Hey guys since we are getting close to Valentines day i decided to write a story(or at least try) Keep in mind this is my first fanfic so please be nice to me Enugh of my talk on with the show.

I do not own lenore the cute little dead girl ... T-T

Just As Sweet


"Lenore where are you?" Cried Ragamuffin after about 2 years after being reverted into a human again. He was looking for Lenore after she had wondered away from him yet again.

"Oh sweet Lenore where are you my love" said in a weak voice leaking blood. He was being held by the neck by Ragamuffin who was fairly close to killing him.

"Ragamuffin." Lenore said in a little voice that could only come from her. Ragamuffin spun around on his heel and looked at her.

"Lenore where have you been i have been looking all over for you." He said aggravated. " snuck in and I thought you would like to kill him this time."

"Lenore my darling I forgive you for accedentally killing me with the chimeney fire you are very clumsy, but that is what I love about you." Mr. Gosh said in a dreamy voice. He was about to speak when a knife was hurled at him. By now he was bearly breathing.

"Thanks Ragamuffin but first ." She nervously held out her hand and presented a heart shaped box that looked carefully wraped. His and her cheeks were dusted with rose pink as he accepted it.

"Oh lenore you have finally come to love me" Mr Gosh said when he had cought his wind but noticed Ragamuffin already holding it he was about to protest but yet another dangerous weapon was thrown.

"Thanks Lenore"

"Open it!" The dead girl said with anthusiasm. He was kind of skeptical to open it since she could have put something to kill him inside.

"Alright" He opened it cautiously and revealed a big piece of heart shaped chocolate. It was engraved with the words "Happy Valentines Day"

"Tada happy Valentines Day. Do you like it I made the chocolate myself." Lenore was was hoping that he would like it.

"Yes I do it was very thoughtful of you to give me this" Ragamuffin said in a grateful voice. Yes it was true, it was the day of sweet hearts but alas he had completely forgot.

"Taste it" She said suddenly in a demanding voice. She also had the "Do it or die" glint in hre eyes and he did not want to argue.

He broke of a piece and as soon as he ate it he was hit with a overpowering sence of sugar invading him. He swallowed it down harshfully and looked at her.

" What do you think i put in tons of sugar in it to make it taste sweet." He loked up at him with big eyes and the biggest smile she could muster.

"Is this what you were up to?" He asked.

She nodded her head.

He smiled "Yes I love it thank you." He then added "Though it is still not as sweet as you." He said in a sweet voice.

Suddenly he felt her peck his cheek. By this point they were both cherry red. Lenore was about to say something when...

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Lenore I though we hade something speci..."


Blood was dropping from 's head. Next to him was Lenore holding a gun Ragamuffin had gave her when had woken up. "Thought you would need that."

With that they both left to bury and grab a bite to eat.