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Kevin looked out the window of the Astronomy Tower with the telescope with awe; the sky fascinated him, it was more magical than the Wizarding World in a way.

In the Wizarding World you already knew about stuff, but in the sky you only knew some things; not all things that should be known.

People didn't think that there were other living creatures outside Earth but Kevin did; heck Muggles didn't believe that there was such a thing called a Wizarding World but there was; so why wouldn't there be other creatures outside planet Earth?

Kevin would sometimes look at the sky and daydream what possible creatures there could be; he even drew made-up creatures that he had thought up with his imagination. A lot of the other students that knew him thought that he was weird for doing that but Kevin didn't really care.

Sometimes when it was late at night Kevin would sneak out of the Ravenclaw Tower and head straight to the Astronomy Tower; people snuck out all the time and many people snuck into the Astronomy Tower to snogg but Kevin didn't sneak out for that reason; he snuck out to see the stars and to be left alone.

Whenever he saw a particularly bright star he close his eyes and make a wish. He didn't have that many friends the only friends that he had were Michael Corner and Anthony Goldstein; and the only person that he was truly close with had to be Anthony; Anthony was the only one that seemed to understand why he was so fascinated with the stars and sky in general.

Every now and then Kevin would wake up and be heading towards the Astronomy Tower and Anthony would follow him. Soon they would walk side by side and keep an ear, and ear open to anything around them so that they wouldn't get caught.

Between the two of them it was pretty easy to remain unnoticed; Kevin and Anthony would then reach the Astronomy Tower and sit down by the large opening in the Tower and not say a word.

It was nights like this that Kevin was happy that he was with someone and not alone.