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Ace of Spades: Chapter 2: Because I am me and you are you.

Lavi P.O.V

"What do you mean we can't search for him!?" I shout. Komui sits in his chair, behind the safety of his desk, his hands folded in front of him in a polite, professional manner.

"I mean exactly what I said. We are being attacked left and right. We need every fighter we can get on the front line. That includes you." He states, as if he is saying that 'we are out of milk' instead of 'your best friend is probably almost dead and I won't get somebody to go search for him'.

My blood boils and I finally break, after an hour of fighting with him on the matter. "I don't care! I'm going to find him!" I scream, clenching my fists at my side before turning on my heel and stalking towards the door. "Lavi…" He says and I pause, my hand hovering above the door handle.

"Bring him back." He says, more of commands. I open the door and exit the messy room, leaving Komui in silence. I had already packed, knowing that if he did accept, he would send me, and if he didn't, I was going, anyways. There was just one last thing to do…

~! #$%^&* All The Lavens *&^%$# !~

I stop in front of a shelf in the old library, full of musty books that have been collected over century's. Searching for a specific book, I pull down a thick black one with a golden feather engraved on the front. I flip open to one of the pages and read one of the many quotes that are written, softly on the page.

"Life is beautiful and fleeting, so forget about what once was and focus on what is now. Live for your mistakes because they help you learn. Laugh every chance you get, because you don't know when that laugh will be taken away. Love everything because you may never know what it felt like to love and be loved back if you don't try. But most importantly, be yourself, because nobody else is you." I whisper.

Holding this book makes me feel like he is here, next to me, reading the quotes as I lazily stare at him when he isn't looking and pretend to work when he is. I run my fingers along the page before flipping it to another part of the book and gently slip out the card that I placed between the pages before closing the book and putting it in my bag.

Ah. One more thing… I search for a book that gramps will be using in the next two hours and slip a small note inside. The paper peeks out the top of the book enough so he will notice its existence and I snap the book closed before putting it back in its place and leaving.

'I am not a Bookman. I am Lavi. –Lavi'

I smirk to myself as The Black Order fades into the fog behind me, knowing that I might just not be able to return there, after this, but not caring, as long as I get to see his beautiful smile and sweet face again. Just one more time. Please, God… Just one last time…

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