Okay so to anyone who thinks Cato and Clove are back together their NOT. Not right now maybe later but not now. Clove was just really tired and thats always how their fights end. So Clove is gonna be a bit of a bitch in this chapter. So enjoy and review!~ Catoloverxclovelover

Clove POV

Ugh my head hurts. My eyes open slowly and I hear the loud crack of thunder.

Rain hits the roof so hard it sounds like golf balls. I throw the covers off me. Wait. What? I don't remember going to bed last night. And in my own bed? What?

I take a look at the massively destroyed room. Shit.

Sheets are ripped .Dry blood is covering clothes the walls, the floor, the on the floor. Broken walls. Torn clothes. NOT AGAIN!

Why do our fights always end like this! My arms and legs are covered in scratches and bruises. A cut along my collarbone. I just realized I'm wearing Cato's T-shirt. Oh he is dead!

I throw the door open and storm down the stairs. Finding more glass, debris from the broken walls, blood, clothes. Oh I am going to kill him.

"CATO!" I yell angrily oh who am I kidding Im more than angry with him.

I find him in the kitchen drinking coffee. "Well your awake" Cato says.

"You IDIOT!" I yell and flip the table over causing it to hit the wall.

"WHY AM I AN IDIOT!" He yells at me.

"Because I am mad at you! I didn't want to have sex with you!" I scream at him throwing a plate at him but he dodges it and it hits the wall behind him and shatters.

"Well you did it anyway!" He yells.

"Because YOUR A MANIPULATIVE ARROGANT SON OF A BITCH!" I yell at him shoving him hard.

I notice the scratches and blood on his arms. "You said you wou-" Cato starts with an angry tone.

"That I would forgive you? I never fucking said that! I said Id try! But you slept with GlIMMER OF ALL PEOPLE! MY BEST FRIEND!"

"Its been 7 months cant we get back together!" Oh he seriously did not say that.

"You think I'd be over it in 7 months! You kept it from me and thats why I left MAYBE JUST MAYBE if you told me sooner I wouldn't have left!" I yell at him. But i get way too mad and punch him.

Cato hits me back and we get into a fight. We never had fights this bad.

Cato slams me into the wall, his hands around my neck cutting of my air. I get a grip on his wrists and climb my legs up to where his neck is and get a grip at his neck with my ankles.( X-Men reference anyone notice?) Cato lets go of my neck and falls to his knees gasping for air and I hut the floor hard.

I pounce of him like a wild cat clawing and hitting him again. Cato flips us over and hits me. I punch him right back.

Cato gets up and throws me at the wall. I hit it so hard the back of my head starts to bleed. Thats when Cato looks sorry. I swing open one of the drawers in the kitchen. I pull our one of my throwing knifes and toss it at him.

The knife lodges itself in Cato's shoulder and he pulls it on and throws it on the floor.

"I hate you!" I yell at him.

Cato stays silent. "I hate you because you broke me! Im a CAREER! I DO NOT CRY! I don't fall in love for the reason that I would get hurt! You determined that was possible! But the reason why I fell is because we are so alike. Two fucked up phycos that obviously cant be with each other without causing pain. I think I still love you but I don't trust you" I tell him.

"Clove, you broke me too" he says. I still love him but I don't trust him.

"I don't trust you" I say clearly and viciously.

"I KNOW" He states.

"I will stay. But I will not do what we did last night again for a long while. I will sleep in the same room and bed as you but I WILL NOT have sex with you. We can try to make it work but DO NOT pressure me to hurry up. I don't want it to be romantic either. No kissing. No hugging. Nothing like that. This is a second chance for you and is the last one you will ever get from me. Like I said before we didn't break up but were on hold right now.
I don't forgive you. I don't think I can forget either but Im trying so I need you to do your part." I tell him seriously and walk right out the door.

I walk right over to Glimmer's house and bang on the door. Marcel answers the door only seconds after my fist hits the door.

"Dude. What the fuck!? I have a kid and if she wakes up again Glimmer is going to strangle me!"

"Sorry that my life crissis is a burden to you because your life is completely back to normal" I say angrily.

"Holy shit. What the fuck happened to you?" Marvel asks.

"Oh like you didn't hear the noise. We live two houses down from you! Cato and I got into a very big fight and he threw me at a wall! Now are you going to make me stand in the rain!" I yell at him and Marvel pulls me inside.

Glimmer walks down stairs. Shes wearing a pink tank top, silky pajama pants to match, her hair perfectly curled.

"What is she doing here?" Glimmer asks almost as if she is irritated with me if anyone should be irritated with one of us it should be me with her.

"You BITCH" I tell her. I walk towards her and punch her hard in the jaw.

"Clove!" Marvel yells at me holding me back as I go to punch Glimmer again.

Glimmer gets up off the floor pissed. I get out of Marvel's grasp and threaten to punch him if he touches me again.

"See I have the class to wait till after you have the baby to punch you!" I yell at her.

"You think Im the bitch!" She yells at me. "You punched me and Im the bitch!"

"Yeah you are! Face it princess. I AM A BITCH AND PROUD OF IT TO. You mess with the bull and you get the horns. You might have your life back but I didn't get mine back and its your fault! You were supposed to be my friend not screwing my husband!"

"IM SORRY!" Glimmer yells at me.

"THAT IS WAY OVER DO. I cant believe Marvel is still with you. Your a slut and I knew that for a long time. I bet you were screwing so many other people too. And it probably wasn't the first time Cato cheated on me was it?" I ask her clenching my fists.

"No it was the first time. But when we both spilled our guts he told me his marriage is so bad that he actually has to imagine that one of you has cancer and thats the only reason why you two are even together." Glimmer says. She is telling the truth.

That hurt a lot. Well I am going to enjoy this.

I punch Glimmer even harder this time. "I just took on Cato so before you think about fighting back I should let you know I have been training again and I will gladly keep punching you" I say with a fake smile.

The baby starts to cry and Glimmer glares at me before going upstairs.

"Clove you cant just go around punching people!" He yells at me.

"My life is so fucked up while yours is perfect so SHUT UP!" I yell at him.

A knock at the door keeps Marvel from saying anything. He answers it. I see Cato at the doorway. Bloody like me maybe worse soaking wet.

Marvel puns Cato to the wall and yells at him for throwing me at the wall. Even threatens him.

"Marvel its fine. I can take care of myself" I tell him.

"Clove Im sorry" Cato tells me.

"Is it true? Everything you told Glimmer? That our marriage is that bad you have to imagine one of us is dying?" I ask him.

Marvel goes upstairs to let Cato and I talk alone.

"No. I didn't say that. I said that we fight a lot. But never that it was so bad that one of us is dying. I would never say that."

"I really don't know what to believe anymore Cato. I really don't" I tell him.

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