Shortish summary: Lucy, Mira, Wendy, Erza, Lisanna and Levy is a world known band called 'F.T. Fairytale'. Sting, Laxus, Romeo, Jellal, Natsu and Gajeel is a famous band called 'Nighmare'. The boys attend Magnolia Academy, a prestigious school for rich people and talented people and it is really hard to get in to. The girls will atend this academy and will disguise as nerds...School life will be hell for them but will it turn around when Nightmare...finds out?


Lisanna pov

We all woke up and did the morning stuff like eating, showering etc.

we changed into our nerdy clothes...

"OMG ARE WE REALLY GOING TO SCHOOL LIKE THIS?hehehehe" i yelled across the hotel room.

"ARGHHHH" yelled mira

"EWWWWWWWW!" yelled lucy

"IDONT WANNA WEAR THIS!"wendy sobbed and screamed


"NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO" levy said loudly



Lisanna, Mira and Lucy were dressed like geeks

Lisanna- A red shirt with a giant ipod/iphone in it withs apps and the top says 'WHICH FAIRYTAIL CHARACTER ARE YOU?', baggy black overalls and nerdy glasses. A old Supre bag that the handles were cut off and a strap replaced it so you can wear it over your shoulders and nerdy glasses. Her hair was in two messy braids ( she has shoulder length hair ) and to tough it up, a mac (laptop), iphone, mp3 palyer and a DS. For shoes, a old and i mean realllly old converse in red

Mira- Simmilar to lis but diff colours and shirt has names of random anime- white and green, an old woolworth shopping bag and similar styled like lis, short knee length dark blue overalls, a large geeky jacket that is 5x tooooo large for her (you imagine it ), her hair in two pigtails that has "fairy" on one hairtier and "tail" on the other (XD). she somehow made her hair look shorter...for the shoes old dirty white vans

Lucy- and again, simmilar to lis and mira. A black shirt thatt has rainbow wiriting 'plumbers are red, hedgehogs are blue, push start to join and be my player 2'. long grey faded jeans with flared bottoms. a jacket that is half zipped up, it has lightning bolts all over it in rainbow. for her hair...she shaved herself bold like a monk...

...JUST KIDDINGGGGGGGGGGGG... Her hair was tied up in one messy braid (her hair is wavy waist length).


OVERALL...they didn't look that bad...its just...they are FAMOUS people, they are FAMOUS...FAMOUS people in nerdy and geeky clothes.


Lucy's Pov

We drove to school in a limo and walked half of the way and then stopped nifront of our school gates. A lady that is verry cat like greeted us when we wnet into the princiipals ofice. "You must be that group right?" she asked "yup" we said in unision. " Mrs Carla and im the schools vice principal. Please come this way, i will lead you to the schools principal." we obeyed and followed. "Hi you must be the new students, i am Macarov Dreyar and i assume you are Goin to change your name?"he said "Haiiiii" we said one at a time.

"I'll be...Lucillia Heartfie" i said

"I'm Leva McGaila" Said levy

"Wenda Morvell" said Wendy

"Im Eria Knight...walker" Said Erza

"My name will be Lisania...Striass" said lissana (pronounced Lisa-nya)

"MyaJen Striass!" said Mirajane brightly.

"Ok fill in these forms and er...yeah..." said Macarov."ok ok ok" we said in unision.

Apparently, we all have the same classes.

0-homeroom room 101

1- English

2- history


3- Home EC (cooking)

4- Music


5- VA (visual art)

6-PDHPE (sport)

We made our way across the hallway ignoring bad comments thrown at us like"these are the new students?", "i wonder where they get those clothings (add a snicker here),"I hope their not in my class", "Ewww geeky/nerdy germs""AHHH! Natsu-Sama is looking sooo hot today, Sting-Sama soooo cooolll, Gajeel-Sama soo cooolllld but coooool, Romeo-Sama so kawaiiiii, Laxus-sama so awesomeee, Jellal-sama soo smartt!"

AHHH! Natsu-Sama is looking sooo hot today, Sting-Sama soooo cooolll, Gajeel-Sama soo cooolllld but coooool, Romeo-Sama so kawaiiiii, Laxus-sama so awesomeee, Jellal-sama soo smartt? The heck? I looked down the hallway and saw a bunch of probably a million girls crowding around a group of boys and i spotted about 5 men in a black suit with black shades on pushing the girls away making a pathway for the boys.

Levys pov

I realised that it was the band 'Ngihtmare' the 'nightmare' the famous boyband, the one we hate, the one we dispise, the one we know that are playboys. I had to do a duet with the metal looking one and he kept on flirting when we were singing, eating, having a break etc. HELLLL it was sooooo ANNOYING! We somehow mannages to get the song done and end of story? well whatevs. We walked down the hallways and then walked right past them probably making them shiver. (imgaine this- the girls walking down and when they went past the boys, there was wind and it was on slow motion for a sec) We walked into our homeroom which was at the end of the hall and started homeroom.


We walked into the crowed canteen and we spotted a table that was wiped clean and looked as if it was sparking. We sat down on that table then all eyes were on us and literally all the eyes were on us.

Miras pov

did we do a crime or something? eveyone is looking at us once we sat down... OH NO what if they fount out that we are the band FT? whatdowedo whatdowedo whatdowedo whatdowedo whatdowedo whatdowedo whatdowedo?!

Suddenly the people parted ways and made a pathway and then we realised who was walking down the 'pathway' it was Nighmare.

Wendy's POV

They walked up right to the table we were sitting on. The shortest member slammed his hands on the table that made all of us jump, our glasses nearly falling off. "What do you think you are doing sitting here, NERD?" he said to me."Er...were sorry...hehe..." i said slowly. "Get off this table right now!" all the fangirls yelled at us.

We slowly got off and then Lucy deliberatly poured her orange juice on the table and said "Oooppssss, my hand slipped" then we hurried off.

end of school

lucy's pov

We hurried out the school gates and then we hurried to a park. i said

"Are we going to practise at our studio later?"

"Yea" said Erza

"Yea maybe but make sure nobody and i mean nobody sees us going there or else be better prepare a giant limo, an extra locker each, hire bodyguards and er...thats it?" Said lis

"For what?" wendy asked innocently

"Limo-for presents we recieve every second, Locker for confession cards and bodyguardst to use like them" said lisanna

"yea probably so lets be carefull but not too suspicious" said levy

"lets hurry to the studio"

what we didn't know was 'they' were watching our evey movement.

stings pov

We were taking a stroll in the park till we heard some voices so we dived into a bush/hid behind a tree and listened to who was speaking. i had a peek. It was the nerds that were at our table this recess.

studio?practise?limo?carefull?suspicious?'them'? what on earth are they talking about?

i saw them leave so i looked at the dudes, we all nodded so we saw them going on their motorbikes (they all have thei own in diff colours-lucy pink-mira white- lisanna orange- wendy blue- erza red- levy green-) we went into our cars and drove after them being carefull not to get caught.

erza's POz

i went onto my red motorbike and drove off to the studio with the others behind me. i had a feeling someone was following us but i shook it off. we arrived at the studio and i went in and so did the other girls.

Natsu's pov

We followed them in the studio and then ducked behind a plant when they looked back. they went to the counter to do whatever and then walked off. We walked to the counter a few secs after then the lady asked us

"do you have an appointment?"

" but can we pass?" i replied

"sorry you need to book an appointment." she said

"You wouln't want to refuse someone can ruin your reputation..." i said slowly.

"er...i am sooo sorry" she said and whispered the last part then she let us pass.

We ran into the studio and saw the girls going into this room with the girl that had to messy braids that was shoulder length silver hair saying "oh good no one is in here"

we waited for them to go out then the door opened. Out stepped six beautifaul girls...

I looked at the girl that has or rather had shoulder length hair. It was not up to her waist sorta. She looked absolutley gorgeous.

"That nerd disguise is so ewww...i never wanna wear it againn!" she said

the blonde said "fine dont wear it, get a limo, locker and bodyguards ready and be bombarded with pressents and letters. You hate crowds dont you?"

"who doesn't?" she replied sarcastically but sadly i didn't catch that sarcastic part.

"ME!" i was about to yell out but jellal who was behind me quickly put his hand over my mouth and i looked at him. he was apparently blusshing slightly. I followed his gaze and it landed on the looks ok... i guess...

they walked to the end of the hallway and then we saw 2 glass doors

jellals pov

on the glass door says F on one side and T on the other. The F said fairy underneath and the T said Tail. F.T. Fairytail? that famous girl band.? we saw them walked in to the other end of the studio. We all gathered around the doors and saw the youngest or shortest girl that had dark blue hair ties in pigtails knee length put her ipod in the speakers and the music started palying and they all got into the positions, grabbed a mic and started singing

(i got a boy snsd)

Once they finnished the sond and singing and dancing, i had the urge to clap and cheer which i rarely did but i tried to hide it. it seemed the other boys were trying to do tthe same expecially Romeo. he was loking at the girl that had the ipod and was now replaying it again. Wendy was her name wasn't it? or was it wenda?, at school she is called wenda but then i recalled the lisanna or lisanya girl saying that they were wearing a disguise. i was mostly attracted to the red head. Erza scarlet just like the shade of her har. Eria Knightwalker and Erza scarlet is the same person? that is alot to take in...

romeo pov

I was staring at wenda or rather wendy. she was absolutely gorgeous not like in school. I remembered calling her a nerd and shouting at her. I dont regret it...i think but still... Wendy Marvell youngest member of F.T. Fairytail is Wenda Morvell the nerd in my school? Really? Should i apologise? shouldn't i? It would make my fans go crazy though...Romeo Conbolt apologising to a nerd or rather a beauty disguised as a nerd...

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