[Author's Note: This is a series of drabbles I've put together. It is going to end up being three parts in total. Each drabble is based off a different color of a roses. I hope you enjoy!]

One: Lavender – Love At First Sight

Kanda has never been one for history. He prefers sciences or a good math course, because he has always found history boring. He doesn't like memorizing all the dates. He doesn't care to know all the people involved in this war or that war. He just doesn't care for history at all. He's more into formulas and numbers and stuff he can picture in his mind. He can't picture people fighting in a war hundreds of years ago.

It's the second week into class when he finds himself a little more interested. There is a transfer student. She had a problem with her schedule or something like that and had to switch into this class late. She likes history though. She answers questions and knows every date of every fight and can name people off the top of her head. She says she likes learning about the making of America –she was talking to Lavi one day and Kanda overheard - and all the wars they underwent to get where they are today.

He can't stop thinking about her after that first class. He sits in the back of the class, his pencil tapping his notebook in boredom as he looks at her. He watches as she smiles the whole class. He watches as she raises her hand to answer question after question. He looks away when she looks back at him when he is called on for an answer he doesn't know. He watches her when she laughs at something Lavi says.

He's never watched someone so intently in his life.

He's had a girlfriend before, two if you can include the girl who dumped him after two weeks for some reason or another. He just isn't into relationships. He doesn't go out with girls on a regular basis and likes to stay in his apartment on Friday nights no matter how much Lavi bugs him to go out. He just isn't into the whole dating seen.

She changes that though.

He wants to take her out and treat her to a nice dinner. He doesn't tell anyone this though. Lavi would make fun of him. Lenalee would get all mushy on him. Allen, the myoshi, would never let him live it down. He can only keep his thoughts to himself as he looks at her during class, watching as she answers questions enthusiastically. He doesn't even know how to ask her out anyway. He doesn't even know if he could get the words out.

"Hey, Yuu-chan." Kanda turns his glare toward Lavi, his eyes narrowing when he notices the look on Lavi's face. He doesn't like that smirk. "You should ask her out." Damn rabbit.

"What the fuck are you even talking about?" Kanda grumbles. He doesn't need the idiot knowing he likes [name]. He isn't going to be able to live it down. Lavi doesn't say anything else though and that irks him. He doesn't know how to take the idiots silence, but he knows Lavi thinks something is up.

He isn't sure he cares what Lavi thinks when [name] turns her smile toward him.

Two: Yellow – Friendship

He doesn't know when he ended up letting Lavi become his best friend. He doesn't know why he even let Lavi but into his life in the first place. He regrets it more often than not and right now, he was regretting it one hundred percent.

Lavi was standing in the middle of their shared apartment with [name]. He was showing her around and the last stop was the living room. He pointed to various objects and shows her various pictures Lavi had taken in the past - Kanda wasn't smiling in any of them. He pointed out little things Kanda didn't even know where there. Then, he pointed to Kanda.

"I think ya know Yuu. He's in our history class. He sits next to me in the back of the class. He often doesn't know the answers." Kanda's fingers curl and his nails dig into his palm. He almost gets up to punch the annoying redhead, but stops himself when he notices [name] glance at his tight fisted hands. He wills himself to relax. He tries hard, but his fingers won't uncurl fully and he can't get rid of the glare he is shooting at his roommate.

"Yeah, I know who he is. Doesn't he go by Kanda though?" [Name] asks, tilting her head curiously to the side as she looks back at Lavi. The redhead nods and Kanda drowns out his voice. He simply lets himself take [name] in. He never imagined she would be in his apartment for any reason. Actually he wonders what the reason in now. He won't admit that he wishes the reason was because he invited her.

"Kanda, do ya want to study with us? We are goin' ta study for that history test Friday," Lavi asks. Kanda draws his attention away from the girl and blinks when he meets Lavi's gaze. The look in the redhead's eyes tells Kanda that he did this on purpose. Kanda can't help it when his fist tenses and he is almost sure blood will leak from the skin any second now. He is itching to punch his so called friend.

He is about to say no, to yell at the redhead for being an idiot. He snaps his mouth shut when [name]'s voice reaches his ears. "The more the merrier. I've always liked to study with people. The flash cards are much more fun that way." She smiles at him and he almost wants to smile back, but he doesn't. He doesn't say anything for a long while. He just glances between Lavi and [name]. Finally, his eyes land on Lavi and he narrows them. The redhead gives him a cheeks smile and that confirms that this whole thing is planned. He's going to killed Lavi next time he gets the chance.

He decides not to say anything and just pushes himself up off the couch. He grabs his open books and shots Lavi a glare as he makes his way to the table. He notices [name] smile as she plops down in the chair across from him. He can hear her humming as she pulls out her books and his fist clenches. He lets it relax when [e/c] eyes meet his dark ones.

"Well, shall we get started."

They don't study for history long. [Name] ends up talking his ear off about this and that. He doesn't like that [name] calls him her friend before she leaves that day.

Three: Orange - Fascination

She comes over a lot after she declares herself Kanda's friend. He doesn't know what to make of it, but he isn't going to kick her out when she knocks on the door. Plus, more than half the time Lavi has invited her and blotted on him. That only makes him want to hunt down the rabbit and kill him.

When she comes over and it's only the two of them she does a lot of the talking. She talks about people, classes, family, her education, history. If she runs out of normal things to talk about like gossip –she is a big gossiper – she'll just start to talk about history. It is always her fall back. Kanda knows what her favorite battle is, who her favorite general is and why, and who her favorite present of American is. She can talk and talk and talk about history.

He gets annoyed pretty easily, but he tries not to show it. He likes her enough, but her going on and on about his least favorite subject is not something he likes. He learns to tolerate it though. He sometimes lets his mind wonder in and out, getting the important pieces of the conversation or sometimes, on rare occasions he will ask her a question that will steer her away from history and to the present. It's hard for him to think of questions though. He's never been a big talker and thinking up question to learn more about someone has never been in his interest before. It isn't that he doesn't want to learn about [name], he does, but he isn't going to admit it out loud.

He finds her little obsession with history interesting. He learns about why she likes history so much. It takes a while for the subject to come up, but eventually it does. She tells him that her parents are both into history, her mother a professor at another college and her father a historian, so it is simply in her blood to like history. She learned a lot from her parents about history and she goes on and on about what she learned. This is when he doesn't mind talking about history. This is more about her own history rather than some random country's history and he can live with that. Actually, he likes learning about her past. He's never liked learning about anyone's past before.

He hates the days Lavi joins them. Lavi and [name] will sit on the couch. [Name] will be on one end, a smile on her lips and Lavi will be on the other end nursing a cup of coffee. Kanda often finds himself in the little arm chair to the right of [name]. He doesn't mind it when the two of them talk, but he doesn't like how friendly they are with each other. They talk for hours on end sometimes and a lot of their conversations revolve around history and Kanda doesn't like that they have that in common.

He isn't going to voice his thoughts though. He isn't going to tell Lavi to fuck off and leave him to [name]. He isn't going to tell [name] he is likes her, but doesn't want to listen to her extensive knowledge of history. He isn't going to tell Lavi how much he wants to punch him in the face. He isn't going to complain when they start to talk about history together.

He zones out a lot when they start on history, but some things snap him back to reality. This time it was Lavi. He is just looking at [name], his one green eyes bright with mischief. Kanda doesn't know how the conversation turned to this specific topic, but when Lavi turns an evil grin toward Kanda, he knows it was all Lavi's doing. "So, [name], do you like anyone?" [Name] nearly chokes on her water.

"I-I….um… I- No…maybe. I'm not telling you!" It takes her a long time to stumble over the words, but she finally manages it. Kanda can make out the blush on her cheeks. He likes the little bit of pink that dusts her cheeks. It gives her face a bit of color that isn't normally there. "Can we talk about history again?" He wishes she would answer the question.

"Of course!" He wants to punch Lavi.

Four: Blue – Extraordinary

He isn't sure when he stopped caring that [name] showed up at his apartment every day. It has to be sometime at the end of the semester. She claims that because they are friends now they should hang out all the time. He isn't so sure about this at first, but eventually he just gets used to her being around like he got used to Lavi being around. The only difference is it was a lot easier to get used to [name]'s presences than it was Lavi's.

She helps him so much in history that he actually considers taking another class with her the next semester. It takes a lot of whining on her part, but he finally does agree to take it just to make her happy. He doesn't remember the last time he wanted to make someone happy. He's pretty sure he hasn't wanted to make anyone happy in his life. [Name] just goes against everything he believes in and he isn't sure how to take it.

He thinks about her when they aren't together. He actually listens to everything she says when they are together. He doesn't even listen to everything Lenalee says when she talks. He likes it when she sits across from him on the couch, her foot just barely brushing his thigh when she stretches out her leg. He likes looking into her [e/c] eyes that hold so much emotion. He hasn't ever enjoyed these things before.

Lavi makes fun of him a lot for it. No matter how much he says he doesn't like [name] and throws swears at the redhead he won't shut up. This is why he didn't want to tell the idiot rabbit. He's thankful Lavi doesn't tell Lenalee and the Myoshi about his little crush though. He doesn't need those two butting into his life. The Myoshi already teases him enough. He doesn't need to give the teen any more reason to make fun of him.

His thankful thoughts of silence about his little crush are soon whipped from his mind. [Name] comes over the same day that Lavi invites Lenalee and Allen to hang out. Kanda could almost bash Lavi's head in, but he doesn't, because the rabbit didn't know she was coming. She normally comes uninvited now because Kanda is always around to let her in.

By the end of the introductions the Myoshi is already making fun of him. Kanda nearly punches him, but [name]'s fingers wrap around his clenched fist and she stops him before he can do anything rash. She looks pretty fed up with Allen's teasing as well, but doesn't say anything. She just puts a smile on her face and keeps up the conversation. She doesn't let go of Kanda's hand though.

Apparently Allen and Lenalee are staying all night or something. Kanda doesn't know or really care, but they don't leave and it is already eleven at night. [Name] looks nervous when she says that she has to go home. She obviously doesn't want to make it sound rude or anything. Kanda instantly agrees to walk her to the door. He will do anything to get away from his idiotic friends.

She smiles at him when they get to the door and he suddenly feels like apologizing for his stupid friends and there damn probing into her life. He hesitates at first, but eventually manages to get the words out. "I'm sorry about those damn idiots." He refuses to call them friends. "They are just….idiots." He really doesn't have another word to describe them unless he uses some swears, but he is pretty sure [name] won't appreciate swearing.

"No, that's fine. They seem nice. I'd like to get to know the rest of your friends. It can only bring us closer," she says. The statement is so nonchalant Kanda doesn't know how to take it. She pretty much just said she wanted to be close to him. That means she wants this whole friendship to keep up. "Thanks for letting me stay so late. I'll see you tomorrow so we can study."

He nods and doesn't say goodbye as she walks out. She waves over her shoulder as she hurries down the stairs. He turns to look out the window and curses himself when a small smile tugs at the corner of his lips.

That girl is something if she caught his attention like she has.

Allen never lets him live it down.