OH MY its out!

'I made it!'

Fuyuki panted heavily, dumping his bag on top of his desk and gripping his chair to help prevent the blue haired boy from collapsing. His knees buckled as he tried to stay upright.

'Haha! Hey Hinata, cutting it close aren't you, loser!" Fuyuki felt a swift hit upside his head and he gritted back a whimper as a sharp, constant pulse ensued from where he was struck.

"Yamagashi-kun! What are you doing to Hinata-kun!?"

Fuyuki glanced up and mentally sighed in relief when he saw his Science teacher . With sharp clicks of her heels, she quickly walked over to the two boys, a fierce frown pulling her eyebrows together and her beautiful milky pink lips twisted into a scowl. Her red rimmed glasses hilighting pink-orange eyes that were lit in a tense fury.

Yamagashi instantly tensed up at the furious teacher and took a step back, hiding behind the exhausted Fuyuki, who could only tense when the boy stood directly behind.

"Ms. Yugame! I'm not doing anything to Hinata, I was just coming over to check to see if he was alright! I swear! He seemed really worn out and I was worried!" Fuyuki internally scowled at the blatant lie.

"Oh really now?" looked unimpressed by the cover up and stares thickly at the two boys, her piercing eyes focused on the rough student who hides behind the tired boy.

"Yeah! Honestly! Hinata and I go way back! We've attended the same schools since even elementary! He's so fragile and tiny, who wouldn't want to protect him! I would never want to harm Hinata!"

'Lies..' But just after the bitter thought passes, a hand landed on Fuyuki's slim shoulder, nearly making the poor boy jump in surprise and fear. Fuyuki turns his head slowly over his should to see Yamagashi's closed, smiling eyes directed straight at him, a sense of fear pulled at Fuyuki's nerves, heart faltering at the malicious aura being directed at him.

"Right? Hinata?" The drawl of the words seemed mocking, just as much as the smiling face the other boy gave as his hand tightened around Fuyuki's shoulder painfully, causing Fuyuki to shut his eyes at the stinging sensation of nails digging and pinching through his school uniform jacket.

"Hinata-kun? Are you alright?" Fuyuki barely heard his teacher ask, but after regaining his wits, he nervously turned his head back around to meet calculating pink-orange narrowed eyes. Fuyuki winced when he saw the cold, sharp glance over she did on his body and seemed to glare harder, her arms crossing over her chest as she waited for a satisfying answer.

Briefly remembering the tight grip on his shoulder, Fuyuki swallowed.

"Y-Yes ma'am. I'm fine, I was just feeling faint since I dashed over to school to not be late. The stairs took a toll on me and Yamagashi-kun came over to see if I was alright.."Fuyuki bit his lip, holding back any slips of the truth that wanted to tumble out. He knew telling the truth wouldn't help him, but make his situation worse.

'This has all happened because of my bump in with Saburo-kun..!' Fuyuki widened his eyes at his angry thought.


This was not his friends fault.

Had Fuyuki been smarter about this, than none of this bullying would have started.

Had he been smarter, he wouldn't be stuck in this mine field like situation.

'One wrong move, and I'm done for..'

" Is that really true, Hinata-kun?" 's eyes narrowed onto the quiet boy, eyes searching for any false evidence.

'Just one more little lie..' Fuyuki opened his mouth slightly, but closed it after a moment, his eyes seemingly darkened and becoming foggy.

'One more lie..'

"Yes ma'am." stared a moment longer before her eyes lightened into a softness and closed. The teacher pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed before reopening her eyes to gently gaze at Fuyuki.

"Okay Hinata-kun..I believe you're telling the truth, you two boys just don't be so loud and rough now! I don't want any fighting, understand?"

"Gotcha! Heard you loud and clear ! C'mon Hinata! Let's get ready for class!" But as soon as Ms. Yugame turned and walked away, Fuyuki was spun around and forced face-to-face with his bully. Yamagashi's eyes were cold, and degrading as the sharp eyes cut through Fuyuki's large, doe like ones.

"Hey, Hinata, I wanna play a game after school.. And I want you to be a part of it. Got that?" Yamagashi gave one final crushing squeeze, before letting the poor, fear stricken boy go.

"Oh and Hinata." Fuyuki flinched and blue eyes flkickered back to life with fear dancing around his , narrowed eyes met with blue doe ones and a sadistic smirk pulled on Yamagashi's lips.

"See ya after school, friend." With that he left to his side of the classroom, leaving Fuyuki alone.

A hand full of moments pass before Fuyuki's knees begin to shake. Not long after, his knees buckled and he fell down onto his chair with a dull 'thud'.

He raised a hand to cover his face, lips bruised by his teeth as he surpressed the sobs that wanted to so desperately come out. Tears leaking between the gaps of his fingers as he tried his hardest to not make a sound.

'One more lie couldn't hurt.. Can it?'

The bell rang for lunch and many students groaned in relief. Saburo however, simply just continued to stare out the window he was seated by. Eyes focused on the classroom across the courtyard where Fuyuki's class was.

'He should be having History by now..' Saburo lazily played with the thought of a chibi Fuyuki raising his hand to every question and excitedly answering, his chibi eyes sparking with victory as he got the correct answer.

Saburo chuckled lightly at the imaginary scene. His imaginary scenes though, were interrupted when a presence appeared in front of him. Saburo blinked at the small waist in front of him before steadily raising his eyes to meet with another pair, which were fluttering shyly at his gaze.

'Ah..this again..'

"M-Mutsumi-san! I was wondering if you'd like to have lunch with me this weekend! I would be so happy of you did!" The girl bowed, face flushed pink and small tears gathered at the corner of her eyes, her hands shaking slightly from her nervous state.

'Why was it a shy girl this time? Its always the hardest to let them down.' Saburo sighed and rested his cheek on his palm, choosing to stare back out the window, focusing on his friends classroom across from him.

"I'm sorry, but I have something planned this weekend.. And no offense, but I'm not interested in lunch dates.. I'm sorry.." Saburo's words were soft and quiet, but the girl heard him clear enough. Tears sprung to her eyes and dripped down her flushed cheeks. Her whole body shaking from embarrassment.

"A-ah.. I see.. I'm sorry if I bothered you, Mutsumi-san.." With that she quickly turned on her heel and rushed out the door, drawing attention from the classmates as she sobbed and ran out the door, a few friends, Saburo presumed, following after her.

Looks were directed over to the silver haired teen, but Saburo ignored them in favor of focusing his attention on the classroom across the school from him.

'I hope everything is okay..'

Ever since first period, Saburo had gotten a bad feeling all throught out the day so far. Uneasiness filled his chest as the morning passed by. Crystal blue eyes churned into stormy purple as tension grew inside him.

'Fuyuki..You're okay..Aren't you?'

What Saburo didn't know was that..

Fuyuki was anything, but okay..

And he would find this out too late he realized, as later on he stared in shocking horror at the sight before him...


'One more lie couldn't hurt...Can it?'

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