Okay, so this is an idea I came up with about... I dunno. Nine last night? I figured if there could be fics about the JLA raising Dick, why not Gotham villains raising Robin? Anyway, I wrote this during school, so it's probably a bit rushed, but I really wanted to publish it.

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Robin is currently nine, although his age will probably be changing.

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Chapter One: Birds of a Feather

"Br- Batman!" Robin yelled, just barely catching his slip. A slight narrowing of the Batman's eye slits told the nine-year old that they'd be talking later. At the moment, though, Robin was content with swinging through Gotham. "Look!" He chirped. "There's a light in the old Observatory! Can we go look? Please, please, please?"

"I will." Batman growled, stopping Robin from going any further. "You, on the other hand, will be going back home. It's late out and you said you have a science test tomorrow. You need to get your grades up."


"No buts."

The black-haired boy pouted, but still turned and swung away, soon disappearing from sight. However, once he reached Wayne Tower he made a swift u-turn, going back to the Observatory. He wasn't stupid. He knew what his mentor was thinking. The location screamed 'The Penguin', and it didn't help that a priceless bird statue had gone missing earlier that day. Penguin was lurking about, and Robin was going to get him in a cage.

It only took him about two minutes to reach the Observatory and enter. Batman was engaged in a fist fight on the ground, but Robin knew he'd be fine. Penguin's... whatever they were often provided a good fight, but even together they couldn't best the Batman.

Once inside Robin looked around, his covered eyes widening at the number of cages and birds that were in the building. There were all kinds - big, small, wide, skinny, short, tall, red, blue, yellow, orange, and more - of both birds and cages.

He carefully swung down from the rafters, mindful of the birds and cages. He wanted to prove to Batman that he could take care of himself, not that he was a fool who couldn't even handle a crazy man with a bird obsession.

"Well, well, well, who's this?" Someone asked, and Robin whirled around, birdarangs at the ready, to see a short, squat man standing a few feet away from him. The man had a sharp, long nose, beady eyes, and black hair that was combed over to one side. He was dressed in a suit with coat tails that trailed on the ground behind him. In his hands was an umbrella that he pointed at Robin, who stared at it in surprise. This was not how he expected their meeting to start out. Still, he answered boldly.

"I'm Robin." He replied, standing as tall as he could.

"Ah, the birdboy Joker was telling me about!" Penguin said gleefully, grinning. "I've been meaning to finally meet my cousin!"

"Cousin?" Robin asked, confused.

"Of course! I'm Penguin, you're Robin, we're both named after birds!"

"Oh, um, of course."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Robin, how rude of me. The umbrella is frightening, isn't it? Especially since Batman probably told you all abot its special abilities." He set the umbrella down and then offered Robin a seat at the table he had been sitting at. "Now, while we're waiting for Bats to come and arrest me - cause I know he will, is there anything you need help with? Because I always want to help a fellow bird out."

Robin thought. He did have that science test tomorrow, and Penguin was actually one of the few Gotham villains who was sane, so maybe... He smiled, then began to talk.

Batman was, understandably, more than a little upset that when he finally got into the Observatory, dragging the pink ninja twins behind him, he discovered the Penguin, one of his main adversaries, tutoring his son - who, mind you, was supposed to be at home - in science. Of course, he was grateful for the help - even Alfred hadn't been able to break through Dick's thick skull that when they made clay in class Clayface would not magically appear.

And Bruce was even more grateful when Dick got a 96 on the test - it seemed he'd done especially well on a bird's bone structure, but this was Penguin they were talking about! It wasn't like he could hire him to teach his son science!

Still, though, from that moment on, every night before a science test - minor or major, a certain bird would visit his flightless companion, whether in the middle of a heist or in Arkham Asylum.

And that's it. I know a lot of you were probably expecting Joker to be first, or maybe even Catwoman, but I figured Penguin would do for a start. It's when Robin's just starting out, so the bad guys haven't gotten to know Robin as well as they will later.

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