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Ace of Spades: Chapter 1: Disappear without a trace.

Lavi P.O.V.

He's gone.

The words don't register in my mind at first. How could the beautiful, kind boy just disappear without a trace?

There has to be something here… Something telling me where he went…

The ground is covered in his ruby blood, making me choke from the scent. Leaves cover the ground, trapping the earth with their fading colors of green and red. Something sticks out in the leaves, white with black in the middle. A closer look reveals a playing card.

Ace of spades.

Allen pops his head back in the window as the train speeds away, leaving the three men and child at the train station to themselves. I watch as Allen stares at the deck of cards in his hands before pulling a card out and showing it to me. "This is my favorite." He states, placing the card down on the table before flipping through the others as I stare at the one card in front of me with thorns and chains swirled around the pure black figure in the middle. A spade stares back at me, daring me to touch it, but I just turn back to Allen and watch him ignoring the feeling that somebody is watching me, and I know exactly who –or what- it is.

Tyki Mikk.

My fist closes around the card and I pull it to my chest with a deep breath. "I will find you… Allen… Wait for me…" I whisper, opening my eyes, suddenly and glare at the trees that linger in the distance, like they would tell me something if I stare long enough.

But they won't.

I have to do this, myself.

This is a twist of "The 57th night: Crossroads"

So… Yeah…

Don't do drugs.

Alcohol is bad if you are underage.

Stay in school.

Boys; don't get pregnant.

Girls; don't get boys pregnant.

Have a nice day and or night, kind sir and or madam!