Greetings! This is my first Les Mis fanfiction, and I'm really excited about it. I ship E/E so hard, and I got to thinking what it would be like if they survived and found Marius again? Well, this is that story! I hope you enjoy it:) There will be a lot of fluff, because I can't resist it, but hey I'm only human. Sorry if things are a little OOC.

Marius Pontmercy was late. He normally rose at around 7:30 in the morning, dressed, and went into the dining room for his two pieces of toast with butter and jam and a poached egg. However, today, he had managed to spill his morning coffee all over his shirt front, causing him to have to go back up and change. Then, his son Henry had begun to shriek with pain due to his minor ear ache that had formed the night before. Marius had waited with Cosette until the doctor arrived, and by then it was already 8:45.

He worked as a lawyer in a small Parisian suburb. They had moved about five years ago, just before Henry was born. Their old home held too many memories; too much blood and regret and sorrow. Marius saw the ghosts of his friends everywhere he went, and Cosette felt the grief of losing her father every day. They were both miserable, so it was for the best that they pick up their life together and find a new beginning.

So here he was, walking briskly down the street toward his law firm on a bright May morning. The villagers were roaming about and calling to each other while vendors tried to haggle with various people about buying their products. The smell of freshly baked bread wafted out of the bakery, and children ran by with coins jangling about in their pockets, frantically looking for something to spend their parent's well earned money on. Marius couldn't help but smile. He loved days like these, when the people seemed happy and carefree. The tyrannical reign of the government and the unfair treatment of its citizens hadn't changed overnight. In fact, it was still a work in progress. But change was coming. It almost made his friend's sacrifice at the barricade all those years ago worth it. Almost.

A heart wrenching pain sliced through Marius like the butcher's knife through fresh meat. His friends, oh his friends! Not a day went by when he didn't think about them. He could never shake their ghosts from his mind. Combeferre, Joly, Grantaire, Courfeyrac, Eponine, Enjolras. He wiped a few stray tears from his eyes. Eponine and Enjolras' deaths had been the hardest to come to terms with. He had held the dying Eponine in his arms while she confessed her love to him, which he could never return. He loved Eponine, but not in the way she wanted him to; nonetheless he still felt guilty about her death. After all, if she hadn't been running his errands for him, she would still be living. And Enjolras had been one of his best friends. He admired the way he could captivate a room with his booming voice, speaking of change and a brave new world that would Marius would have to see without him.

Cosette had been the one to break the news of Enjolras' death to him. When he woke up in the hospital, delirious from the fever that was ravaging his body, he had cried out for his friends, demanding to know what hospital they were staying at. "I must go to them, darling! Don't you understand?"

"Marius…there weren't any survivors. Enjolras was shot alongside another; Grantaire, I believe. The National Guard shot him to make an example out of him. I'm so sorry, my love," she had consoled, but nothing helped. Marius wept like a child, his grief unsurpassed by anything he had ever felt before. His friends were all dead and gone.

"Excuse me, Monsieur? Are you alright?" a quiet voice asked from behind him. Marius whirled around, beholding a small boy munching on a pastry. He tilted his head to the side, waiting for Marius' answer. Marius hadn't realized that he had slumped up against a lamp post in the middle of the sidewalk. He blinked tears from his eyes and managed a smile.

"Yes, young man, I'm just fine," he lied, ruffling the little boy's hair affectionately. "Run along now and enjoy your breakfast on this fine day!" With that, the little boy smiled widely and ran off.

Marius sighed. Straightening his waist coat, and quickly checking his pocket watch (it was 9:20), he continued his walk to his office. He was already late, so his partner Monsieur Germaine must've opened up the firm for today and was beginning the day's work. Just as he was starting to cross the street, when something stopped him. Or rather, someone's voice.

" 'Ponine! Here's breakfast!" said a voice. A voice all too familiar to Marius Pontmercy; one that brought images of revolution. And 'Ponine? It couldn't be a coincidence. He whirled around, almost knocking over a young man and woman walking arm in arm.

"My apologies," he mumbled. A young girl laughed happily and said, "Merci, Jolras! It smells delicious." Marius' head began to spin. Was he imagining this? He walked through the crowd of people, pushing some aside that stood in his way too long, and yet he could not find the voices. Perhaps he was going insane; maybe he needed to go home and rest. Just as he was about to give up his search, he spotted them.

Enjolras and Eponine were standing together, smiling up at each other as they munched on buttered croissants. Eponine was laughing as she brushed crumbs from Enjolras' dark green coat. "You are always such a messy eater," she scolded playfully. Enjolras chuckled and smiled as he took the hand that was brushing the crumbs off of his coat and kissed it. Eponine blushed pink, but smiled at him still.

Marius' mind was reeling. What was this? They could not possibly be alive. He had held Eponine in his arms as she stopped breathing! Enjolras was murdered to be made an example, to instill fear in the hearts of the citizens of Paris! He was confused, but there was also the smallest prick of jealousy in the back of his mind. Eponine had once looked at him like that. He quickly shook his head. You're being ridiculous, Marius, he told himself. They could not possibly be alive, or in love! Enjolras was a marble statue; he had only one mistress, and that was Patria.

Well, I guess if you get spurned by Patria once you are bound to find someone else, thought Marius wryly.

The crowd had thinned, and Marius could see Eponine and Enjolras more clearly now. Eponine looked much healthier. She had gained a bit of weight, and her face shone with being clean every day. Her brown hair cascaded in curls, which were partially tucked up under a red knit cap. She was wearing respectable clothes, not her usual filthy street urchin clothes. Marius couldn't help but smile at his friends. They both looked very happy. He wanted to go up and talk to them, to hug them and ask them how they had survived the barricade together, and what they had been doing for the past seven years. He wanted to do so desperately, but he was afraid that if he took one step towards them, they would vanish into thin air. A part of him could not grasp the concept that they were alive and well and standing right in front of him.

Marius had not been keeping track for how long he stood there, staring at his friends. All he knew was that one minute they were entranced in each other's gaze, and the next the crowd of people had dispersed. This left Marius standing in the middle of the sidewalk, staring blankly at them.

Enjolras and Eponine felt his gaze, and turned to look at the stranger who was stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, gaping at them. Eponine's smile faded almost instantly, replaced with a look mixed with confusion and awe. This couldn't be! Marius? Her heart thumped loudly in her chest and she could hear the blood roaring in her ears. She felt herself pitch forward, but Enjolras' strong arms caught her before she could fall.

Enjolras was staring at Marius in disbelief. He had his arms wrapped around Eponine, and helped her stand upright. They looked at each other in confusion and then back at Marius.

"M-Marius?" Eponine stuttered. Marius nodded dumbly, taking a cautious step towards them. To his relief they did not disappear in a cloud of smoke like he had feared. Eponine choked out a laugh, and put a hand to her head in bewilderment. "Is it really you?" she asked.

Again, Marius could only nod. He glanced at Enjolras, whose look of disbelief had changed into a crooked grin. He shook his head, his blonde curls flying wildly all over the place.

"Well I'll be damned," he said breathlessly.

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