A Dog's Nose Knows

By: Sandreline

Hello everyone! In gratitude for your support for my one-shot Sere/Sesh and my short chapter story of the same pair, I bring you another one! We really do need to have more of this couple… So I hope that you all enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own "Sailor Moon" or "InuYasha"; they respectively belong to Naoko Takeuchi and Rumiko Takahashi. If I did own them, I would have had the pairings different!

Very Important Information: During the appearance of Galaxia and Chaos in the final battle, the demon population was revealed because they were unable to keep up their human appearances. While humans know the difference between the youkai of what they thought was legend, and the youma that the Sailor Scouts fight, they are only some-what accepted. This is mostly due to their superior abilities and powers; as well as the fact that during the attack of Chaos, demons and half-demons assisted humans and protected them. The Japanese government has a treaty with the demon lords that acknowledge their titles and powers, so long as they agree to acknowledge the emperor and work together to ensure the prosperity of both species against the Negaverse. Demons rule demons and humans rule humans. The identities of the Sailor Scouts, however, remain unknown to both demons and humans, and the Scouts plan to keep it that way. Because of the threat that Galaxia and Chaos posed to the entire world, they are wanted as a means of weapons. Because of this and the battle with Chaos, the Sailor Scouts have all separated to pursue their own dreams, realizing that they essentially died and had regrets about following their dreams, and for Mamoru to break up with the Moon Princess to go to Harvard for School.

This is where the story begins: With Serenity, now Sailor Cosmos, alone in Tokyo save for Luna and Artemis. Only her parents and brother are aware of her identity, having finally come clean after the defeat of Chaos. Serenity is in her final year of college, preparing for her future while juggling battles with stray youma that still appear while trying to mend her still hurting heart.

Chapter 1: A Whole New World


The silvery-blond haired young woman turned her blue eyes towards the red head sitting six rows from the front of the class. With a bright smile, she began to make her way towards her friend as other students filed in. She was oblivious to the stares of everyone in the room; most of them envious, some of them uncertain. While her hair was an unnatural color, everyone knew Serenity Tsukino to be a human. Despite that, they all also knew that there was something unnatural about her- almost divine. People tended to flock to her like moths to a flame, and she possessed a surreal beauty.

The past couple of years had really shaken the human world. While Serenity's past had opened up her mind to a lot of unusual things, finding out that the youkai from legends and fairytales were real was an entirely different matter. Though this did also greatly explain why half of their population had hair colors like green and blue and red in a country like Japan.

Even her friend Molly had kept the secret that she was a fire demon from Serenity; though it did explain her fiery mood swings. It made the silvery-blonde haired woman feel slightly less guilty at having kept the secret of her being Sailor Cosmos from her child hood friend, but the fact that she still had not told Molly continued to weigh heavily on her.

It was not that she did not trust her red-headed friend; but if it should slip, Serenity and her court would be in great danger.

The humans and youkai had decided that it was in their best interest to find out the identities of the Sailor Scouts, because they were the only ones known who had the ability to fight off the Negaverse and its minions. Both races were fearful that a worldwide event like the attack that Chaos implemented would repeat itself. So it had been decided by all of the planetary warriors that their secret identity was to remain their most guarded secret, and for the humans to assume that their unnatural hair colors were due to having some youkai blood.

That was just minutes before they had all informed her that they would be leaving to pursue their own dreams.

Her heart had been shattered into more pieces that anyone could imagine. Her friends were her life: they gave her the power to defeat all of their enemies, they were her support!

And it was exactly the same reason why she gave them all her blessing; she would never wish to hold them back from their dreams. They had already all risked so much, and all to protect her and their world. She would never deny them their happiness.

Which is how Serenity found herself sitting in a college auditorium-classroom in Tokyo. She was going to use the time that her friends were away chasing their dreams to become the best future Queen that she could ever be. She devoted what time she used to spend with her friends to studying, even going as far as to find a tutor to assist her with proper decorum and how to be a lady. She now very much resembled her future self as Neo Queen Serenity, only her hair was now almost completely silver. She assumed that had to do with her becoming Sailor Cosmos, which had unleashed her full Lunarian blood.

Spritzing herself with her bottle of perfume to cover up her scent, she pulled out her laptop and greeted Molly. "Hey Mol, how did you do on your paper?"

The red head beside her gave her a glare. "I never want to go to Africa."

"That bad?"

"That continent is practically destroying itself from the inside out!" The red head half growled. She was referring to the topic that she had chosen for their politics paper. They were to choose a foreign country that they had never visited, research its current government and economic conditions, evaluate them, and not only come up with ways to assist them but choose a new government and tell why that form would be better that its current one. They were required to use at least eight sources be a minimum of twenty pages. "I swear the remote tribes of Africa are better off than the people that live in towns."

Before Serenity could reply, a commotion from two rows ahead of them stole their attention. A silver-haired male, who she knew as InuYasha (the teacher was constantly correcting his spoken grammar), was growling in Junichi's face and clearly angered by something. From what Serenity knows of Junichi, the human was most likely was ranting about youkai and those that are half-youkai should not be allowed to exist.

InuYasha was a half-youkai, but he was the son of one of the most powerful youkai that lived, and was the half-brother to the Youkai Lord of the Western Lands of Japan. Because of his mixed heritage, he was often singled out like other half-youkai because they were a blend of the two worlds, but not accepted in either. To Serenity, it was a disgrace. What should blood matter?

"If ya know what's good for ya, bastard, you'll back off!" InuYasha growled.

"Are you going to make me?" Junichi smirked. "Or are you going to run to your brother and tattle?"

"I don't need that ice prick, I can skin you myself!" The dog-eared man replied.

"And risk being punished by the law? Yeah, right!" Junichi smugly replied.

Serenity had heard all that she needed to, and wanted to end it before blood was shed. Standing from her chair, her crystal voice captured the room. "That is quite enough."

All eyes turned towards the piercing deep blue that locked on the two males in question. Junichi puffed up in pride, wanting the beautiful female that was so unattainable to look at him in a favorable light. "Do not worry yourself Serenity; he would never be able to hurt me. A woman like you should not worry about matters that involve men."

"Funny, because at the moment I only see an overgrown child. You disgrace yourself by acting so immature." Serenity's voice was stern, and her eyes pierced the ebony haired male. To InuYasha, she resembled his half-brother in that moment. It sent a shiver down his spine.

Muffled snickers sounded around the room, and Junichi's face scowled. "You will regret that."

She could not help but smile brightly in response, having to force herself not to laugh. "I very much doubt it. I highly recommend that you leave the class before the professor arrives, or I will remove you myself. Come back when you have obtained some manners." Serenity informed him, her regal tone leaving no room for argument.

Junichi looked ready to explode, but the glare from Molly and the growl from InuYasha had him grabbing his bag and leaving with a huff. After the door shut behind him, Serenity looked around at her fellow classmates. "Shows over, everyone."

As if the interaction had never taken place, everyone returned to their previous conversations; all except for one.

"Wench, I can take care of myself." InuYasha scowled at her as he walked up to her current seat.

"Of course you can." She told him while sitting down. "However, it is not my nature to let a bully get away with anything they want."

InuYasha watched her with narrowed eyes as she sat down, ignoring the warning glances of the red-headed elemental beside the girl who had just stood up for him. "Why?" He asked with a rough voice.

"I already told you why." Serenity answered him with a raised eyebrow.

InuYasha scoffed. "Please- as if I'd never fall for that crap. You a half demon?"

Serenity's eyebrow twitched. "No, I am not."

"Then why's your scent so different?"

Molly now turned curious eyes to her friend. As an elemental demon, she did not have heightened senses like InuYasha would, having the blood of the powerful dog demons in his veins.

"I just put on perfume." She told him quickly and innocently.

"I can smell that crap, it's terrible." He told her with a wrinkled nose. "But I smell some of your natural scent under it. It's a whole lot cleaner than the rest of the humans' stench."

Serenity was saved as the professor took the opportune moment to enter the class, immediately demanding all papers to be turned in and stating they were being given a pop quiz. The Lunarian breathed a sigh of relief as she pulled out a pen, and she missed the watchful gaze that InuYasha threw over his shoulder as he went back to his seat.


Serenity could not have been more relieved to get out of that class. The powers of Cosmos included empathy, and she knew that InuYasha was keeping an eye on her. His curiosity was not going to be a good thing for her, so she was going to have to stay on her toes.

"Are you alright?" Artemis asked as he and Luna joined her on the couch in her living room.

"It was a long day." She answered.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Luna asked.

"No, thank you."

The two felines shared a look. "You know," Artemis began, "a letter from Mina came today."

As expected, a silver blur whooshed through the room to the kitchen, where the advisors always move the mail to after it is delivered through the mail slot in the front door.


"I am getting really tired of this…" Sailor Cosmos practically growled as she was unable to completely dodge the barrage of attacks the newest youma enemy had sent her way. While she was able to avoid the first six, the seventh was impossible to block in time; as a result, she was sent flying almost twenty meters backwards before a brick wall managed to stop her. With a shake of her head, she held out her open hand and called her staff back to her, having dropped it upon impact. It whooshed through the air before her fingers clasped around it, and with a powerful flap of her wings, Sailor Cosmos hurled herself at the youma. During her flight, she transformed the top of her staff into Saturn's Glaive, and ran the youma threw. With a flash of light that was a mixture of purple and silver, it immediately exploded into dust.

Standing tall and rather nonchalant, the humans and demons that were brave enough to stand as onlookers watched her brush off her uniform. "I hate it when they do that," Sailor Cosmos muttered to herself.

The crowd of observers began to become more confident and bold, now that the youma was destroyed. Sailor Cosmos took a moment to observe them in turn, ensuring that both humans and demons alike were not harmed. However, the sirens in the background informed her that the government was approaching, most likely to attempt to recruit her again, and that it was time for her to go. To avoid any demons tracking her by scent, she opened up a portal and vanished.

A silver haired demon with gold eyes casually walked out of the scent of the battle, surveying the scene and uncaring of the watchful gaze of those around him. There was a scattered pile of dust, which marked the remains of the youma as a small breeze began to disperse them. It was when he took in a deep inhale that everything changed.

The demon growled; for once, something had surprised him. "That scent…" He started as his nostrils flared and his youki rose as his eye bled red.

Lord Sesshomaru of the Western Lands stood stock still as his eyes once again returned to gold. It was only for a moment before he let his orb consume him and return him to his home.



"Sesshomaru, my boy! What can I do for you?" Lord Toga merrily replied over the phone.

"This Sesshomaru believes that he has found his intended."

"Always, so deadpan. This is a wonderful occasion – I finally get grandpuppies! So, who is she and when do we get to meet her?" The former Dog General asked.

"There has been a complication." Sesshomaru informed his sire.

He was cut off from further explaining. "How is there a complication? Scents do not lie, pup. If she is your Mate, she is your Mate. A dog's nose knows! Is she too young? It is not like you cannot wait…"

"You are rambling, father." The Lord of the West stated.

"Well you never have been one for detailed conversation…" the older dog demon replied with a bored tone. "What is the problem?"

"I believe that she may be one of the Sailor Scouts."

For once in his immortal life, Sesshomaru had managed to render his father speechless. "This is both a good and a bad thing, my son." He began.


Serenity could now understand why Amy loved spending so much time in the library. It really was quite relaxing, and you had all the reading materials you could desire surrounding you.

Which was good, because she was going to need it for writing this paper!


Wide eyes looked up to find InuYasha standing next to her seat, his arms cross over his chest as his amber orbs watched her with scrutiny. "InuYasha!" She whispered loudly. They were in the college library, after all. How did he manage to sneak up on her?

After a moment, the half-demon let out a gruff huff. "I figure after you helped me out the other day that I should give you my gratitude or something. Not that I needed your help…" He told her.

Serenity blinked. "Ummm… you're welcome?"


Seriously, would it kill him to speak properly?

"Why stick up for me?" He demanded once again.

For a moment, InuYasha reminded Serenity of an injured puppy that was hiding his wounds. The poor thing had obvious been bullied frequently because of his mixed blood. Serenity could not help but give him a loving smile as she mentally cooed over how adorable it was; he really was just a puppy. "Want to be friends?"

InuYasha sputtered, and his ears flattened against his hair. "What?"

Serenity laughed. An actual, full on laugh. It was like soft song of bells, full of warmth and merriment. "Because I love making friends, and you are different."

"You're so weird; being different is a bad thing, wench!" InuYasha reprimanded.

"No, it's not." She corrected with a smile. "I happen to like different. And in case you have not noticed, I am pretty different myself."

The half demon took a moment to inhale her scent, trying to discern if she was being sincere or deceptive. The nose of a dog demon was far superior to any species on the planet. He could once again smell the terribly overbearing chemical scent of the perfume, but he could also faintly pick up her natural scent. Why she covered it, he did not know. It was pure, clean; like light itself. He found it held no trace of deception. "Feh."

Serenity giggled softly; she had a feeling that was his catch phrase. "Want to go grab a bite? I was going to work on my paper, but I am having a wicked craving for Ramen."

InuYasha's ears perked up instantly and his amber eyes flashed. "What are you waiting for? Move it, wench!"

Serenity laughed, and it was a magical sound. To InuYasha, it had him hopeful that maybe having a genuine friend may not be such a bad thing after all.


"Fuck, and I thought I ate a lot…" The half demon stated to the silver-haired woman across from him.

Serenity blushed slightly in embarrassment as she gave a small smile. "I told you I was having a craving…"

The half demon blinked. "You just inhaled eight large orders of Ramen!"

"I have a really fast metabolism. It comes from running to school late for the first sixteen years of my life." She sheepishly replied.

InuYasha watched her with scrutiny once more, but shrugged it off. What he could smell of her natural scent was nothing but sincere. Taking another inhale, he half choked. She has just sprayed herself again. "Seriously, why are you wearing that crap?" He growled out. "Are you trying to kill me?"

Serenity was sincerely apologetic. She was aware that his nose was highly sensitive and the smell of the perfume was probably killing him, but it was all the more reason for her to wear it around him. "I am so sorry!"

"Don't be sorry, just stop spraying that shit!" He half growled as he used his sleeve to cover him nose.

"Um, right…" She answered. "So, InuYasha," She changed the subject. "Do you have a girlfriend? With those adorable doggie ears, it should not be hard for you." She smiled warmly.

The same ears she wanted to pet so badly flattened against his hair. "I did, until a couple years ago when she found out I was not exactly human."

Serenity's smile vanished. "Oh, I am so sorry…"

"Feh, it's not like you had Kikyo break up with me." The half demon replied.

"Well, if you want, I happen to know someone that does not care about blood lines at all; she would absolutely love your ears!" Serenity smiled. It was true, too. Serenity knew Kagome from her first semester in college. She grew up on a shrine and was a Priestess, but they bonded over their similar feelings on treating someone as they deserve by their behavior, not their species. Maybe a visit to the Higurashi Shrine would be in order.

One of the silver ears twitched. "Feh."

Yup, it was his trademark line. "What about you, wench?" Serenity looked down, and the half demon found himself feeling regret. "Never mind," He continued. "It's not like you'd have trouble getting a new one anyway."

"Aw," Serenity cooed. "Was that a compliment?"

InuYasha scowled. "Don't get used to it!"

Serenity laughed heartily. InuYasha reminded her of Rei and Makoto in many ways. Yes, she knew they would be good friends.


So I believe that eight pages is a satisfactory first chapter, do you not agree? I am looking forward to hearing what you all think of my new story. I hope you enjoyed it, and am eager for your feedback. We really do need more Serenity/Sesshomaru pairings!

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