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"Megatronus?" Orion softly asked, thoroughly attempting not to sound as annoyed as he actually was.

His flat blue optics snapped up from the data pad he held in his lap to stare at the gladiator seated besides him. The larger mech was obviously not listening to a word Orion Pax had been saying previously. The clerk tolerated it for as long as he could. Megatronus might as well have been recharging. Now? Now the gladiator was just coming off as plain rude. He wasn't even trying to make it seem as if he were reading or listening. He was just... just discreetly staring at Orion.

The attention finally came back to life in Megatronus' beautifully shaded optics as he looked up from Orion's mouth.

"Megatronus, are you even concentrating?" the clerk tried again, his azure optics gazing deep into the gladiator's own.

The gladiator's helm looked down quickly, snapping a cable or two in his neck, but ignored the minor pain. His pedes shifted uncomfortably underneath the desk as he blinked, looking back up at the archivist again. Megatronus' dental weakly appeared in a warm grin to give Orion Pax closure. His optics fell elsewhere, in this case, down to the data pad he was supposed to be following along to as Orion educated him. Usually, Megatronus hadn't truly cared when he had disappointed a mech, because he had done it more often than he should have, anyways.

But to see Orion Pax disappointed in him? That destroyed Megatronus. He was a skilled gladiator from the Pits of Kaon, why had he taken such keen affections towards a mere archivist?

Megatronus thought a klik longer before realizing he had an impatient Orion staring at him. And so he absently replied, "Yes of course, Orion".

Now, of course that was a lie.

How could Megatronus focus with the clerk's ravishing lip components chatting away about the Council, his work at the Iacon Hall of Records, and nearly everything he knew of each? Though Megatronus hadn't achieved the highest of honours when it came down to the 13; Orion was merely too quaint to ignore. And the way those lip components adjusted so perfectly and swiftly transformed into that naïve and innocent smile...

There it was again.

That smile could only cause Megatronus' gears to grind uncomfortably with arousal. Orion Pax was a stunning mech from heel strut to the very last optic fiber. Everything about the sly clerk only drew Megatronus closer, wanting to possess him all to himself. Usually, if Megatronus had even the slightest interest in a 'bots frame, he would not hesitate to claim them for however long he pleased. Such a method heavily differed with Orion Pax. The gladiator felt as if he needed to properly court the Iacon spawned archivist.

"Fine. Where did I leave off from?" Orion questioned partly to himself, partly to Megatronus.

Megatronus' attention rose back to the clerk and stared at the sweet, metallic pair of lips part in mid thought before continuing the previous.

"Ah, as I said before, the Iacon Hall of Records holds a fine diversity of subjects among Cybertron-"

Orion Pax's vocals slowly blurred out as Megatronus began discreetly staring again. Trying his best to not make it completely obvious. He guessed he had failed to do that in the first place. He couldn't help himself, though. He felt so weak and yet so strong in the presence of Orion.

Megatronus suddenly thought of all the things possible that he could do with those angelic lips... of all the things that Orion Pax would possibly consider doing. He felt his abdominal and lower region armour clench tightly by the video graphic imagery playing off in his CPU as Orion continued to speak in that angelic baritone.

His spark flared and sent a dangerous rush of liquidated desire through his systems, plaguing and teasing his processors. The silver mech's protoform hissed by the thoughts swarming in his CPU. The gladiator knew it was wrong, thinking of his so-called 'brother' in a sexual way. Though, how could he help himself?

Primus, those lip components would not seize movement. That perfectly designed pair of sensitive and quite enthralling lip components...

It bothered Megatronus. Teased him, even. Perhaps, Megatronus could get the two of them off topic. How? Orion is heavily indulged in his work. And this was not a date.

Offer energon?

Megatronus lit up and paused in mid-thought as he considered.

He looked up to Orion's optics when the archivist had questioned him something.

The gladiator merely nodded his helm in false agreement before noticing the way Orion's servos moved to gesture the things he spoke of.

The small, red servos shaped things and widened to express an object. It was just completely captivating. Megatronus' optics ghosted over the clerk's frame a few times, noticing the details in small doses. Orion occasionally acknowledged what Megatronus was doing, but the nobility and respect within his sweet-sparked self ignored it, for the most part, and continued the slightly one-sided conversation.

Megatronus thought back to offering a fueling session. That concept may actually work. If the younger mech would agree to the such. Only then may Megatronus properly court this classy archivist of his into becoming perhaps more than a brother for however long he could obtain.

But even so, the two had met only a few months back. Orion had grown close to Megatronus in that time, seeing the gladiator as something of a mentor. Megatronus hadn't minded the shy company. Though in the way beginning, the clerk had been inconceivably clingy. After awhile, Megatronus could feel Orion distantcing himself, and really hadn't been fond of it.

Orion stopped in mid-word as his gaze fell to Megatronus again.

The mech had totally spaced out again.

The clerk's shoulder plating slumped as he sighed, his pede tapping on to the metallic floor beneath the desk. Orion had his pedes crossed over each other, his back plating arching forwards as he physically demonstrated a few things and spoke from a series of data pads scattered across the desk in the library.

"What are you staring at?" he finally asked, his vocals reached a point of accumulated stress and confusion.

Megatronus froze, slowly blinking and forcing a weak smile. "I.. I wasn't.." he shook his helm, embarrassment trying to stay hidden.

But Orion read the gladiator thoroughly.

The silver mech looked up with his smooth optical ridges arched to match his attempted smile. That data clerk could see any emotion through optics, especially Megatronus' and especially now. And Megatronus had not been used to any being able to look right into his spark like Orion could. It was not an easy task, yet Orion Pax had possessed that advantage.

"Listen to me," Orion started, looking down to his digits, tapping them on to the dark metallic desk where the data pads didn't cover. "All evening you have stared at me. I have grown rather.. curious, Megatronus," he admit. "Why?" his vocalizers pitch raised in sound at the last question.

The gladiator's intakes hitched and he took a deep one before trying to gather a response. It was immensely harder with Orion staring at him with those sweet optics of his. Megatronus suddenly felt sick to the tank, his optics falling to the ground, gazing away from the clerk. Afraid that the stare may corrupt his protective shield of emotions. He assumed now would be the only efficient time to put the energon offer to the test. It was not like he can answer Orion's inquire. What would he even tell him?

"Would you like to fuel?" Megatronus asked, his broad chassis puffed out as his intakes adjusted again.

Orion's optical ridge raised in minor suspicion but eventually he smiled awkwardly. After another klik of thought, Orion Pax scooted closer to Megatronus and warmly laughed, reaching for the gladiator's servo. The clerk's thin digits rested against the cool metal of Megatronus' maroon fusion cannon, attempting comfort, but only giving Megatronus another surge of lust through his protoform. His equipment suddenly throbbing under its housing just from the gentle touch of Orion.

"You need to focus, Megatronus" he said. "This is very important, so I suggest you take advantage".

The gladiator awkwardly nodded his helm and turned to glance at the data pads with an embarrassed sigh of defeat.

"I would not mind refueling with you afterwards, though," Orion finished, looking down from Megatronus and smiling. He momentarily pretended to be interesting in a small crack on the metallic floor of the library, fixing his optics on the area to avoid the gladiator's optics. He couldn't recall another time where he could not cease smiling.

The gladiator's lip components smirked upwards and a small hint of desperation and luck gleamed in his bright blue optics as they looked up to Orion. The corner of his lip component quirked into a soft smirk and Megatronus extended his servo, taking Orion's digits into his own.

"I give you my sincerest apologies, Orion" he said.

It might be awhile until they could even endeavor on that journey. But Megatronus gave that his regards becuase in this moment, having Orion's smaller digits squirm to take a firm grip of Megatronus' own silver, blocky digits, everything felt right. Everything felt warm with Orion by his side. Megatronus smirked to himself in hidden deep thought.

Orion Pax is worth waiting millennia for...

Megatronus looked up to Orion with the same smirk hiding. "Please," he purred with a deep, hesitant intake. "Continue, brother".

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