In the Rare Case of Candace Lupin



My name is Candace Andromeda Lupin. My middle name comes from my grandmother on my mother's side. My brother's name is Theodore, Teddy, John Lupin. He is named after our grandfather on our mother's side.

We are 10 years apart. You can say it. I was an accident. If my brother was my mother with his ever changing hair color and brown eyes, then I was my father with his blonde hair and green eyes. I am like my father in another way also that we do not always talk about. We are both werewolves. We change into animals', or rather monsters would be a better term, every full moon.

Teddy was lucky enough not to get the gene, but I was not. My best friends are Lily Potter, daughter Harry and Ginny Potter, Hugo Weasley, son of Ron and Hermione Weasley, and Molly Weasley, daughter of Percy and Audrey Weasley.

I stick out like a sore thumb when I am around them because they all have brilliant flaming red hair. Today, I am 18 years old, but I am about to take you back to when I was 10. If you think the last generation's adventure was barmy, you're in for a surprise. Get ready for a crossover that will take you to America.