Why hello all! This is a new story written by Tee-bone! and yes, i bet your wondering "Well who is this if not Tee-Bone?" I'm Celestearts, so go look me up, Tee was busy so I am posting this in her stead. don't you just love sisters? This is a story about George. (yay! my favorite! XD) and i think there is time travel involved. I don't know, so you'll have to read it for yourselves!

Well as Tee would say. Enjoy and Review!


Leah walked by the shops and stores of downtown. She was on her way home although she completely dreaded the thought even, but she had to. She waited at an intersection to cross until the little light lit up telling her to walk. As she started to cross a car came speeding down the road out of nowhere and it was headed right for her! She didn't have time to get out of the way and the car smashed into her body. The pain was unbearable as she laid on the road. She heard faint screams and could tell that people were gathering around probably calling 911 when she blacked out.

When she woke up the pain was nearly gone but her legs ached. Then she noticed both of her legs were in casts. She started to cry.

"It's ok." She heard a man say as he approached the bed. "I'm not a Doctor but they told me both of your legs are broken but they will heal. And after a while you'll be able to walk like normal again." The man smiled lightly. Leah couldn't really tell what he looked like because her vision was stroked her wavy Blond hair. "I'm going to take you home with me. No one seems to recognize you and you didn't have any I.d. Can you tell me your name?" Leah tried to speak but nothing seemed to come out, she started to cry harder but it was still just as quiet in the room. The young man picked her up with ease and put her in a wheel chair and they left the hospital. Leah looked around but nothing about this place seemed familiar and it seemed very cold. Not like any cold she'd ever felt before. 'Maybe it's just because of the accident?' She thought sadly. She also felt tired but she probably had slept for a very long time. Then she had an idea she tried to turn around but the effort was fruitless. She felt like sighing. But the man noticed the commotion and stopped.

"Is something wrong?" He asked, worry in his voice.

Leah pretended to write on her hand.

"You need to write something down?"

'Close enough!' She thought and nodded vigorously.

"Ok I might have something in my coat pocket?" He reached into his pocket to look for a pen and paper.

His voice seemed familiar to Leah but she couldn't place him.

"Here you go." He handed her a napkin and a pen.

She wrote. "My name is Leah Stacey." Her vision was still blurry even though she had pretty much stopped crying. She thrust the napkin towards what she thought was him but it turned out to be a pole.

"Can you see?"

She made a middle of the road sign with her hand.

"Did you have glasses?"

She shook her head making a face. He chuckled.

"So your name's Leah? That's pretty. Where are you from?"

He handed the napkin back to her. "Richmond, Virginia." She handed him the napkin back.

He was quiet for a minute. "No, I mean where are you staying?" He said handing the napkin back. She thrust it back at him. "Well you're in Liverpool!" He said confused. She cocked an eyebrow at him and took the napkin back excitedly. 'I think I know who this is!' She thought handing the napkin back.

"My name? Of course how stupid of me! I'm George Harrison!" He smiled.