kitchen breakfast is almost ready." Rai stated as he turned around and walked back to the kitchen to finish cooking.

'Today is not going to be a good day I swear one more hit in the face that all its going to take to set me off and make me want to kill whoever cause that third one. Granted the first was my fault, but that was to be expected from Kyuu-chan.' Naruto grumbled as he stood back up and he swore he could hear laughter in the back of his mind. So he just brushed it off and made his way to the kitchen to see if the food was done.

"Hey Naruto-kun I always wanted to know why did you always hold back when you were in the elemental Nations I`m pretty sure you were stronger then Kakashi when you came back from your three year training trip." Kyuubi asked generally confused on why he never showed his real strength. All the while Naruto just smirked.

"So you knew I was holding back huh well there is a really good answer to your question tell me Kyuu-chan what is a ninja`s greatest weapon think really hard on that and it will come to you." He said with the smirk still plastered on his face.

'A ninjas best weapon huh well there's this and that, but those have nothing related to him holding back hmm…OF COURSE how can I have not figured this out sooner DECEPTION!' She yelled in thought then smiled at her containers brilliance."That's brilliant Naruto-kun to bad there was nothing that would have made you go all out. The looks on their faces would have been priceless."

"Yeah I know that's what I was waiting for but there was nothing really bad enough for me to go all out in the Elemental Nations there was always a way out of every situation I got in." He stated just as he walked into the kitchen to see Rai at the stove finishing up.

"Took you long enough what were you doing talking to yourself or something?" He asked jokingly.

Naruto just smiled sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head 'If you only knew bro.' He said in thought as he heard Kyuubi snicker at his comment. Then just sat down and waited for Rai to finish.

After that Naruto waited another two minutes once that was over they ate in comfortable silence. Once they were finished Rai put their dishes away to clean later as he motioned for Naruto to follow him to the filed they were in yesterday.

"So I can tell you know how to fight, but the thing is I need to know how well and where to start in your training so for this to work come at me with everything you got and we`ll see how this goes." Rai stated as he got into his ready stance.

"Okay Kyuu-chan you wanted to see me go all out right?" He asked Kyuubi

"Yes I`ve always wanted to see, so let`s see what you got Naruto-kun" she says excitably as Naruto started to go through hand seals.

"Wind release: Drilling air Bullet" He yells as he sends a bullet of air at his opponent. Or at least he thought that would happen instead the air bullet moved extremely slowly towards Rai as Naruto and Rai sweat drop at the scene. 'I know I haven't practiced my wind jutsus in a few weeks, but I really didn't think I got this bad at i.t' He thought as he watched Rai side step it like it was nothing, which it was. That was until it impacted with a tree which caused Naruto and Rai`s eyes to widen from a dome of wind that destroyed about 30 feet in radius.

"Umm Naruto-kun maybe I should have told you that our chakra finished changing to…you know that stuff this morning so you have to relearn all of your techniques just saying." Kyuubi stated as she saw the technique not work properly.

"Really and you couldn't tell me this earlier because why?" He questioned

"Would you believe me if I say it slipped my mind?" She returned

"No." He said flat out.

"Thought so, just had to try." She answered.

'Okay looks like this just turned in a taijutsu fight.' He said in thought as he got into his ready stance with Rai waving for him to start.

He just nodded his head as he disappeared in a blur of speed appearing in front of Rai with his arm stretched out to hit Rai in the face while Rai moved his head to the side with his eyes widen 'Holy shit I barely saw him move I need to pay attention to this fight.' He thought as Naruto used his momentum to lash out with his knee to Rai`s stomach. While Rai brings his own knee up to block Naruto`s, then Rai grabs Naruto`s head and slams it into the ground face first as Naruto screams in pain.

"Fuuuuck man that hurt like a bitch! Why!" He screamed as he cried anime tears. "That's the third fucking time this morning now I`m going to kick your ass for being the one who had the nerve to do it the third time. Believe it!" He declared

Rai stands ready to start his test anew, so he backs up to give his trainee some space. Naruto gets to his feet pissed about getting hit in the face a third time.

"Come on Blondie show me what you got!" Rai taunts Naruto to engage him by sticking him the finger. Naruto reaches behind him and digs in his pouch, grabbing a shuriken. "Hey what the fuck are you doing you idiot! Come on! Attack me!" Naruto throws the shuriken hitting Rai square in the chest. "Holy shit it that a fucking throwing star?!" Naruto takes a decisive step toward Rai, who is preoccupied with pulling out a chunk of metal from his chest. Naruto kicks Rai in the face, it sends him crashing through the trees making another clearing.

"How's that dumbass!" Naruto yells with renewed vigor pounding his chest in victory. Naruto runs to the clearing to find Rai, who should be in a pile of branches and fallen trees. Rai surprises Naruto from above with an elbow to the head, and follows up with a spinning kick to the chest. Naruto flies into a tree, bouncing off and lands face first into the dirt.

"Throwing that star at me was a dirty trick. Is that what they taught where you're from?" Rai composes himself and runs toward Naruto. Naruto spits the dirt out of his mouth and rushes toward Rai angrily. Rai opens with a punch but Naruto jumps over him, he grabs Rai's fist and slams him into the ground. Rai recovers quickly and pulls Naruto in head butting him in the face. Naruto stumbles back wincing in pain, and Rai running towards him knees him in the stomach. Naruto takes advantage of that and grabs him, he suplexes Rai head first into the ground. The earth cracks and Rai's body slumps to the ground, Naruto then jumps away from the scene. Naruto coughs up blood and tries to catch his breath. Naruto is then met with a clothes line that sends him flying. Rai runs in front of Naruto and kicks him back, sending Naruto threw several trees. Naruto struggles to his feet coughing blood, and pulls out a kunai in desperation. Naruto runs towards Rai blade in hand and slashes at him, but Rai is too fast and counters with chops to his body. Naruto kicks Rai in the air and attempts the Uzamaki barrage; he then realizes he can't make clones so it fails. Rai lands on his feet and punches Naruto in the chest then kicks him in the chest. Rai then tries to finishes the now weakened Naruto with a palm strike to the gut. Naruto loses his kunai and flies back stumbling but manages to stay on his feet; Naruto makes the shadow clone hand sign out of habit.

"Is that all you got, you dumdass." Naruto manages to whimper. Naruto gets his second wind and rushes Rai; he tries to side step but gets hit with spinning back kick to the face. Rai stumbles back and Naruto uppercuts Rai into the air. He jumps above and kicks him back down; seizing the moment Naruto lands another drop kick to Rai's chest. Naruto jumps back trembling, Rai stands back up brushing off his attacks like nothing happened.

"How after all of that, are you still fine!" Naruto yells at the top of his lungs. Rai chuckles and appears before Naruto smiling. Naruto steps back in fear of this man's speed and constitution.

"I'm called a god for a reason" Rai then chops Naruto in the neck, Naruto struggles to stay conscious but eventually embraces it.

"That`s enough I can see you are talented in hand to hand combat, and from the screw up at the beginning it looks like you can use wind magic with the right training." Rai summarized as he thought of where he should start training Naruto. After about three minutes of thinking and trying to wake Naruto up he finally figured out what he should start with.

"Okay I would usually start with physical training but from the way you hit I can tell you don't really need it so here`s what we`ll do. Every morning you will continue to train your body about one to two hours a day then once you finish up there you`ll train in Lightning God Slayer Magic till you have mastered it completely. I`ve had a few other students in my long life one not too long ago actually, but that's beside the point. What I'm trying to say is you will most likely master it in at most eight years, but something tells me you will master it much sooner than that. Once that is all said and done you can learn any other type of magic you want I have lots of books in my library on all kinds of different magic. I would like to recommend you learn wind magic first though because I can see you have a talent for it." Rai stated with a smile.

"SO wait you can have more than one type of magic?" Naruto questioned while Rai nodded to his question."That's awesome so I can learn more than one type of magic is there a limit to it."

"NO, but it becomes awfully difficult to learn after three so my advice to you is only learn My magic, wind magic, and any other magic of your choice or you could even make your own type of magic you are from another world make shit up as you go." Rai stated with a calculating look on his face."Do you think you can handle three different types of magic in ten years because I don't want you to hurt yourself in the process?" Rai questioned with a hidden smirk while Naruto and Kyuubi scoffed at that.

"Naruto-kun prove to this dumbass who he's talking to. Konoha`s most unpredictable ninja and learn his uh…shit what was it called again umm…whatever this worlds energy is learn it in half the time he gave you." Kyuubi stated with Naruto nodding his head in agreement.

"Don't worry Rai-sensei I got this. I'll prove to you why where I come from they call me the number one most unpredictable ninja and learn your magic in half the time you gave me to learn it! Believe it!" Naruto yelled in the nice guy pose giving Rai thumbs up. While Rai`s smirk turned into a full blown grin from hearing Naruto's declaration.

"So you think you can learn my magic in only four years you say. Okay let`s see what you got Blondie." Rai stated while Naruto sweat dropped 'Your blonde to you asshole.' He thought to himself. Then nodded his head still in his pose. While Rai walked away planning how much tort- umm training he could give our blonde through the next four years.

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