Hey guys, I saw that there weren't a lot of Mills/Dawson fics so I decided to write one to fill my own guilty pleasures. This is a first for me for Chicago Fire, so I'm sorry if all the technical terms are wrong or if I don't get the character just right. I hope you guys understand. Please Read and review :) Enjoy~

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I awoke to find myself unclothed and covered in my sheets. I sat up, recalling the events of last night. I tightened the blanket around my chest as I stood up to dress. As I pulled down my over sized gray college sweatshirt, I smelled something. Something good. I only put on underwear and no pants and leave my bedroom. I take a turn to my kitchen to find my boyfriend sizzling some bacon for breakfast.

"Good morning sunshine." I hear Peter Mills chirp as he hands me a plate of seasoned scrambled eggs and bacon along with a glass of orange juice.

Peter is sweet. He's nice and respectful, but I thought we'd be far more serious as a relationship that has gone on for 5 months could be. Maybe it was because our relationship was a secret to the guys and Shay at the firehouse. Maybe. I still can't believe that Shay doesn't know, and she knows everything!

"Good morning. Have a nice sleep?" I cooed in my morning voice as I placed the food down on the kitchen counter and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Mmhmm." He nods. "You?" He asks me.

"It was great. I slept like a baby."

He chuckles and plants a kiss on my lips as he pulls away to grab his jacket from the couch.

"You're not going to change?" I ask.

"Trust me, this is not my first time wearing the same shirt to work. I want to get asked questions." He teasingly says.

"Really now?" I step in front of him.

"Yes. Really." He mocks.

"What will you say if they ask you how the girl was?" Two could play the teasing game.

"Well, I would say that she was amazing. That she was the best woman I've ever had sex with. I would tell them that she is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen or been with." He pulls me close.

"What if they ask you what the woman is like personality wise?" I ask him as I trace my finger from the corner of his lip to the other.

"I would say she's kind and sweet and down to earth. I would say that she's courageous and loving and talented at whatever she does. I would say that she's caring and isn't afraid to do what is right. I would say she's smart and charming. I would say she's the perfect woman."

"I never wanted you so much." I whispered in his ear.

"I would love to take you right here right now-" He whispers back, but then pulls away. "But your food is getting cold and I have to go to work. If I'm late, they could cut me loose. You know that."

"I do." I said in agreement. "But change first."

"Fine." He pouts and stomps off to the bedroom dresser to change into a different shirt.

I move my food to the dining room table and sit down to eat. I took a spoonful of eggs and let the deliciousness soak into my taste buds. That man could cook.

As I was going to drink a sip of orange juice, Peter stepped out with his arms spread open.

"Happy?" He asks me.

"Very." I reply and take a sip of my juice.

He places his hand on the doorknob of the front door and says to me, "I'll see you at work okay?"

"Okay." I said and rushed out of my chair to him to steal another kiss and then let him go to work.

I strolled back to my seat to started to eating again.

I wouldn't call it love, but somewhere near it. We're serious, but not serious enough. I smile at the thought and continue eating.