Chapter 2: The Skyway Station Attack!

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Anyway, this is where stuff will start to change at least a little, not too much yet, but enough that you can start to see it diverging from cannon. Also, slight time skip, once again to prevent being overly receptive. These will occur whenever I want to skip something you can just watch in the anime, but will become less common as I progress obviously.

Oh and as for why I described the Denpa viruses so much while I didn't do that with Subaru and War-Rock is because I don't know the names of them, (I know the black ones are called Mettools or something, but that's it…) so doing this should give you an idea on which ones I'm doing. If you don't know what Subaru or War-Rock look like, or any other character, you can take 5 minutes to look it up. I also found a few game play thoughs so I may use some viruses from there was well.

Also, I have no idea what the hell those train things are called in the series, so I made up a name as I couldn't find it mentioned anywhere really.

Subaru let out a sigh from his place on the balcony, arms folded over the metal railing as he rested his head on them. He didn't know how long he had been there, just watching the golden Wave Roads in the distance that lit up the city, but it was still amazing. The colorful aurora-like shapes that floated around were still there, but they were only the faintest traces of them, the solid most visible ones had merged to form the Wave Roads. At least, that's what Subaru assumed, as before he couldn't see them even with his Visualizer on, not until War-Rock had unintentional messed with it.

"I have an alien living with me now…I guess I should be in more shock but…" Subaru muttered as he let his eyes wander over to the blue Transfer that was attached to his left arm. He looked over the gold emblem that was on the top were War-Rock had zipped into after he had used his injury as an excuse to get away and not answer the questions.

Subaru supposed that he really should be in more shock, or at the very least more shaken, but the earlier conversation had shaken him. This alien, this…FM life form as he had called himself, had known his dad before the accident, and wasn't telling Subaru everything that he did know. It was a frustrating thing that had quickly killed the novelty of meeting an alien.

Moving the Visualizer up so it rested on his forehead, Subaru looked up at the clear night sky, free of the Wave Roads once more. It was almost funny in a sense really. His dad and so many other scientists had been working so very hard for many years, decades or even centuries if one looked at the really old attempts, to just make the faintest contact with any form of life off of Earth. Yet here Subaru had gone and been rammed into by an alien who was fighting another one (were the other alien had disappeared, Subaru had no idea), yet he wasn't feeling nearly half as happy or excited as he knew he should be.

Sure he felt wonder at meeting the FM life form known as War-Rock, and he was even more happy that he didn't appear to be evil. Sure he looked kinda scary but other than that, he acted nice enough, at least in Subaru's opinion. But those feelings were muted under a wave of sudden sadness; the mention of his father had really gotten him down. Sometimes in his act to pretend he was strong for his mother, he himself forgot how much it still hurt to even think back a little.

Pulling his head off his arms he reached down to his chest and grabbed gold pendent he always wore. Looking it over in the dim light Subaru remembered how it always reminded him of a star, but with the bottom two points fused together. Whenever he looked at the pendent from the accident, he couldn't help but think that somehow, someway, his father wasn't quite as dead as everyone seemed to think he was. It was stupid to think, as even if he did survive the explosion, a human could not survive the vacuum of space.

Of course somehow War-Rock seemed to do fine in space, though maybe that was because he was a 'FM life form' as he called himself…something to do with being made of Denpa waves or something like that…

Either way, his father somehow surviving wasn't possible, as much as he liked to believe and hope it was, it just wasn't.

The next morning was not what Subaru had planned to say the least. Being a Saturday, he hoped to take a break from his self-studies like the other kids who weren't in school today. 'Take a break' really meant 'sleep tell high noon and then some' so he could make up for any sleep he had missed during the week, especially times like last night were he had laid awake for hours in thought before finally drifting off.

This plan had been shattered when War-Rock had loudly awoken him, declaring that he was bored and that he wanted to do something other than sit in "This stupid blue Trans-whatever".

This had led the Subaru trying to smother said transfer, and hopefully War-Rock as well, with a well-aimed pillow. This plan failed miserable considering how War-Rock didn't need to do something as 'meaningless' as breathing, and that he somehow could control the volume of the Transfer at will. The resulting battle of wills had been a very loud one, with Subaru more or less huddling under a different pillow, hoping to block out the damnable noise.

Subaru had finally submitted to War-Rock's desire to go out after his mom had called up the stairs asking if anything was wrong.

After taking a few minutes to get ready, Subaru placed his Transfer back onto his arm and made sure to grab the much-needed Visualizer from atop the desk. Grabbing a quick breakfast, Subaru was out of the house at a surprisingly early time (for him anyway). Thankfully his mom didn't seem to think much about him waking up so early, simply waving him off with a reminder to be safe.

It was a short way to the Skyway Transport Station, so as he walked, he decided to ask something that he had been thinking about ever sense he was rudely awakened. Flipping open the screen of the Transfer, he looked down at the bottom screen to see War-Rock's face looking back at him, thankfully lacking the need of the Visualizer to see him in this state.

"Hey War-Rock?" Subaru asked the FM life form

"Eh, what is it Subaru?" he answered, not really paying attention and instead looking around as best as he could while still within the device.

"If you want to see the city so bad, why don't you just go out on your own? Why do you need to stay in my Transfer and make me walk around when you would be a lot faster on your own?"

"Well it's quite simple actually," War-Rock began; finally look directly at Subaru, "Your 'Transfer' thing as you call it hides my Denpa reading perfectly, so I don't have to worry about being followed. Normally I can hide it myself perfectly fine, but the fight from last night is still messing with my abilities in general, including the ability to hide myself."

"Oh?" This was news to Subaru, he hadn't even though of the weird readings War-Rock probably gave out. But before he could continue to ask questions, he bumped into someone.

"Hey, watch were you're going kid!" the taller teen snapped, brushing some of his surprisingly long blond hair out of his face.

Looking up at the taller boy, Subaru felt irritation spike at being called a 'kid'. Sure he was only just starting sixth grade but come on, so what if this guy was older than him by a few years? Subaru opened his mouth to retort at the other boy, only for the blond to turn on his heel before walking off, muttering something under his breath.

"Geez…what's his problem?" Subaru muttered only to suddenly notice that he was no longer alone, in fact, he had already arrived at the Skyway Transport station. Which explained why he had suddenly bumped into a random guy, slightly amazed that he hadn't done so earlier, as there were many people milling about.

Dodging around other people he walked through the automatic glass doors, hardly even slowing to scan his Transfer before going up the escalator and to the main platforms. In a few minutes he had boarded the basic red Skyway train that was only half filled, so it was easy to find a seat away from other people.

Opening his Transfer again, he continued their earlier conversation, not truly caring if anyone overheard. After all, in the age of Transfers people would assume that he was just talking to some friend with a weird nickname.

"Destroy the earth!"

People looked at Subaru at his sudden shocked exclamation, who in return simply blushed at the attention before looking away as best as he could, trying to act like nothing weird had happened. After a few awkward minutes, people seemed to lose interest before going back to their own conversations.

"You see, the FM life forms are naturally a warring clan," War-Rock continued, " For example, a really long time ago, before I was born even, I heard that they destroyed a planet that was called AM."

"Planet AM? That sounds a lot like Planet FM…" Subaru mused

"There's a reason for that. Planet AM and FM were sister planets, were almost identical life forms lived, AM and FM. The only real difference between them would be that the FM were violent while the AM were more peaceful. So the FM destroyed the AM with the help of the Denpa viruses." War-Rock explained

"That's horrible!" Subaru said, the implications that the FM would do that sinking in…until he noticed something else, "Wait, Denpa viruses?"

"The Denpa viruses that distort the Denpa world are also the work of the FM life forms. In short, it's a non-discriminatory attack meant to destroy other life forms. Now that they know of the existence of Earth, those minor attacks you told me about will only get worse and more organized." War-Rock said, answering Subaru's next question before he could ask it.

Subaru frowned, thinking what he had learned over more and more, becoming more and more worried with each moment. War-Rock was an FM life form, but he didn't seem that bad. Sure he was annoying at times but he didn't seem even remotely capable of being part of that. Of course, he was a traitor, and just because some of the FM did that didn't entirely mean that they were all evil. But it seemed like they were trying to pull the same thing with Earth…

Getting up at his stop Subaru continued to think silently until he finally asked;

"But…why would you betray your friends War-Rock?"

That seemed to baffle even the FM life form, as he didn't seem to be able to answer properly. After a few moments of thinking War-Rock finally managed a rather vague response of;

"Who knows, even I want to know that."

Letting out a sigh at the response, Subaru shook his head only to freeze as he heard an all-to familiar voice of one Luna Shirogane.

"…See the principle when he's sick is an important job of the school president. Plus this is a good way to get more votes…"

Subaru waited until the sounds of the three kids from school voices faded to come out from his hiding place behind a grey support beam.

"Are they FM life forms?" War-Rock asked suddenly.

"Them? No, that's not it, they're just my classmates" Subaru answered, a little confused as to why War-Rock would even think that, couldn't FM life forms sense one another or something?

"Classmates? Are they your enemies then?" War-Rock continued, the simple concept of 'classmates' escaping him.

"No, they're not," Subaru replied, walking out of the Skyway Station, "I don't like them though. They tried to force me to go to school."


With a sigh Subaru gave up then and there on expecting War-Rock to get even simple commonplace things, "Never mind, you don't have to know…"

"Whatever you say Subaru…" War-Rock replied, though he still wondered what this 'school' was and why Subaru didn't want to go…

And then all hell broke loose.

Without warning War-Rock's sense suddenly screamed at him causing him to whip around to try and see what was in front of Subaru. Subaru seeing this sudden behavior raised an eyebrow at the sudden strange behavior.

"What's wrong War-Rock?"

War-Rock didn't respond has he had activated the small camera that was hidden on the top of the Transfer so he could see what was ahead better…The string of swears that followed were enough to make Subaru try and muffle the speakers as best as he could so as to avoid dirty looks from innocent passerby's

"Denpa viruses!" War-Rock spat as he turned towards Subaru.

"What?!" Subaru exclaimed, pushing his Visualizer down over his eyes and looking up. And suddenly he felt his heart sink at the sight above him.

High up above the ground, one of the many Skyway rails branched out in a 'Y' shape near the terminal entrance where the handing Skyway trains could go either to the cities to the north or to the south. But the railway that ran above the street across from the one Subaru was on, almost perfectly parallel to it for several hundred feet before curving off to the left, was covered in Denpa viruses. And by covered, Subaru meant it, as almost no grey rail was left free, the viruses squirming almost as one mass.

Small round bodies with large eyes taking up most of the 'face' that wore yellow hardhats with a green strip mercilessly pounded on the track with axes while the floating yellow viruses wore away the electronic locks with sharp stinger like arms. Subaru thought he could see strange miniature green guys that wielded two curved blades, but he couldn't be sure.

To make mattes even worse, a red Skyway train was moving along the tracks out of the terminal, quickly gaining speed for its trip.

"There's so many…why hasn't anyone noticed this yet! I mean they're attacking the friggen Skyways, and there supposed to have enough precautions that if a Denpa virus ever got within five feet of the tracks it would be fried! I don't see any of that, and there's enough viruses here to-"

Subaru's mini-rant was suddenly cut off as one of the Denpa viruses attacking apparently finally hit something important, for the next second a there was a thunderous cracking sound before a miniature explosion of electricity shot out and raced down the tracks for several feet.

Screeching to a stop, the train passed harmlessly through the Denpa viruses, but that didn't seem to deter the small viruses as they simple leapt though the wall of the train to stand on the outside and continue their attack on the tracks.

The security system had yet to activate.

"What do I do…?" Subaru muttered to himself, helplessly watching as the viruses continued to damage the cart. Even if they couldn't be touched, it seemed as though their special attacks were able to do damage.

"That's easy, you do nothing," War-Rock responded to Subaru's question rather nonchalantly.

"Wha…but the Denpa viruses…"

"…Are causing no real problems at the moment," War-Rock cut Subaru off, "Sure the people on that train may be late to wherever they need to go, but other than that, what real harm are they causing other than giving whatever repair crew this place has a major headache?"

Subaru opened his mouth. Then closed it.

It was true really, no one was in any real danger, and he could see even now that crews were arriving on scene, many driving on top the multi-purpose Skyway railing. After all, just in case something like this ever happened, there were plenty of access hatches and ladders along each skyway so one could get out in case of an emergency. Of course, it seemed a tad exreem to immediately start evacuating people, but then the people probably knew that it was Denpa viruses…

And even if it was something more serious, what could he do anyway?

Subaru, along with the growing crowd of people, watched as people began to be pulled out of the Skyway train. As he watched, he heard an female announcer come on;

"We are sorry for the inconvenience, but due to a minor Denpa virus attack, the Central Skyway Transport Station will be temporarily closed until the Satellite Police arrive to take care of the viruses. Until then, please…"

Subaru stopped listening then, because it was obvious that this was under control. Inconvenient, but under control. Even through there were more viruses in this attack than normal, Denpa virus attacks weren't overly uncommon, hence the Satellite Police.

"I guess you're right War-" Subaru began to admit defeat to the rather obscured notion of doing something to help, when Murphy's Law suddenly decided to kick in.

A huge ban echoed out, quickly followed by the horrible sound of metal being ripped apart slowly which was only accented further by the loud creaking sounds. Looking up sharply, Subaru saw that one, no two, of the many supports on the Skyway that attacked it to the overhead rail had been broken lose by the viruses between two of the carts, and the others were straining to keep the train suspended, their task only made harder due to the fact that the viruses seemed to be focusing on them now.

The reassures efforts suddenly redoubled, nothing but pure professionalism preventing them from panicking as the two Skyway carts slowly dipped lower and lower, making it harder to get people out as they began to slide involuntarily. But the Denpa viruses continued the attack, now focusing solely on the supports since they had found a weakness.

Subaru felt a horrible churning in his gut as he realized that the rescue works had been expecting this somehow, bring out short rope ladders in an instant, moving faster and with an effectiveness that only could come from have dealt with worse. And from having an effective plan against the sudden drastic situation.

The operators of the Skyway trains knew that the train was going to fall.

And they couldn't do anything about, already seeming to have declared the train a lost cause long ago, what with any methods to prevent this a long ways off, so they now only focusing on save as many people as possible.

This Denpa virus attack was far too well planned, since when did this many gather in such a short time? And since when did they focus enough to attack actual weak points? Normally it was just a mindless frenzy that could easily be taken care of by the security system of the Skyway, but for some reason it had yet to dispatch…

Just then, with a horrible lurch and scream of metal, a third support finally submitted to the endless torture brought on by the Denpa viruses.

This had an interesting effect on the Skyway train. It didn't just fall off completely, they were made too well for that at least, but because the supports had been broken between two cars, it created an interesting 'buckling' effect, the supports on each cart trying to keep it up even as the freed ends drew closer and down even more following gravity's call.

And as if the world hated him, a high pitched scream ripped through the air at that moment as well.

Looking up slightly, Subaru saw that Luna Shirogane from earlier had been trying to get pulled up from one of the hatches of the slowly buckling train cart, only for the Skyway to collapse at that moment. The lose grip on an officer's hand slipping free as the one foot planted loosely in the ladder slipped has as soon as the Skyway dropped out from under her other foot.

Letting out a terrified scream, she flailed as she fell, her body impacting with the smooth frame of the Skyway. At the angel it was, she began to slide down the slick surface like some twisted slide, her scrambling causing her to slide to the edge. A worker made a grab at her from an open hatch, only to grasp at nothing but air as she was already out of reach.

Momentum took its toll and with no way to slow herself short of punching a hole in the roof, Luna ending up sliding right off the edge of the Skyway that was facing Subaru and the crowd, which let out horrified yells at the girls apparent end.

Luna, who though was screaming loudly as she slipped over the edge, wouldn't go down so easily. Her hand lashed out quickly, and caught one of the grey safety rails (which were really more decoration than anything) on the edge of the roof. Ignoring the painful jerk in her arms, she simply tightened her grip on it, trying to calm her heart that felt as if it was trying to forcefully free itself from her chest.

Subaru let out the breath he had been unknowingly holding as he saw that Luna managed to save herself for now. But she was handing precariously from the edge of the thin guard rail that was quite thing and didn't seem very strong…

As if to agree with his though, the rail suddenly jerked when another shudder overcame the Skyway, the metal that connected at the top ripping free, Luna's weight making the bar swing out widely. She let out a scream and she tried to maintain some form of a grip on the metal, her sweaty palms slipping freely as she swung out and down. But she managed to get a better grip when she reached the edge were the metal curved, and stopped her rapid decent.

"Damn it… what can I do, what can I do…I gotta do something!" Subaru muttered to himself, looking around for some way, anyway he could help at the very least Luna. She was annoying, yes, but that didn't mean she should be put into danger like this!

"Are you going to save them?" War-Rock suddenly asked, somewhat surprised at this, especially with how he acted earlier.

No one was able to get out of the damaged cart, the door sealed shut, refusing to respond to commands and no matter how hard people pried they couldn't get enough of a grip on the door.

"President!" Kizamaro and Gonta shouted, both of them still in the precariously handing cart, looking out the busted door to where they saw Luna hanging onto the metal bar only a few feet away. Kizamaro was closer, has he had been hugging the bar in the middle of the floor, so he made a reach for her, only to far quite short.

"Don't worry I'm coming President!" Gonta suddenly declared, ignoring the rescue team's attempt to grab him and pull him back. But because of the extreme angel the cart was at, he quickly lost his footing. Skidding uncontrolled on the floor, Gonta only just managed to save himself by grabbing a support, causing the whole cart to shake at this.

"Save them? There's no way I could pull of something like that…but maybe…" Subaru wondered aloud, trying to think, "That's it! War-Rock, there's gotta be something you can do with your powers as an FM life form right?"

"Sadly," War-Rock began, not liking the idea of crushing the kinds hopes so soon, "
My body isn't made of matter like yours, so I can't even do something like shake hands with you, let alone save that human girl. Besides, I have no reason to help, much less save, humans"

"No one move!" a rescue worker shouted when a few people made a move to go help the heavyset boy, "If we put any more weight on that end of the cart, then this whole thing may fall!"

Terrified people stopped moving in an instant, though a few panicked and tried to get out the hatch and to the other worker ready to pull them out. Sadly, the idea of rescue was suddenly cut off as the cart lurched and dropped downwards several feet, the terrified people letting clinging to whatever they could.

"No way…"Subaru looked down at the Transfer, reality crashing down around him at this. Of course War-Rock couldn't do anything, that would just be to perfect wouldn't it?

"And besides…" War-Rock continued, catching Subaru's attention before he could despair too much, "…you didn't seem to like them all that much either."

"Well yeah but…" Subaru began, trying to find the right words. War-Rock didn't seem to understand that he couldn't just leave someone in danger if he could do something…but then again, could he even do anything? No nothing at all, he was just human…but…

"But just because I don't like them or think that they're annoying doesn't mean I just want to stand here and watch them die."

"I've…got you…President…" Gonta grunted as he tried and reach for Luna through the door. Luna herself tried to grab the edge of the door, rather risking that then the extremely wobbly safety railing that may snap at any moment.

The other trapped within the cart stayed as still as possible, simply praying for a miracle to save them now. For the boy didn't seem to notice how little difference helping Luna would do now.

With that last drop, they were far out of reach of the other rescue workers now, unless they tried to stand atop the Skyway or someone arrived with a much longer ladder soon.

War-Rock let out a sigh, it was obvious that the boy wasn't going to stand by now, so he might as well help the poor kid before he did something stupid and go himself killed.

And it would be terribly inconvenient if the only person he could Denpa-henkan with on this whole friggen planet died so soon.

"Ok, so you really want to save them?" War-Rock asked, though he already knew the answer.

"Yes. Yes I do." Subaru replied, not taking his eyes off the scene before him, his voice steady and eyes determined.

"Well...I guess it can't be helped then…" War-Rock sighed before looking around a bit, "Hey kid, you need to get somewhere where you won't be seen, ok?"

Not even questing it, Subaru gave one last glace at the Skyway car and the blond haired Luna that hung out the cart, ready to fall at any moment before dashing off into a side pathway, weaving his way away from the commotion and prying eyes.

Luna felt the bar she was holding onto give another jerk and tilt more as it came lose some more.

"Just hurry up and save me already!" She screamed at Gonta, nearly hysteric at this point, knowing that the bar was going to slip out at any moment.

"I-I'll save you now President!" Gonta replied before he simply reached over and grabbed Kizamaro by his shirt, pushing him forward so as to have more reach via a very frightened Kizamaro.

The others in the cart held their breath as they say the terrified boy make a reach for the girl, who also stretched her arm to its limits in an effort to reach the smaller boy's outstretched hand. Closer and closer until only a hair's breath separated them…and then not even that as fingers interlocked tightly…

Subaru didn't know how much he had run, but it wasn't too far, as he could still hear people's shouting and sirens of the Satellite Police finally arriving.

"Ok were away from people what do you want me to do?" Subaru asked War-Rock, who materialized in front of him a second later.

"You want power to save them right? Well in order to get that power I'm gonna have to borrow your body…for Denpa-henkan," War-Rock explained to Subaru as he checked around for any uninvited guests. Once he was happy there were none, he turned back to Subaru just in time to hear his baffled response.


"That's right! No turning back now!" War-Rock exclaimed a little too happy for Subaru, only to be surrounded by blazing green energy that obscured his form. And then, without any warning whatsoever, War-Rock shot towards Subaru with the speed of a jet, nailing the boy strait in the chest.

"Denpa-henkan! Hoshikawa Subaru, On-Air!"

…Only for the mere shifting of one brown haired passenger as he searched for a better grip so as to not fall completely caused the entire cart to quake. Once more the cart dropped several more inches, but more extensive damage was also done this time.

The cart split from the strain, right by the lower door which was just below where a support had been. Unknown to anyone inside the cart, this spot had continued to be attacked by the viruses, and the damage caused cracks down a place where two sections of metal connected. That had taken its toll and finally the cart gave up, giving way and breaking free.

This cause the longer section to fall away and swing freely now with no support on the other side, only stopping when it reach the already overtaxed supports on the next cart, which groaned out in protest, shaking violently. The other end dropped another few feet sharply, almost causing Kizamaro to fall out.

Both children reacted reflexively, Kizamaro grabbing onto the newly formed edge of the cart to steady himself, and Luna to let go and grab and anything she could, namely the metal rail guard, which snapped free before catching on the edge of the broken cart.

She screamed as her body was pulled along with the longer section of the train, before the metal support finally freeing itself from where it had wedged itself, the momentum of the swing flinging her up the side of the train several feet before gravity began to take control, pulling her back down to the merciless hard ground.

It was like he had been struck with a bolt of lightning, the sheer energy and power filling him to the core, giving him more and more, even after he reached what he thought was his 'limit', it just kept going up, warmth surrounding his body…

…And just as quickly it was over, suddenly it stopped, leaving behind a very confused Subaru.

"I… what…?" he muttered to himself, tanking in the dark blue bodysuit he was in, the thick armor of the blue and white arm guards and boots feeling completely natural, what must have been heavy weight not deterring him in the slightest. And somehow he just knew the chest and shoulder guard armor he was wearing was a smaller version of War-Rocks, though it had somehow assimilated the pendent he always wore into the center, like some kind of emblem. A more streamline version of War-Rock's helmet rested on his head, though the sharp edges to the…earpieces he realized, were knew, along with the red visor that covered half his face, though it hardly obscured his vision in the slightest, only the very faintest of tints visible.

"M-my body…it...I've…transformed?"

"If you're wondering, you've fused with me and are now in the Denpa world," War-Rock's voice stated, and suddenly Subaru found his arm moving on its own, only to see that at the elbow onward it had been transformed into War-Rock's head, which was now looking at him calmly.

Subaru didn't take to well to this.

"Ah! What the hell! Why are you attached to my arm?" He yelped, trying (and failing miserably) to jerk away from his own arm. But then the words sunk in a little more.

"Wait, did you say the Denpa world?"

It was only sheer luck that she managed to grab a twisted piece of metal that stuck out, ignoring the way it bit into her delicate skin and cut the flesh and muscle, red running down her palm and being absorbed by the white fringes of her coat. Yet despite the stinging pain she clung all the tighter to it like her only life line, which it was.

Risking a look down Luna swallowed hard, her body beginning to shake as she saw the metal safety rail she had been clinging to on the ground, no more than a spec form this height, yet she could clearly imagine that it was nothing more than a piece of twisted and deformed scrap that could only be thrown away now.

And if she let go…

…She would be even less than that.

Just a broken, twisted, red smear on the pavement, shattered by the impact and possibly even flattened by the cart if it fell. At this point, Luna could only realistically hope for a quick, painless death.

But…this wasn't supposed to happen!

Some noble hero was supposed to swoop in at the last moment and save the damsel in distress, and last time she checked, she was most certainly a damsel, and this was about as 'distressed' as you could get! How many other people ended up handing to the edge of a Skyway by a piece of metal that was probably scaring her hand for life!

But then again, this wasn't something like one of her storybooks, no heroes to save her, and her weakening arms and throbbing hand told her that holding onto a piece of metal that was slicing her hand open wasn't going to last much longer.

So she did the only thing she could.

She screamed.

"Somebody, save me please!"

War-Rock had given Subaru a quick, simplified, rundown of what had happened.

He had been fused with War-Rock, which had changed his body into a wave-state so he could actually fight Denpa viruses directly. Because he was a fusion between an FM life form and a human, he could change his state at will, which meant he could also interact with people and objects. Each 'state' had advantages and disadvantages, most of which he would have to figure out. A few advantages of being in 'wave state' were being able to go through solid object at will, something Subaru had experienced first-hand when he had fallen back in shock.

Subaru was taking this better than most people at least. He seemed to take it in stride that he no longer had a left hand, (though War-Rock assured him that he would more than make up for some 'lousy' hand) and that he had fused with an FM life form. But he still seemed to be having trouble grasping his new abilities. More like, he understood that he had new abilities, but he was thinking too hard to get them to work.

Since most of them were bodily enhancements, and thus subconscious, thinking about them wouldn't be very effective. It would be like someone trying to name every movement that their fingers made in real time when they wiggled them around, while also doing that for every other movement that they made at the same time. Ineffective, pretty much impossible, and consuming all your attention, not allowing you to do anything other than that.

Like save some girl who was about to get herself killed.

War-Rock knew he just needed something to make him stop thinking so hard and just act, then everything would come 'as natural as breathing' as humans tended to say, though what that was he wasn't sure…

He got that needed motivation when a scream cut through the air.

"Somebody, save me please!"

Head snapping in the direction of the sound, Subaru subconsciously used the ear pieces he had to identify the direction of the scream with pinpoint accuracy, and who it belonged to.

"That was Luna!" He yelped in realization. From her voice she sounded panicked, hysteric at this point, her voice cracking slightly as she had screamed with all her being, the desperation present showed that she felt as though she was going to die any second and the change in pitch at the end-

Subaru blinked.

Where had that come from? All from hearing four words?

War-Rock, seeing that he had used his abilities without having to think about ever little step or blink he made, decided to help him continue doing that, as right now, as his entire body was tensed, ready to spring at any moment without even him realizing it.

"Oi! Subaru, she sounded panicked, and she wasn't exactly in a good situation to begin with, you should get moving before she falls or something!"

There was half a second pause and he comprehended War-Rock's words…

And the Subaru moved, ignoring buildings and other obstacles in his way, fully embracing his wave state so he passed through the building in front of him easily, and suddenly wielding his physical enhancements flawlessly.

It was when the cart piece she was handing onto gave a sudden jerk that Luna knew she was done for. She couldn't hang on anymore, as each rattle of the cart sliced her hand deeper, to the point it was almost cutting through her hand. Tears running down her face, she felt her hands, now slick with blood, slip clean off the twisted metal, searing pain going deeper as it cut deeply into her hand as she slipped, leaving a gash from her palm to in between her pointer and middle finger.

She gave off a frantic pained cry as she clawed at the air, her other hand barley missing the metal, closing on only air before she fell freely.

She was vaguely aware of people screaming down below her as they saw her fall, but they were drowned out by her own horrified screech as she realized that she was about to meet her end.

'But…I was going to be Student Council President...' Luna found herself distantly thinking as she flipped in the air, catching sight of the pavement so far below that was growing ever-so-closer before she was turned again so that she couldn't see the ground anymore.

Closing her eyes as she prepared for the impact, she couldn't help it. She sobbed a gut-wrenching sob laced with pain of not only her sliced hand but that she couldn't be able to any of the things she had planned…there was so much she had yet to do, so much indeed…

And then she suddenly felt strong arms wrap around her, pulling her into a bridal style hold as the rushing wind...slowed down? Without thinking, she wrapped her arms around were she knew a neck would be, trying to steady herself subconsciously. After a moment all movement ceased completely.

"Whew, I made it…"

After a moment, she dared to open her eyes, only to see a boy, around her age, wearing a strange blue helmet with strange blackish hair that stuck strait up, the red visor covering his upper face.

"Everything's fine now," the strange boy said, smiling a little at her.

And that's a wrap for this chapter. Once again, I do what I do best and take already existing events and change them up and bit so they're (hopefully) more dramatic. Plus I tried and fill in a few plot holes, like there only being 3 people on that train at the time, why any safety commission in their right mind would allow for the Skyway things to even exist, etc. Nothing too big, shoty explanations at best but meh.

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