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Chapter Thirteen: Watch Your Speed

Catwoman took a quick glance around, unwilling to stay in the same place for so long. Huddling into the shadow cast by the chimney, she gently touched the com unit in her ear, connecting her to the other five villains hidden in other various places around one Wally West's house in Central City.

"This is Cat checking in, I'm on the roof. What's your status?" She questioned, beginning to attach her whip to a rather convenient hook next to the chimney, most likely left from one of the boys' 'adventures'.

"This is She-Devil, I'm approaching the door." Harley's voice was soft, no doubt so that no one nearby would overhear her. She was the only one out of the six at the Wests' house who was taking a direct route into the house.

"Strangler here, I'm outside the east window on the first floor." There was a pause before Ivy's voice was heard again. "Get out of here, Bird! This is my entry point!"

"But I saw it first!" The Penguin whined back.

"Go to the west window!" Ivy replied.

"Negative, I'm already here. Bird, go to the south window." Like Ivy, Two-Face paused before adding on more words. "This is Nickel, by the way."

Glancing around the quiet neighborhood, Catwoman watched 'She-Devil' disappear under the porch's roof. Then she frowned. They were missing someone.

"Smiley, where are you?"

At the same moment, an "Umph!" was heard over the comms, thankfully quiet enough that she doubted anyone not listening in on the conversation would overhear it. "Erm, right below you, Cat. I'm entering through the basement window. I'm currently - eek! - in the basement."

Harley's voice was heard just then, "Smiley, what's - oh, yes, hi, Mr. West! My name is ... uh, Hannah, yeah, I'm Hannah. Sorry for disturbing you, but I'm here for the school project Wally and I are working on."

Even listening carefully, Silena couldn't pick up Mr. West's reply, though with their luck it'd be something about how Wally wasn't allowed to have female subjects inside the house except for between five and six PM.

Still, to her relief, that wasn't she heard next. "Thank you so much, Mr. West! ... ... Yes, I understand, I promise we'll be quick! I truly am sorry for being here so late. ... ... Yes, we'll do our best, thank you! Oh, but wait, where is Wally's bedroom? ... ... Up the stairs and the first door on the left, yes I can do that, thank you again!"

Silena grinned as she imagined Harley making her way inside and up the stairs, to where Wally's bedroom would be exactly where Harley said: the first door on the left. Now, back to Joker. "Smiley, what happened down there? What was the 'eek' for?"

"Nothing to worry about, Cat! Nothing at all!" Joker replied, though sounding faintly out of breath.

"Puddin', answer the cat." Harley demanded in response, and Catwoman smiled at her demand, despite her being called 'the cat'. She'd let her fellow female crook go. Just this once.

"Rats, that's it. Like I said, nothing."

Catwoman rolled her eyes. Of course. The Joker could handle Harley and her hyenas, but he was scared by a couple of rats. Figured.

"Alright, guys, She-Devil is in, let's move out!" Catwoman said.

"I thought we were moving in?" Joker questioned not two seconds later.

"It's a phrase! Just get up to West's room! ... Wally's, not his parents!" That would be just what they needed, Joker getting lost in the house and finding Mr. and Mrs. West's room instead of Wally's.

Faint creaks echoed over the com line as Ivy, Penguin, and Two-Face all opened their windows. Simultaneously, Catwoman let her whip unroll down the chimney. She quickly slid down to the bottom of the whip before dropping the rest of the way, about ten feet. Landing with a soft thump, she coughed and waved away the smoke that had curled up.

Looking around, she spotted Poison Ivy and Two-Face approaching from opposite directions, Penguin and the Joker coming from the rear of the house. Together, the five made their way up the stairs, from which they could faintly overhear a conversation between 'Hannah' and Wally.

"Hey, I'm here for the school project."

"What school project? Did my dad let you in? And again: What school project?"

"The one from... er, from History. And yeah, he did."

"There is no project from History. Why are you here? Who are you?"

Hearing the distinct sound of panic beginning to worm its way into Wally's voice, Catwoman sprinted up the rest of the stairs and burst into the bedroom. She covered the space between herself and Wally in two steps, as he had worked himself between the door and Harley. He had most likely been planning on going for the door and then down the stairs from there. He whirled around when he heard her enter, and upon seeing him open his mouth to scream for help, she body tackled him to the floor, shock causing him to stay silent. "Don't talk!" She hissed at him, pinning him to the carpet. "We'll be gone in fifteen minutes, and then you may or may not see us again."

Completely not disappointing her, Wally opened his mouth again. "Who are you?!"

Glancing around at her companions, they all made the silent decision that would determine how the rest of the meeting would go. Catwoman carefully got up off of the teen and let him back away.

"Sit on the bed, and we'll explain." She replied.

Once he had done as she asked, she made the introductions. "I'm Cat, that's Smiley, Nickel, Strangler, Bird, and She-Devil. And you are Robin's boyfriend, so you will listen very carefully." Having seen his eyes widen with each name, especially Strangler and She-Devil, the elected leader of the mission wasn't surprised to see him nod.

"You will not harm Robin in any such way, or you will answer to not only the Bat, but to all of us. I will take first punch, as I am one of Robin's mothers. You will be whipped and humiliated in front of all of your ... allies." Silena said before turning and walking away so that she could keep watch.

"I-" Harley said, walking up. "-am also one of Robin's mothers, and I will take second punch. My name is She-Devil, and if you hurt our bird, you'll find out why my name is appropriate."

Poison Ivy strode up next, looking positively gleeful at the opportunity to scare someone into submission. "My name is Strangler, but that's not all that I can do. I have control of multiple plants and poisons that I do know how to use."

"To put it simply, my name is Smiley." Joker smiled at the teenager, his wide smile that he knew creeped every one out, even Robin and other Gotham villains. He took out a knife and began to play with it, walking in a circle around the red-head. "I have a certain ... skill ... with knives. If you hurt Robin, I will not miss."

Penguin approached next. "I am Bird, and as a cousin of Robin, I will not allow harm to come to him. Any harm you do to him, I will do to you even more painfully physically."

Two-Face walked back and forth in front of Wally, who was looking fairly terrified already at the threats. "While my name, Nickel, may not seem that threatening, I can assure you that I am not. This coin-" Taking said coin out, he began flipping it in his hand. "-decides what I do. Heads says we let you go without any further harm, tails says we kill you now so that you can't ever hurt Robin."

Wally's green eyes widened at that, and he cried out, "I swear there's no need for that! I won't hurt him, ever! I swear I won't, just... just leave! I get it, you're his parents, that's enough! I understand, no hurting Robin!"

"Alright, Nickel, that's enough." Catwoman said, deciding that, despite the amusement that had come from giving Wally the 'overprotective parent speech', killing the poor boy would have been too far. "We need to go, anyway."

The six hurried to the window, which Catwoman opened. "Oh, and when you next see Robin, give him the whip in your chimney, will you?" She winked at the red-head. "He'll know who to give it to."

And, with that, they all jumped out the window to the ground below, where they walked away from the Wests' house and a terrified Wally West realizing just how dangerous Robin's 'parents' were.

Okay, so that got a bit dark at the end, so sorry. Just know that the crooks in this chapter were both joking and serious. They didn't want Wally to hurt Robin, but at the same time they'd never do that. And if anyone doesn't know about Two-Face's coin, I'll explain it to you. Just know that Wally was not going to die.

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