A Dog's Nose Knows

By: Sandreline

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A Dog's Nose Knows

Chapter 26: Every Dog Has His Day

Cosmos settled herself in the gardens of the Moon Palace. This had always been her favorite place in the whole kingdom, ever since she was a little girl. Landing silently, her ears seeking any sounds that her demon was on her trail, she let her wings fade away along with her transformation. A knee-length white halter sundress was left in its place, her feet bare as she walked to the large fountain. She figured that scent of flora and the water would hide her scent for a little while, so the Lunarian took a seat on the edge of the fountain and looked up.

The earth filled the horizon, blue and green with swirls of white. The sight had always captivated her, holding a special place in her heart. The beautiful planet in the sky that she before was forbidden to journey too, was now her home as well, and she would protect it and its people with every bit of power that she had.

A deep growl came from behind her. Casting a glance over her shoulder, her eyes took in the form of her demon, eyes red with jagged marks along his cheeks. The silver haired woman sent him a smirk, which caused his growl to increase in volume. "Mine." He ground out in victory.

In an instant, they had traded places: Sesshomaru had moved to take her, which the cosmic warrior had been anticipating and so teleported herself to the other side of the fountain.

Sesshomaru turned around with a snarl. "Minx," he barked.

"You didn't really think I would make this easy on you, did you?" She asked, giving the tilt of her head that he found endearing. "The great Lord Sesshomaru should receive a challenge from his Mate."

When she finished with a smirk, Sesshomaru once again used his speed to get her, and once again met air. However, this time he didn't hesitate to instantly return to the other side, having anticipated she would repeat her actions. Serenity had not been prepared for him to tackle her to the grass, his form lying over hers as her legs instinctively went around his waist. The proof of his rampaging desire was made quite clear in that moment, as he bared his fangs down at the surprised Lunarian. He held her arms above her head and pressed down on her with not just his body, but his aura as well.

"Submit." He dared.

Blue eyes meet his own with a spark of defiance. "Not just yet."

Silver engulfed her form, but before he could be blasted from her body, he flared his own impressive aura.

For a moment, the pressure was so great that Serenity felt like she was drowning. His silver hair was floating around him as he stared down at her, confident that she would now give in. Serenity tried to take a breath, but the force of his aura was too much. Her chest glowed with the power of the Crystal, coming to her defense. Inconceivably, Sesshomaru was able to unleash even more power, forcing the light to fade one more. Their clothes evaporated from the power and heat, leaving both bare and ready.

"Submit." This time it was practically a purr, as if knowing that he had won.

Serenity's pulse increased as she bucked under him, trying in vain to dislodge the demon above her. After a few moments, however, she stopped. After all, he was making it pretty clear that he had waited long enough. Desperately needing the pressure to fade so she could breath, Serenity rolled her head to the side and exposed her neck to him.

The pressure was gone instantly, and with a howl of victory, Sesshomaru sank his fangs into the pale flesh of the base of her collarbone. His aura pulsed, sinking into her form and calling forth her own aura.

Serenity could feel it; her eyes glowed silver as her aura came up to answer his call, their forces mingling together. There, in her heart... the birth of a new star. Not now, but soon, they would create a new life; a beautiful and bright shining star.

Their aura receded and Sesshomaru slowly remove his fangs from her flesh, sucking and licking up every drop of her silver-tinted blood. His eyes were still red, but the gold irises had returned. Her blood was intoxicating. It was powerful and pure, and it was his. She was his.

"If you do not wish for our first time to be here," he growled out in warning as his kissed up her neck to her ear, "then I suggest you take us to a bedroom," he nipped her ear. "Now."

Sesshomaru felt himself falling for just a second as she opened a portal under them, before they landed on a bed without having changed positions. With a pleased rumble in his chest, his claws shredded her sundress right down the middle, exposing her form to his hungry eyes. His bite mark on her collarbone was still fresh, but the flesh below was slowing becoming pigmented by a blue crescent moon that matched his own. The golden mark on her own forehead glowed as a crescent moon, but as it glowed brighter it shifted to the eight pointed star of Cosmos. The Silver Crystal pulsed gently, touching Sesshomaru's aura and creating a soul bond. When the light faded, Sesshomaru took her lips with his own, a purr rumbling from his chest to hers.

His lips were gone just as quickly as he pressed them to her, moving down her body and releasing her arms. Serenity gave a gasp of pleasure as his tongue assaulted her core - it would seem Sesshomaru had no tolerance to take his time. He was not being gentle, either, but aggressive as he licked and sucked between her legs -and she loved it. She love it, and wanted more.

Her pants of his name filled his ears while her legs spread wide to allow him better access, and one of her hands tangled in his hair. Her tugs sent tingles down his spine, his already rock-hard cock pulsing with desire. Her hips bucked when he gave a long suck on her clit, crying out his name as she came and he grabbed her hips to hold her while he greedily drank what she had to offer.

Serenity was blinded by the swift yet powerful orgasm, and her body was still tingling when he rose over her form again. Red eyes met silver as he surged forward, impaling her with his length in one, swift motion.

A pained cry tore from her lips as her eyes clenched shut, and it took several moments to realize that her Mate was gently kissing and licking along her neck, comforting rumbles coming from his chest. He waited several moments as she whimpered, her body tense and wriggling in an attempt to rid herself of the pain. It was not so much the breaking of her hymen that hurt; that had most likely been ripped years ago from one of the many times she was sent through a wall in a fight. What hurt was his size; it was very uncomfortable, being split apart from the inside! Sesshomaru took a deep breath, unable to be patient for more than a few moments, and moved.

Serenity gave a gasp. It hurt, but there- he moved again, and it got slightly better. A tingle. When he moved a third time she arched her hips with his. His movements allowed her to muscles to relax and stretch, making it much easier than him staying still. Her demon hissed in pleasure, and she dug her nails into his back. This just added to Sesshomaru's own pleasure as he let out a rumble, and gave another deep pump into her hot, pulsing core.

"Again!" She cried out, her eyes finally opening for the first time since he entered her.

He was never one to disappoint, and so he did as she requested, but this time he did not pause between pumps. He did an easy pace, in and out, and slowly the pain disappeared for her. The Lunarian gripped her Mate's shoulders as her legs clamped around his hips, arching her back slightly. The deeper angle caused Sesshomaru to pant, and he increased the pace once again.

Her stomach muscled tightened slowly, her legs quivering as the pleasure spiraled through her body. Sesshomaru increasingly went faster, slamming all the way into her as she coated his dick and begged for more.

Sesshomaru rose to his knees, and unlocked her legs from behind her back. Raising one of her legs up and over, he flipped her onto her hands and knees without having to leave her taut sheath. Grabbing her hips from behind, he let out a roar as he pumped into her in his favorite position.

Mentally, Serenity gave a laugh at the stereotypical position, but then found herself screaming in pleasure as Sesshomaru went harder and faster than before. The new position allowed him to go deeper, and it did bring back the pain for a little while until she adjusted to his size again. But once she did… oh, god! She shuddered in pleasure. She could feel her muscles clamp around him firmly as he pumped in and out of her; he clearly was enjoying it, if his own growls were anything to go by.

No longer able to support herself on her arms, the top half of her fell chest-first on to the bed below as she gripped the blanket for dear life. The extra sharp angle had Sesshomaru roar so loudly she was sure the walls shook, and he bent himself over her form protectively.

"Sesshou..." she gasped. "I'm going... to..."

"Do it." He ordered, slamming into her over and over with masculine pride as his hold on her hips tightened a little more. "Cum for me, my Mate." He let out a howl. "Do it. Now!"

Sesshomaru rotated his hips as he slammed into her, and she let out a scream of completion. At the added tightness from his Mate's pleasure, he let out another roar and unloaded inside her.

The pair slumped onto their sides, Sesshomaru's body curved around her own as his arms held her close. Serenity lay on her side, trying to catch her breath as her body tingled. She could feel her Mate's breath on her neck and shoulders, though he was not breathing as hard as she was. A purr-like rumble was coming from his chest as he remained inside her, unwilling to separate so soon. That was just fine with her, she thought as her eyes closed.

Blue eyes snapped open. "Oh my god, we're married!"

A deep chuckle sounded from behind her. "Mated," His deep voice sounded in her ear. "We are Mated; it is a deeper bond than a human marriage."

Serenity couldn't help but roll her e yes. "Don't get technical on me right now, let me enjoy it."

Another chuckle sounded as he pulled her tightly against him. "Who's room are we in?" He asked with his nose buried in her neck as he took a slow, deep breath. Her divine scent, now mixed with his own, was positively addicting.

"It was mine." She answered softly. "Well, I guess now it's yours, too. I really only come to the Moon to get away for a little while, since it's only me now. But it does make a nice vacation spot."

"Hn," He answered.

Serenity closed her eyes again with a smile. "We're married."

"Mated." He answered while nuzzling behind her ear.

"Hn," she answered with a smiled as she slowly drifted off.


"Are they back yet?!" InuYasha snapped as he came downstairs. The small group had stayed at the Western Lord's home over night, but it was now close to noon and Serenity and Sesshomaru still had not returned. "What the hell is taking so long?"

"Patience, InuYasha." Kagome told her boyfriend.

"They have a few things to work out, and Serenity has a bit of a temper." Luna added.

Artemis huffed. "I'll say..."

Setsuna stood from the couch, placing her cup of tea on the side table. "They return."

Right on cue, a black tear in space appeared. Rin bounced off the couch from her place between Kagome and Hotaru, wrapping herself around Sesshomaru's leg the moment he appeared.

"Rin," he stated calmly, placing a clawed hand on her head.

Serenity appeared next, and the portal closed. Her eyes were wide as she saw the full room. "Uh, hi?"

"Hi?" InuYasha snapped at his best friend as he crossed his arms over his chest. "That's all you have to say?"

Sesshomaru gave a warning growl at his half-brother, which was returning in kind. Kagome placed a hand on her boyfriend's arm, and smiled at Serenity. "Welcome back!"

The Lunarian blushed. "Thank you. Um, what are you all doing here?"

"First things first," Haruka stated as she marched right up to the Demon Lord. She stood before him a challenging posture, though Sesshomaru was not intimidated. The warrior gazed at the demon right in his eyes, equally unaffected by his cold glare. "Do you swear to treat my Princess with respect, to love her, and to give your life to save her own?"

"Haruka!" Serenity objected.

She was ignored. "Nothing would dare to harm my Mate." Came the deep timber of his reply.

Haruka replied by giving a "Hm," sound before she turned to her silver-haired monarch. "I approve."

InuYasha's face was most comical as his arms dropped in a slouch and his mouth fell open. "Eh?" Both Rin and Hotaru were laughing softly at the half-demon's expression. He quickly snapped out of it. "Hey, why the hell do you get along with him so fast, but you're still giving me so much shit?"

"Language!" Kagome, Serenity, and Michiru all chorused.

"I don't need to answer to you, mutt. I know he won't let anything happen to her." The soldier of the winds turned to look at the demon again. "I'll kill him if anything does."

Serenity waved her hands in front of her, hoping to avoid any bloodshed. "Haruka, really! I promise he won't let anything happened to me. We're Mated now."

"Yes, you are." Setsuna smiled warmly, moving around the coffee table to approach them. "You're union will bring about a new utopia for humans and demons alike."

Serenity was not the only Senshi to be confused. "What do you mean, Setsuna?" Michiru asked.

The Guardian of Time raised a delicate eyebrow. "You cannot seriously tell me that you though Rini has red eyes from tho people with blue, did you?"

Serenity's eyes widened, vividly remembering all the times Sesshomaru's golden eyes had turned red. "Are you trying to say that…?"

"The Crystal Tokyo you saw in the future was only one possibility, and many facts an illusion? Yes. It is still the destination, but how it is obtained had a dozen variations." Setsuna stated while wearing a smile that was far from innocent.

While Sesshomaru was not sure what was completely going on, he did not care. "The future is what we make of it. This Sesshomaru's only concerns are for his Pack and his Lands. What happens in the future is what we make it."

"For once, we agree." InuYasha barked while crossing his arms over his chest.

Kagome sighed before she smiled brightly. "Well then!" Giving a clap of her hands, she added, "We have to celebrate! This is wonderful news!"

Rin moved from Sesshomaru's leg to Serenity, hugging her tightly. "Serenity-sama is my momma now, right?" She asked.

The Lunarian smiled brightly, and kneeled down to face the little girl. "I would love that, if you want me to be."

Rin let out a choked tear before wrapping her arms around Serenity's neck. Serenity wrapped her arms around the brunette and stood, holding the girl close. "I agree with Kagome, let's celebrate! I'm married!" She cheered.

"Mated." Sesshomaru and InuYasha corrected.

"Hn," Serenity replied again as she walked over to her demon. With a smirk on her face, she kissed his cheek. "I bet your father would just love to join us for this!" She said as she walked passed him to her friends and all of them went to get ready.

The Western Lord stood still, and InuYasha's ears perked up. "I'm calling the ol' man!" The half demon snapped before he took off to the nearest phone.

"Half-breed!" Sesshomaru growled in warning as he took off after his sibling.


As Serenity predicted, the Dog General was more than ecstatic to learn of his eldest son's Mating. Within an hour, several news stations had already begun reporting the confirmation of the century. Izaiyo had never had to help contain her Mate so many times in such a short period before.

To celebrate, the Dog General insisted on taking his Pack and his new daughter's guards, to a lavish meal. Cheers, laughter, and congratulations went on for several hours.

"So, when will the two of you leave for a honeymoon?" Izaiyo asked with a smile.

"Any thoughts on where?" Kagome added.

Serenity opened her mouth to answer, but stopped. Turning to her Mate, she questioned him with her eyes. They had never talked about it, after all.

"Per tradition, we will be taking leave for a week starting tonight." Sesshomaru told them. His beast already wanted to take her away for a period of seclusion, allowing them all the time they desired to enjoy the perks of Mating. It was a common tradition of Mating. "After a week, I will be taking my Mate anywhere she desires."

Serenity's eyes lit up. "Really?" Sure, she could teleport anywhere and everywhere, but she had never really taken advantage of that until she met Sesshomaru.

He let his golden gaze rest on her, and only she could see his eyes soften. "Yes."

She smiled warmly and wrapped her arms around him, claiming his lips in a swift but loving kiss.

"Cut it out, that's gross." InuYasha whined, contrary to the smirk on his face.

Kagome huffed and crossed her arms, her boyfriend oblivious to the devious glint in the priestess' eyes. "Gross, huh? So then maybe I shouldn't kiss you at all, if it's so gross."

The half demon's parents did not bother to hide their smile as their son frantically tried to correct their mistake, and Haruka enjoyed it so much that she was laughing.

Rin turned to Hotaru, smiling warmly. "You get used to it."

The other girl smiled back. "I almost hope not."

The new pair of friends giggled, and Serenity leaned against her Mate's shoulder as she looked around at her family. This was her happy ending, and she was going to enjoy it. This is what she fought to protect; this was what gave her the power to protect the universe.

Sesshomaru looked down at his Mate, moving his arm to wrap around her waist as he nuzzled her hair. He took in her scent, finding himself in a peace that he never knew that he could feel. As much as he hated to admit it, his father had been right after all. A dog's nose really did know.

Serenity looked up at her demon, smiling warmly. Sesshomaru gave her a smirk as he leaned down, claiming her lips with his own once more, the two beings forgetting their surroundings as they reveled in the future possibilities.


The End.

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