"This makes no sense at all!" I complained. Walker, my best friend and teacher for the evening, was helping me with my calculus homework. "Yes it does!" Walker laughed. "Trust me! What doesn't make sense?" He asked. To be honest, everything. Not only did the math equations hurt my head, but Joe did too. I didn't know what to feel about him. We were friends, sure, anyone could see that. But anyone could also see how we flirt and tease and mess around with each other. So, what was it? Was I just imagining the little things that we did that we didnt do to any one else, or is there something going on here? I sighed. "I... I don't know..." Walker looked down at the assignment again. "Well, lets go over it again, and whenever we reach a part where you get lost, tell me, okay?" He asked. I nodded, "Yeah..." -oOo- "Did that make sense to you?" He asked after explaining the lesson for the sixth time. I shook my head. "Nope..." I groaned and threw my pencil on the table. "I give up. I'm done!" I said, getting up. Joe stood up and pulled me back into my seat. "Lauren Lopez, you can do this. And you know how I know that?" He asked. I shook my head. "Because, if you fail this test, you won't be able to do any plays or musicals or projects until you bring your grade back up, and we both know you can't afford losing your beloved..." He smirked. I laughed. He was right, of course. "Now, tell me. What's confusing?" I looked up from the table into Joe's eyes. My breathing faltered. Fuck. "Everything," I admitted. Walker looked at me puzzled. "What?" He asked. I sighed. It was either now or never. It was time to come clean. "Yeah, sure, the math is difficult, but you really make things confusing for me..." I said. Walker still looked confused. "Maybe you should get a new tutor then... I bet Juls knows all of this!" He said, starting to get up to get her. "No, no, no!" I exclaimed, making him sit back down. "Not like that... It's just... Walker, I never thought this would be happening. I didn't think I could fall in love, let alone with my best friend. You make me feel so... Warm inside. It stays with me wherever I go and whatever I'm doing," I said. Joe looked down at the table, obviously thinking. "I didn't think we would ever get together when I first met you. But when I first saw you smile or when I first heard your laugh, I couldn't help but to do the unspeakable. I fell in love with you, Joseph Walker. And I'm still falling... I'm falling hard too. So, let me just ask you one question. Will you be there to catch me?" I asked, looking at his immobile face and body language. After a while of me staring at Joe and Joe staring at the calculus problems, I said, "Wox? You okay?" Joe looked at me, as if I just woke him up from a daze. "If okay is wonderful, then yes. I'm okay," he replied. "What?" I asked. He smiled and said, "Yes, Lauren. I will be there to catch you. And don't worry about crushing me... I think I'll be okay." It took a while for me to process that, but when I did, I jumped on top of him. Our lips crashed together. When we finally pulled apart, we sat up, looking at the open text books on the table. Reading the problems, I smiled. Everything finally made sense.