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Clove POV

I squeeze my eyes shut tight hoping this will end. I have been throwing up for the past hour and I am so sick of it. Cato just sits next to me trying to comfort me but honestly I feel bad for him. I know that if I saw someone throwing up I'd start throwing up too.

Cato pulls some of my hair behind my ear gently in silence. My head is laying in his lap while he just plays with my hair gently. We have been like this for the past 10 minutes in silence I know he is thinking about something but I don't know what.

I turn my head and look up at him. From down on the floor he looks so much bigger. "Cato?" I ask him quietly and he looks down his fingers playing with my hair come to a halt. His big blue eyes soft and sweet unlike how he is to most people.

"Yeah. Clove are you okay?"he asks me sounding a little worried. It's so strange about how much I changed him. It's too bad I can't remember any of it.

"I'm fine I guess. I just-... Did you talk to Johanna earlier?" I ask him. I think he did well that is what Annie told me. Cato just takes a deep breath and nods.

"What did she say to you?" I ask him and he doesn't look very happy like he did a few seconds ago.

"Not much. She uh- just forget it. It's not important." He says stopping himself from going on. What Johanna said cant be that bad. Can it?

"No what is it?" I ask him stubbornly. I sit up and look at him more seriously.

"Johanna seems to think that you don't have food poisoning. That your- p-pregnant." Cato chokes out and I break out laughing.

"How do you find this funny?!" He asks me angrily and shocked. His face actually turns red with anger.

"I'm 17! I can't be pregnant. And we haven't even-" Clove stops laughing then she looks up at me. "Have we?"

"Not for the past month but before that? Yeah. A lot." Cato says trying to smile a little but I don't find that funny. Oh my god. Am I pregnant?!

"Oh my god. Is Johanna right?!" I end up saying out loud really loud. I think I start hyperventilating.

"I don't know! Take a test or something. We need to know." Cato says and I start freaking out. "Can you get Johanna and Annie?" I ask him trying to calm down as he gets up and I start pacing.

"Yeah. Be right back." He says leaving the bathroom.

1 hour later...

I'm pacing back and forth of the bathroom in my bedroom. This can't be happening. No. The test is going to say no. It has to. I can't raise a baby! Even if Cato helps out.

I hear a soft knock on the door. "Clove?" Cato asks me through the door. "It's open" I say barely audible.

Surprisingly he hears it and opens the door, making sure to shut and lock it behind him.

"Do you know yet?" He asks me.

I shake my head no. Not yet at least. I decide to go check. I pick up the tiny little white stick checking to see what it says. All I need to see is the big plus shit.

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