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Clove POV

Cato and I are trying to get along more. Its not working all so great but not bad.

At night he has his arms around me and I lay my head on his chest but thats all that happens. This also only happened because I started getting nightmares again.

"Clove wake up" someone says shaking me awake.

I open my eyes slowly and Katniss is shaking me awake.

"Katniss what are you doing here?" I ask her sitting up.

"Visiting Cato let me in. " she says.

"Did you come alone?" I ask her.

"No. Peeta came too. So did Aiden and Dylan. Peeta, Cato and Marvel are talking on the back porch while Aiden and Dylan are running in the back yard" Katniss explains.

"Oh. And Annie and Johanna stayed in 12?" I ask.

"No there're here too with their kids I wouldn't leave any of them alone in my house for any period of time"Katniss says.

"Oh" is all I can say.

"So how are things" Katniss asks me plopping down on the couch next to me as I rub my eyes trying to wake up.

"Whats up Brainless" Johanna says to Katniss walking in with Annie.

"Eh" I tell Katniss with a shrug.

"Clove is awake" Katniss tells Jo.

"Thats good so uh why'd you deck Glimmer" Jo asks and plops down on the couch on the other side of me and I notice Glimmer on the other side of the room.

"Because I had to. She slept with my husband. If I did what she did with Marvel she would have done the same"I say.

"I would have. But I'm sorry" Glimmer says.

"Look we all have to go Im sorry but the boys are going to stay. Oh and we are having a sleep over at Enobaria's tonight" Jo says and they all leave.

That was weird like weirder than usual.

An hour later...

The guys are still in the back yard I have been watching old hunger games reruns on the arena channel.

Then there is a knock on the door. Is Katniss back already? Seriously don't i get time to wake up!

I walk over to the door and open it. Oh no.

"Hey Kentwell." Gale says.

"Gale you cannot be here!" I yell at him but still hushed.

"Come on you an Hadley are over and we had fun in 12" he says oh don't remind me.

"No, Gale. Cato and I are married we are still together trying to work things out and what happened between us in 12 will never happen ever again" I tell him.

Back in 12 a few months ago...…

"Clove since when do you cry?" Gale asks me.

"I don't." I state but I am.

"Is this about Cato? Cause I could pound him if you want" Gale says sitting next to me and putting him arm around me.

"He would pound you Gale he is over twice my size" I say crying but laughing and smiling about what gale had said.

"I could find a way"he says.

"Thanks but you shouldn't try to beat up Cato that is just stupidity" I say and wipe my eyes.

"No problem" Gale tells me and smiles. Then before I know whats happening he kisses me. What the hell! Technically I'm still married and I'm not a cheater and I will not cheat on Cato even despite what happened!

Im so stupid but I kiss him back. Just as an experiment but it was a very stupid experiment.

Back to present…

"Gale I dont love you. In with Cato. I don't want to be with you I'm sorry I only kissed you because I was a mess and I was just stupid and tired and it was a huge mistake! You have to leave I am sorry but your supposed to be my friend not kissing me! Now leave!" I tell him and he does.

I turn around and oh Im in trouble.

"You kissed Gale!" Cato yells at me.

"Cato please I-"

"You what? Didn't mean it? Can explain? Is this just some way to get back at me for what happened with Glimmer!?" He yells

"No! It was a MISTAKE THAT MEANT NOTHING! I just told him to leave because I don't love him! I care about you and Im so sorry. This was not a way to get back at you for what happened with Glimmer I swear it wasn't!" I yell at him. Im not sad Im angry.

"How can I believe you. You kissed him." He says

"I know that you don't believe me but he kissed me and Gale and I will never happen ever!" I tell him.

Cato looks down at the floor and I know he doesn't believe me.

I walk up to him and kiss him to assure him that nothing will ever happen between Gale and I.

But he doesn't kiss me back and I know now Cato and I might be done for real.

"I love you" I whisper to him my lips just inches from his and then I kiss him again. This time he kisses me back.

"Auntie Clove!" Aiden yells excitingly as he runs in. Cato and I break apart and I pick Aiden up.

"I missed you" Aiden says and hugs me.

"I missed you too, buddy. Did you meet your uncle Cato yet?" I ask him.

Aiden shakes his head. "Aiden this is who Im married too and he is your uncle Cato" I say referring to Cato who is next to me smiling.

"You two are marrwied?" Aiden asks.

"Yep, your mommy and daddy are married just like I am to Cato" I say and Aiden smiles. Aiden likes everybody which is a good thing.

"Do you have a baby like gwimmer and marvewl does?" Aiden asks.

"No, no we don't" I tell him. I look over to Cato and mouth 'give me a minute' and Cato goes back outside and Aiden waves.

"Why not?" Aiden asks.

"Because Im only 16. And Cato and I don't have kids not for a while anyway" I tell him.

"Oh okay"

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