The ocean's breeze flowed through two blonde pigtails of a young Hoplite's hair. She looked over at the seemingly never ending ocean. It was a beautiful crisp day, and after the last storm, being out in fresh air was a wonderful thing for the young girl. She let out a deep breathe enjoying the salt air.

"Just a few more days, then we will land." She walked over the to the ships railing peering down at the blue water below.

"So you're heading for the Altane mountains as well?" A voice asked behind the young girl. She quickly turned around to see an elder gentleman standing in front of her.

"Yes, my 'friend' and I are going to land there. We're both heading to Armoroad together," the girl turned back to the ocean as the man stepped beside her, "Isn't it lovely?"

"It is," he agreed, "but where are my manners? My names Orion." Orion then offered his hand in a friendly gesture towards the young Hoplite.

"My name is Anita, it's a pleasure to meet you Orion." The girl greeted returning the smile.

"If I may intrude, would you partner happen to be the sick blue haired prince down below?" Anita peered up at him in shock, how could he have known? The response and clear shock on Anita's face made Orion laugh. "I assumed so since you were the one caring for him during the last storm." It made Anita feel a bit uneasy he could have guessed that so easily, perhaps it was obvious?

"Yes, his name is-"

"Alexander Semil III of the Saphiria Islands," Orion cut off, "also known as the Sapphire Prince." Anita let out and audible gasp at Orion's knowledge. "Traveling with his loyal guardsmen Anita H Fawn, in hopes of starting trade with Armoroad. Or perhaps a young bride for a young prince?"

"How do you?" Anita couldn't even finish her sentence, this Zodiac was incredible.

"Know this, well I ask questions, and I observe. Besides it's been known around the islands that the young prince as looking for a bride." Orion admitted pushing back some of his long, dark brown hair.

"I guess the islanders would spread the news," Anita admitted, "well why do you head to Armoroad?"

"I have a young student I need to meet with," Orion explained, "that and it's time I return home."

"You live in Armoroad?"

"Indeed I do," Orion quickly took a book out from one of his pockets in his purple Zodiac robe, "hmmm perhaps we could travel together?" Orion opened the book, revealing a map of some unknown area to Anita. "This is the Altane mountains, home of a certain group of monks. Leading to the Ninja clan villages. The one leading to the Prune ports being the Neko clan villages. The roads aren't to trecherous, but I've been traveling them for years, and nothing wrong with a strength in numbers."

"Why do you wish to join us?" Anita asked as she stared at the line Orion was currently drawing out for her. At the question Orion shrugged as he began his explanation.

"I have no reason, besides to help. Some people in this world will still help out others for no reward, even if it's rare." Orion closed his map book and put it back into one of his pockets as he continued. "Besides, a weak Zodiac like me could use a tough Hoplite for defense measures." Anita smiled at the obvious lie, perhaps he really just wanted to help out.

"I'll ask my prince if you can join us." Anita concluded as she picked up her spear and began to head down.

"I warn you, if the prince says know this doesn't mean I can't still follow you." Anita looked back and smiled at Orion, he was older than her, old enough to be her father, but something about him made her fell protected. As if she could trust him. She went below deck to rest until the landed.

"Silly girl, you couldn't trust strangers," Orion muttered watching the sun sink below the waves, "she's lucky she's at least trusting me."

Below deck Alexander Semil III, dubbed the Sapphire Prince, had his head in a sick bucket ready to heave the small lunch he had eaten, The entire journey had left the poor blue haired Prince sick to his stomach from the sea.

"Damn it all to hell." He muttered weakly pushing the bucket aside and wiping off puke from his mouth.

"Alexander, are you all right?" Anita knocked, her concern obvious in her voice.

"I'm fine," he replied weakly, "doing just fine."

"Glad to hear, I met a kind Zodiac he offered to help us with-" Anita started of only to hear the Prince yet again get sick.
"Wonderful Anita, please just leave me alone." He groaned out in pain.

"Yes my lord," Anita muttered heading back to her room, "though I take this as a yes."

I'M BACK AND BETTER THEN EVER! This failed story is going to be re-made from my original idea, and I did re-do the beginning just because I felt like it. Please tell me how you like the new opening and stuff. Glad to be back AND BETTER THEN EVER!