Title: "Not this time"

Ships: Nathan/Audrey romance(Naudrey), Duke/Nathan/Audrey friendship

Spoilers: Through 3.12

Notes: The finale crash my heart into million pieces and my feels were kiling me, and as I could see, it's the same thing for the majority of the fans. So there is my help for pass over this hiatus. I appreciate every comments, good and bad, as long as they're constructive. I do not own any characters, Haven belong to Syfy, Sam, etc,etc

Chapter 1.

"The meteor storm starts soon." Audrey reminded.

She was with Nathan and Duke at the Grey Gull. They just came back from their classmates reunion. She was staring at the clock; it was indicating 11 o'clock.

"An hour, and its the beginning of the end"

"Don't say that" Nathan started

He was sit to a table facing Audrey. He was trying to recomfort her.

"What should I say? Only few hours then I disappear?"

"I told you, we gonna find another way. We still have time."

Audrey sat at the table were Nathan was and looked at him.

"I know you're trying to do your best, but we don't even know what's the big deal with the barn. We just know that I'm the one going in and disappearing."

He took her hand softly. He felt it. This sensation of touch was just so good to him and specially because it was Audrey's touch. The rush he always have was the best feeling ever.

"You're not going in this time."

"Why are you so sure about that?" Audrey asked

"Because this time its different. We are ready for it. We made our little research and we found all the information we could. Because this time we wont let you go in it. And because I'm not ready to leave you."

It took a moment for Audrey to answer but she did and all she said was:

"Me neither"

At this moment, Duke arrived and said:

"This is such a cute moment but you know, there's people very intelligent in this world who created something really practical in those moments. Its called: Home. Or room. Or bed, but its only if you go that far, if you know what I mean."

Nathan turned his gaze on Duke and said:

"Duke. Shut up."

Audrey chuckled. Duke was going to answer but Audrey interrupted him while getting up:

"It's fine Duke, we were leaving, right Nathan?"

She made one of those look saying:" Say yes because if you don't, you're in troubles."

And he understood it.

"Yeah, leaving, that's right."

He get up too, took his jacket and followed Audrey who was going outside. Just before, he said:

"But you, what are you gonna do?"

"I'll stay a little moment, drink one beer or two. After I'll go to the Cape Rouge. I'm tired of this day, I'll go sleep a couple hours. Are you happy of this answer Dady Nathan?"

"Did I already told you to shut up?"

Audrey laughed again and said to calm down the boys:

"Oh guys, you're both very cute and funny when you act like that. But we should go now. Good night Duke."

" 'night Audrey." Duke said with a smile. He continue, while smiling and joking, like always, " Good night Nathaaaaaan" while making 'claps' with his hand to say goodbye.

"Good night Duke" Nathan said just before closing the door of the Grey Gull and following Audrey outside.

"So, where do we go?" Audrey asked.

"I thought you knew where we we're going." Nathan reply.

"Well, not really. I just knew that we we're disturbing Duke and anyway, he was about to go to sleep. I thought we could maybe go somewhere together. Somewhere else that my house or the police station. Maybe just go for a ride. Besides, if I only have few hours I rater spend them with you than sleeping"

Nathan didn't answered immediately, he just looked in her eyes a little moment then after replied:

"Come, we'll take my bronco."

Audrey followed Nathan to his Bronco and jumped in it. When Nathan was inside too and about to start the motor, Audrey said, sadly:

"It makes me sad that I wont remember all those rides I made with you. We had fun. So many great memories that just gonna disappear."

She let a sigh come out and changed the conversation.

"So, where do we go chief?"

"Like you said, just take a ride."

He started the motor and drove the Bronco out of the parking of the Grey Gull and continued his route. At the beginning, they didn't talk, but both of them hated those moments when there's an awkward silence. Nathan started:

"You danced well. At the reunion."

"You too. You we're kinda funny too. Always looking at your feet to be sure you moved right." Audrey said while smiling.

Nathan chuckled.

"Yeah, you know, I couldn't feel my feet. All I could feel it was your hands. One on my shoulder, one in my hand. It was nice."

Audrey looked at Nathan:

"Always a pleasure to make you feel right"

Both we're smiling and happy at this moment. Audrey looked at her phone; midnight. She looked by the window the sky and saw shooting stars.

"The meteor storm has begun."

"Forget the meteor storm and look at where we are."

Audrey looked outside and saw a familiar place. She knew that place. It was were she always went when she wanted to be alone in her thoughts. Here that she found out something big about her identity. Its also here that Nathan told her that he could only feel her touch. This place meaned so much to her.

"There we are"

Nathan stopped the engine and went out of the car. Audrey did too and went ask to Nathan.

"Why here?"

"Because I knew this would be the only place where we wont be disturb and where we could talk without troubles."

They both walked to the dock and once they we're at the extremity, they sat side by side and looked at the sky. They had another moment of silence but this time it was a good moment. Audrey left her head on Nathan's shoulder and said:

"Its so beautiful... But its also so sad..."

Nathan turned his head and looked at Audrey.

"Yeah, beautiful.." he said.

Nathan smirked when Audrey started to talk.

"You know I was thinking about this whole 'I go into the barn and I disappear' thing. Everytime I had 6 months to fix the troubles, find out i'm not 'me', find out about the meteor storm and the barn and finally disappearing. But I had to find another way, I meen there's gotta be one! Or maybe not. After all I still went inside the barn."

She sighed.

"I wonder, how many people i've been. How many people i've met and that I'll never remember. I wonder, who am I really?"

"You wonder really much." Nathan said as looking the stars. "You should relax and take it easy."

He took Audrey's hand and looked at her. Audrey looked at their hand and it's like if they fitted perfectly. Like if they were made to belong together, like them. Nathan continued.

"I'm not gonna let this be our last night, but if it is, we have to take advantage of time that we have left."

Then Audrey looked at Nathan.

"You remember the day I told you you were the one person that I could absolutely trust?"

"Yeah sure, it was here." Nathan answered. Audrey took a moment and continued.

"I have to tell you something. I already told you once but it was when you were dead so you didn't heard it. Unless you heard it after waking up or something but it would surprise me..."

Nathan fixed Audrey with a interrogating look.

"What it is?"

They both looked at each other deeply in their eyes in this moment and..

"Nathan I..."