Chapter 4.


She stretched and yawned while remaining at bed.

The sunlight lit up her face and blinded her so she put a hand on her eyes.

Does it have been a dream?

The night she had with Nathan was just so good that she wonder if it was just a dream. It would have been a pretty good dream. She had all she wanted from him and he from her but she was hopping it wasn't a dream. She wanted that the night she had was very much real. She stopped thinking and looked under the blankets.

She was nude.

She redressed her and stayed sit on the bed with the blankets covering her and looked around.

She didn't reccognize the place.

Sure, yesterday night was dark so she coudn't memorize how his room was. But she remember his body. And she remember the way he touched her and one thing's sure: She will never forget it. The way his hands moved on her body, his kisses all over her and how he treated her, it was so sweet and rough at same time. For a guy who can't feel, he sure knew how to make her feel. The feelings he made her feel were damn awesome. She could almost heard their moanings. They were reccorded in her head. They were syncronized and fited perfectly. And God, his body. Just so well builded. At this moment, she was the women the most satisfy in the world. She turned her head searching a clock or something that would tell her what time is was and she found her phone on the nightstand.

11 o'clock.

She left her phone where she found it and thought:

"If this is not a dream, and that i'm really standing in Nathan's bed and we really had THIS night: Where is he?"

And suddenly she smiled.

It smelled like vanilla or cinnamon. It smelled like pancakes.

She got up and checked in Nathan's wardrobe. She took a blue shirt, put it and went in the kitchen. Nathan was here. And he was making pancakes. He only had his pants on. She approached him, took his left arm and left a soft kiss on his lips.

" 'morning Chief."

"Hey Parker." He was surprise. "I didn't expected that you get up that soon." He smirked.

"Soon?" She laughed. "It's 11 o'clock and you say that it's soon? Ah! I wonder what's late for you." She layed her head on his soulder.

"Well, the hour we felt asleep yesterday night. This could be an exemple of late." He said while looking at Audrey and making his pancakes.

She chukled and and continued.

"So, what do we eat?"

"As you can see we gonna eat the best meal in the world."

Both smiled. It's like if after the night they passed they could always smile and be happy and they could be like this all the rest of their lifes. Especially if it happened again.

"When did you got up? I didn't heard you." Audrey asked.

"Not long before you. Maybe one hour or two. Think it was around 9:30."

"Why didn't you woke me up?" She faced Nathan with a interrogating face.

"Because you were looking so tired but also so beautiful. I passed almost an half hour staring at you. I was wondering how a woman as perfect as you could be standing right besides me in my bed. You had this little smile printed on your face that maked you radiant of joy and your hair down, God, were making you the most beautiful woman I saw on the earth. And if I had woke you up, i'm pretty sure that we've been continuing what we started last night and that we woundn't have finished so far. And I wouldn't had the time to make pancakes."

He didn't answered that but he thought about it very much. This was the answer he would have said if he wanted to tell the whole story to Audrey, and he would have done that only if she had asked for the whole thing. So he just answered:

"I wanted to have time to make pancakes and make you a surprise. Surprise."

"Aww that's so cute from you. But I think that you made enough pancakes for now." She said a looking the big stack of pancakes.

"You think?"

"Oh i'm sure Wuornos."

"Ok then."

He switched off the oven, took the last pancakes on the stack, tored a piece and asked Audrey to taste it. So she did. She ate the whole pancake.

"How does it taste?"

"It taste good. Very good! Now your turn."

She did the same thing: took a pancake, tored it in pieces and put one piece in Nathan's mouth.

"And? How does it taste, Mr.I-don't-like-lubsters-but-I-really-love-pancakes?"

Nathan almost choked after what Audrey said and after he swallowed his mouthful he said:

"You remember that?"

"Oh yes I remember. It's there that you said that you kept you car that long because you didn't drive over clif. You were funny. And I gonna admit it, since the first day we met, I kinda had a crush on you."

She was looking at the floor and she was holding her left arm. Nathan took her head to face it and said:

"You know what? I had a crush on you too."

She chuckled and profited of this moment to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him.

He tasted like pancakes.

This was deffenitely not a dream.

It was real and it was perfect just like it was.

He kissed her back and right after the kiss he said:

"So, are you hungry? I have full of pancakes and we'll need to eat them. All."

"Oh yes, I'm starving! Let's eat them!"

Nathan devided the stack of pancakes in two and put one half in a plate same thing for the other half. He gave one plate to Audrey and both went in the living room, on the couch, one laying on the other, in front of a fireplace burning while eating their pancakes, cuddling and kissing.

They finally got their pancakes.