So here it is yes another Cato and Clove I cant help it I love them! So this is rated M I'm paranoid because I'm not sure what I should rate it. There is no Lemons well not that are like shown well written about in detail its like kissing then skip the next part and onto the rest of the story. I have a clato that is my newest that I promise will be 2 books. it's called 'Beautiful Darkness' and typically cato and clove are in the hunger games and it starts at the feast so please read and review it means a lot :) But anyway enjoy this again said this before no I do NOT hate Glimmer she is just easy to use. So actually this is after the rebellion like a year after its february it starts on the 14th an yes there is valentines day. So mega drama (PS Glimmer,Marvel,Clove,Cato,Katniss,and Peeta all won the 74th)

Pairings Clato, Glarvel,And Keeta. Also in pretending that Katniss was really pregnant during the rebellion and now has 2 twin sons (I know not like mockingjay but I wanted to add my own twist to it) Also Johanna has 2 daughters no one knew about Jo and Jessica (but they call Jessica JJ) So ages of the charecters:

Cato-18 turning 19 in July

Clove-16 turning 17 in August

Katniss-18 turning 19 in May

Peeta- 18 turning 19 in April

Glimmer-18 turning 19 in December

Marvel-18 turning 19 in June


Joslynn (Jo) - 6

Dylan (Katniss+Peeta son)-1 1/2

Aiden (Katniss+Peeta son)- 1 1/2



Felix (Annie son)- 2

So sorry that author note took so long now onto the story and I hope you like it- Prettylittlefuhrmanizer

Clove POV

"Maybe someday you will say something an mean it!" I yell at him.

Cato aggressively wipes his arms across of the counter and hard. He sends everything on it at the wall where it either brakes or dents the wall.

"Im not cleaning that up" I yell at him. He always expects me to do everything!

"God do you ever shut up! Seriously!"

"You get mad over the stupidest things! I was just talking to Marvel! You have been best friends since you and I met him and Glimmer 5 years before we were ever in The Hunger Games! Remember they came here visiting when I was 9 and you were 11! You cant be so jealous I married you didn't I and Glimmer is marrying Marvel! Its not like I throw a fit every time you hug her even if its friendly!"

"You don't get it!" He says accusingly.

"I would never be with Marvel! Ever! I married you! Didn't I?!" I yell at him angrily. My face getting red with frustration.

Better or for worse doesn't mean anything anymore. Its just worse fighting is all we do. Cato gets angry a lot more than he used to and its really annoying he gets mad if I talk to Marvel his best friend who is marrying my best friend!

"This is so stupid!"

"So?" He says rudly

"So we don't work lately! Seriously in the future there is no way we can have kids!"

Cato looks at me. I know he wants kids but I don't not now anyway we fight all the time and I'm 16.

"So what your saying is we will NEVER have kids?" He asks me but it was anything but nice.

"Well if they brake something you would freak out! For crying out loud I talk to Marvel about food shopping and you freak out like I made out with him in front of you!"

"Just because my dad hit me does not mean I would ever hit my kids" Cato says.

"I never said you would but you snap easy. I learned the hard way that's kit good for a parent to be that way." I tell him.

"I do NOT!" He yells at me making me jump which he never does to be honest. My heart thumps in my chest. It wouldn't be the first time Cato and I have fought physically but he has at least 10 hours more of sleep then I have and he's '6'4".

"Maybe everyone was right! We shouldn't have gotten married in the first place!" Damn it did I just say that? Oh god.

Cato's hands clench into fists quickly and hard. So hard his knuckles go white. Cato just turns and starts to walk out the door.

"I didnt mean that! Cato! Come back!"

When I say that he turns around he looks angry but hurt. There is one thing that can brake Cato and that is me. All he cares about is me and it has to be really bad to make him cry. He's not crying yet but I don't want him too.

"Then why did you say it? You know I love you thats the reason why we got into the fight"

Its true we were fighting because I was talking to Marvel this morning but it was a stupid reason to get mad. I already said I do when I was about to turn 15. The capitol kind if made us but we already loved each other.

It doesnt matter what I say he leaves.

"Cato its 11:00 Marvel is out of town where are you going? Please comeback Im sorry!"

I know Cato hears me but he walks away.

I lay down on the couch and stare at the ceiling for a while. A long while. I start a fire then look at the clock its 2:30 Cato has been gone for a long time where could he have gone?

I turn on the radio and listen to some music. Hours and hours on end I wait. We fight a lot it has been bad before not like this but bad. Cato leaves when he is angry all the time to blow off steam. I know sometimes if Marvel isn't home and he has no one to talk to he goes to his parents house or to our old training center that is just empty now well empty of people the weapons and fighting equipment is all still there and he can be there so maybe thats where he went.

I want to cry but I cant. I never cry. Why does he do this sometime he acts like such a child sometimes but I do too. I just can't help but be pissed off at him.

I look again at the clock 4:24. He never is gone this long! Okay I'm worrying. Wow my life is complicated. Im a 16 year old almost 17 year old who is worrying about her 18 year old husband because we got into a fight because he was mad I was talking to one of my best friends. Yep. My life has been screwed for a while now.

I decide to call someone to maybe see where he is.

I call his parents and Cato's older brother Axel answers the phone.

"Clove?" He asks

"Yeah. Is Cato there?"

"No sorry. He will be back though he used to run off as a kid." I swear this boy has ESP sometimes.

"Thanks Axel. Bye."

"Bye Clove. Its almost 5 go to sleep." He says.

"Yeah yeah."

He hangs up. Im going to call Glimmer she is up early in the morning some times so maybe she will be up.

"Hello" Oh great Glimmer is drunk.

"Glimmer its Clove. Have you happen to see Cato?"

"No sorry. Look I need to sleep cause I drank way to much I think and I have to meet Marvel at the train station tomorrow." Glimmer slurs quickly.

"Okay thanks Glimmer" I say and hang up. She was very helpful.

Its now 6:12 and still no Cato. I decide to go upstairs and try to sleep a little.

I fall asleep on the couch in the library on the second floor.

I hear a door close down stairs and i immediately wake up. I get up and notice the clock. 9:43 am.

I am not only angry with him. I love him. I'm disappointed and I want to slap him but I want to kiss him at the same time.

Once Im down stairs Cato stands there in front of me he takes his jacket off.

I end up angry. "You jerk how dare you scare me like that!" I yell and hit his arm hard.

"Im sorry" he tells me and pulls me into his arms.

I start crying again and he does to.

"Where the hell were you I called your brother! I called Glimmer!"

Cato tenses up a little when I say Glimmer's name. It doesn't matter though. Cato kisses me on my lips. I kiss him back. Cato picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. His lips move from my mouth to my neck as I tug hard on his short blond hair trying to keep from moaning.

This is usually how our fights end with well you know.

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