I'M sorry it was driving me insane that there are only a few pics of fuyusabu and ppl who ship the couple, but talk about wow when I saw there were no fanfics about them, I nearly died. But then I got a thought, what if I made a fuyusabu fanfic?

And here you are now, reading this dumb rambling when your probably wanting to read the fanfic.

Well im not entirely sure if anyone will read this fanfic, but even if I get flames for it, I shall continue with this fanfic cuz I luv this couple so damn much =')

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"Come on! Some people actually need to use the bathroom out here!" A shrill voice screamed, the person's fists banging on the harmless door that kept them from barging in.

Someone shuffled inside the bathroom and the door opened.

"Okay okay, here have the bathroom." The girl didn't need to be told twice and so she dashed inside the bathroom and began to furiously take out beauty products and apply them to herself.

The boy sighed.

"Why do you do that Natsumi?" The red-head glanced at him.

"What do you mean?" The boy slowly pointed a finger to the beauty products.

"Why do you do 'that'?" Natsumi gave an almost frustrated sigh.

"Because I want to be noticed by guys, duh~"

"But your fine without them anyways." She gave a sarcastic, short laugh before motioning for him to get lost. The boy simply sighed and shook his head before going to the front door were his bag was.

After putting on his shoes and slinging the strap of his school bag over his chest, the boy turned to his side to look at his pet, Keroro, who just stared at him with big black eyes.

The boy gave a small smile and tapped the glass of the tank with the pad of his finger.

"See ya after school Keroro!" The frog stared at him, a low 'Keroro' coming out from the animal.

"I'm leaving first!" With that the other left the house and continued to walk to school, thinking about the weird sense girl's have to constantly feel pretty.

"KYA~! Mutsumi-kuuuun~!"

"Doesn't he look so cool today!?"

"Go and confess, hurry!"

"I want to talk to him, but I'm nervous~!" Fuyuki sighed, unconsciously praying that he could get through the crowd of girl's.

'Every single day it's like this, when will they give up?' Another shriek from an over excited fangirl seem to prove to the boy that it wouldn't stop for a long time.

Fuyuki eyed the girl's carefully and brought his bag closer to him as he approached the crowd. The group of girl's were crowded on the stairs', barely leaving any space for even the slim, blue headed boy to get through.

He managed to get halfway up the stairs' before taking a break.

Pushing through these girl's was like forcing yourself through an already packed subway train.

After a few moments of resting, Fuyuki gathered the rest of his energy to start pushing through again, his head down so he wasn't accidentally hit by a fangirl's hand.

He didn't care to spare a glance to see what was in front of him, instead he just tried getting around by watching the several pairs of constant shifting and sliding feet, being wary as to not trip over the girl's feet.

But as he squeezed through the crowd, an over excited fangirl had squealed and jumped forward, bumping into Fuyuki. He lurched backwards from the shove and gave a yelp of surprise.

'N-not good!'

Out of instinct, Fuyuki squeezed his eyes shut and reached his hand out to grab something to pull him up. His fingers brushed against a shirt and he latched onto it.

This slowed his fall only for a moment before, whatever it was he grabbed, toppled over from the added weight and soon the two began to tumble-down the staircase together.

The world swirled around Fuyuki and the noise became a blur, until finally the two met hard, solid ground.

"Oof!" Fuyuki's forehead fell onto an unfamiliar chest and an unfamiliar body was underneath him.

"Kya! Is he okay?"

"Oh no, that looked like it hurt!"

"I can't believe that kid just dragged down our idol!?"

The screaming the girl's gave went unheard heard by Fuyuki as he shook his head to rid of the intense ringing that resounded in his ears. A hand was placed on his shoulder and the boy could barely hear the words being said to him.

"Hey, are you okay there?" Fuyuki looked up, his dark blue eyes clashing with beautiful, enchanting blue ones. Silver bangs fell over the unique eyes and a small smile could be seen on smooth lips.

'Oh no! This cannot be happening!'

Dread began to crawl up Fuyuki's spine as he pieced things together. Once his brain clicked who it was he fell on, the boy sprang up off the person, face just slightly pink.

"S-s-sorry!" With that, he ran back up the stairs, this time the girl's jumping out of his path as he rushed up, not hearing a shout for him to wait.

*Ding Dong Ding~!*

"Ah! Did you get the lesson at all?"

"No, im screwed for that test next week!"

"Here, you can borrow my notes!"

Fuyuki sighed and gathered his things. Ever since that incident from that morning, it seems he couldn't think straight for the entire day. He had a feeling that the rest of his school days weren't going to go by smoothly anymore.

And sure enough as he stepped out of the classroom, the boy found himself glancing around nervously while tightening his hand on the strap of his school bag as girl's glared at him and began to whisper things.

'Great! Look how popular I am! I just can't wait until Natsumi gets wind of this!' He shivered at the thought of his sister finding out, oh the horror that would be hold the world. Fuyuki was getting ready to picture his deaths from the hands of his sister, when shrieks and squeals came from down the hall, snapping him out of his daydreaming.

He could faintly make out a upperclass man leaving his class and the girls swarmed around him, but giving him space so he could walk. Fuyuki felt dread gnaw at his being as he saw it was the same boy he knocked down earlier that morning.

The upper class man was talking to a girl who coincidentally was in the same direction Fuyuki was.

'Don't look up, don't look up, don't look up!' He began to chant in his head as he maneuvered around the other students to get to the stairs'. Fuyuki glanced back up to see if the other had noticed him.

Bad move.

Once again beautiful blue eyes met with his darker blue ones. Slowly, recognition flowed into the blue eyes and the upper class man moved around the fangirls to approach Fuyuki.

'Oh No!' Not wanting to be exposed to anymore unlucky accidents, Fuyuki bolted down the stairway and ran out the school building.

"Hey wait!" The voice went ignored by Fuyuki as he sped out past the school gates and began to randomly dart in between houses. Unfortunately, Fuyuki wasn't very athletic, and he wasn't watching were he was going and he soon he found himself in a deserted, dead-end alley.

"Well, at least I outran him.." Fuyuki panted out as he tried to catch his breath.

"I'm not too sure about that." The sudden voice startled Fuyuki and he gave a yelp, whipping around to see who it was only to have his very eyes pop out in surprise. Silver hair with bangs falling over the eyes and enchanting blue eyes shined in amusement.

Fuyuki suddenly felt the need to start running again, but he knew he wouldn't get far, him being terrible at sports and all. Almost like as if he was reading Fuyuki's mind, the older student gave a smile and the twinkle in his eyes brightened slightly.

"Don't run away, I'm not going to hurt you."

'That's what the bad guy always says before they hurt their victim!'

Fuyuki's hand tightened around the strap across his chest and he unconsciously backed up.

Thinking this was some sort of game in a way, the other took a step forward, his smile never faltering as the two played cat and mouse with each other, that was until Fuyuki was finally cornered into the alley wall.

Fuyuki looked over his shoulder to stare hard at the wall.

'Why can't I melt into this wall?'

"You okay there?" Fuyuki diverted his attention from the offending wall only to see a pair of blue eyes only inches away. His breathe hitched and he tensed. Just how had the other managed to get so close to him without making any noise? Without him realizing it at all?

"Hello? Anyone there?" A hand waved in front of his face and blood rushed to Fuyuki's face.

'S-space! I need space!' Seemingly not bothered by the lack of said space, the silveret hummed lightly as he placed a hand against Fuyuki's forehead.

"Are you okay? You feel sorta feverish."

Blue eyes seemed to get closer as the other leaned in to find any signs of a fever from the younger male. Something inside Fuyuki snapped at this and the silveret did not fail to notice as Fuyuki cringed, and out of instinct from what his mother taught him, he head butted the other.


Fuyuki swayed, took a few steps backwards and shook his head to rid the stars he was seeing, ignoring the stinging pain on his forehead. After refocusing into the world, Fuyuki glanced down at the school idol.

The other was now bent over in pain, hands on his wounded forehead and his eyes squeezed shut.

'Now's my chance!' Quickly, he fixed his bag as to not get in the way as he ran, Fuyuki sprinted past the idol.

"Ah! Wait!" The shout however once again fell on deaf ears as the younger boy sprinted away.

"Ara? Are you just now getting home Yuki-kun?" A woman said as she peered from the kitchen. Fuyuki sighed tiredly and simply shook his head when his mother raised an eyebrow in question.

"Please don't ask.." Seeing her child's reaction, the woman frowned but didn't press the matter.

"I'm going to shower and then I'll go to bed."

"No dinner?" Again Fuyuki shook his head before heading over to the bathroom. The mother hummed in thought as she continued on with dinner.

"I wonder if something happened..." She spoke softly, unaware that just above her on the second floor, in the bathroom, under a running shower head, her child was mentally banging his head against the wall as he replayed the day's events.

Poor Fuyuki lol!

So, I saw that there weren't many fanfic's (No fanfic) for this couple and im a huge fan of this couple so I said, what the heck why not make a fanfic for them?

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