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The archivists' thighs scraped against the side of the berth, back arching forwards. His chassis rubbed against Megatronus' as the gladiator leaned in all to slowly. Orion felt one of Megatronus' servos reach up, a digit seeking to hook under his chin. Inclining his helm, Megatronus then deliberately pressed his parted lips to Orion's own.

The clerk did not hesitate to return the kiss. His own lip components, chaste and eager, closed against the other mech's and he tilted his helm to deepen the kiss. Orion's servos ran down Megatronus' silver chestplates, merely getting a feel for his heat.

Megatronus smiled as Orion opened his mouth for him. The servo remaining on Orion's thigh shifted. His digits dug into the seams of his blue hip and encouraged him to take a seat on the berth. The data clerk's cooling fans whirred faster at the touches and he gasped into Megatronus' mouth, only giving the silver mech the opportunity to allow his glossa to slid into Orion's open mouth, teasing the clerk's own shy glossa.

Trying to return the sensation, Orion's red servos then stopped at the sides of Megatronus' red, accented abdomen. The gladiator took that so much as an invitation to do the same and his thick digits dug into the gaps of Orion's armour where the silver thighs met blue plating.

Orion moaned softly, pleasantly surprised at Megatronus' soft touches.

The gladiator was from Kaon. The Pits of Kaon, even. Never would Orion have imagined Megatronus being so gentle and patient with him. A small part of Orion feared that Megatronus merely wanted to interface and be gone by the time he would awaken. If that was the outcome of this, then Orion was silently thinking of ways to convince himself it was for the better.

Yet he could not. It matter not how tight Megatronus held him, or how passionately he would kiss him, the thought still lingered deep in Orion's processor. Perhaps it was just Orion's incapability to trust so easily. Or it was that when he was with Megatronus, he felt so alive and didn't want to be without the mech he found as someone like a mentor. A mentor he was sexually involved with..

But not ever again did Orion Pax want to feel as lonely and helpless as he was before meeting the gladiator.

Orion forced the doubts away - doubts of Megatronus leaving him - and he kissed Megatronus hard, pulling him that much closer. Orion spread his pedes, lowering himself on to the berth. Deliberately, the data clerk began scooting back. Megatronus followed by pulling his knee struts on to the berth to climb over Orion as he sprawled himself down on the berth.

Orion's back struts slowly relaxed and his pedes spread wide open. Falling on to the berth, his servos clenched tighter on Megatronus' armour. The gladiator's servo released Orion's waist and supported his own frame as he crawled on top of the archivist. Megatronus lowered his helm to press soft, heated kisses on to Orion's warm neck cables as they comfortably situated on the berth.

The archivist praised the sensation, "Megatronus..." he moaned the name.

He could feel Megatronus' lip components shift to a wicked smirk, still pressed against his neck cables. The silver mech's glossa then slithered out to expertly lick a specifically hidden, yet very sensitive energon vain. It caused Orion to moan loudly and shiver under the heavy gladiator. Megatronus didn't feel obligated to hush the archivist. If anything, he was actually enamored with Orion's shy moans.

Gently, the silver mech nibbled and sucked at the delicate neck cable.

Megatronus now hovered over Orion Pax, cautiously grinded their building heat together with the affectionate scraping of panels. The silver mech could feel Orion's thighs collide with his, modest pedes wrapped around his thick waist. Megatronus raised his helm to make minutely optic contact with the data clerk before smashing their lip components together, taking Orion into another deep and heated kiss.

The anticipation of filling Orion was entirely too indulging for Megatronus. Though the foreplay was quite intoxicating, he couldn't wait to feel the heat of Orion around him and have him deliciously sobbing his name in ecstasy.

Megatronus lips shifted in to a possessive smirk as they started another intimate kiss. He realized that he was half-way towards reaching the impression he so often dreamed.

Megatronus' servos traveled from the clerk's waist and down the back of his silver thighs, helping the pedes tighten their clasp around his own grey pelvis. The gladiator pulled back after engaging an intense glossa battle for dominance. His wet lips pressed on to Orion's lascivious jaw line.

"You prefer this position?" he mumbled the question seductively as he pressed quick kisses against the heated metal of Orion's jaw.

The data clerk's optics dimly online, his gaze immediately falling to the mech on top of him. "W-what?" he tilted his blue helm.

Megatronus smiled, pulling his frame up higher to make more accessible optic contact with the impassioned mech below him. The silver mech couldn't help but quickly press his lip components on to Orion's, since they slightly hung open.

"This position..." Megatronus repeated. Offering a smile, his digits then grazed up Orion's silver thigh. "Would you like to modify it?"

Orion released a gush of warm ventilation and panted, feeling Megatronus' thighs scrap against his. "How?" he asked again.

Always the curious mech. Always playing 20 questions. Always just.. being Orion.

It was a favorable trait among archivists, librarians, and the such to ask many questions. Megatronus had to admit that it was just adorable. He allowed a smile to dress his lips again. He then tried to explain the question into further detail.

"I'm considerably larger than you, Orion. Would you like to be on top? I wouldn't want to crush you," Megatronus stated, leaning down for another kiss.

Instead of going for the kiss, Orion pushed his helm back against the berth, away from Megatronus' lips and softly laughed. His servos stroked Megatronus' shoulder armour attentively.

"I suppose that would be fine. Either way, you will still be 'crushing' me," Orion reminded with a smirk.

Megatronus' heavy-duty cooling fans whirred faster at the response. His mouth hung open, only to have Orion indulge himself by returning the kiss he had previously dodged. Slowly, they both moved to the formerly conversed position. Megatronus now lay comfortably on the berth with the archivist sitting on top of him. Again, their lips quickly found each other, glossa tasting glossa. Orion's back arched forwards as he felt Megatronus' teasing servos dig into the gaps of his modest frame. He sat on the gladiator with spread pedes, revealing his blue interface panel. The gladiator deliciously stared at Orion's frame, feeling a burst of liquid desire spike his protoform.

"Open for me," Megatronus asked.

Orion's vocals hummed softly in response. He gave the silver mech beneath him a skeptical glance before his aroused optics shot down to Megatronus' abdomen. The red servos slowly slid from the massive shoulder armour, down Megatronus' chestplates, and finally to the region he currently stared. With determined optics, Orion's red servos continuously slid further down his frame. The data clerk offline his optics and took a deep ventilation.

"You first..." It was momentarily silent. "Please," Orion beautifully finished.

Megatronus blinked, completely absorbed with the archivists' every move. "Make me," the gladiator purred.

Orion responded faster than Megatronus had expected. Two curious servos suddenly touched Megatronus' interface panel. The digits gently caressed the metallic region, trying to pry it open. Orion gazed at the area, examining the exquisite panel. His ebony digits curiously dug into a hidden seam. Bullets of pleasure coursed through Megatronus, his spike throbbing in response beneath its cover. He instantly groaned at the bold, experimental decision.

The data clerk noticed that intense flare of energy sparking between them. "You like that?" Orion lowly taunted with a smug expression.

He tried putting pressure in the spot again. Same reaction. He curiously did it again. Only this time, with confident digits and impressively hard pressure. Megatronus panel clicked open. Orion gasped softly and smiled at his success. Megatronus blinked in a mixture of disappointment in himself and excitement.

Megatronus' spike differed from Orion's. The archivist had elegant ringlets of a noble blue design decorate his, while Megatronus' was plain ebony. The shade was bluntly darker than the rest of his silver frame, though.

The gladiator watched as Orion stared at his erect spike in awe, admiring the length with aroused optics.

"Your turn," Megatronus tastefully mumbled.

Staring at the archivist sitting a top him, Megatronus tempted to coax more pleasurable noises from those beautiful vocals. He began by running his digits keenly down Orion's frame, gently pulling him closer. Orion chastely arched into the sensation, his warm blue interface panel only just bumping against Megatronus' aroused spike. The data clerk moaned in response, feeling the servos on his waist pull him that much closer.

"Don't be so shy, Orion. Come on.." the gladiator coaxed.

Orion responded only with a nod of his helm, looking down to Megatronus' erect spike with hungry optics. His servos traveled back up Megatronus' frame, slowly wrapping themselves around the gladiator's neck cables before allowing himself to open.

Megatronus hummed softly in appreciation. His blue optics were dim with arousal as he watched the archivists' panel reveal his immaculate spike and valve. Orion chastely panted, clearly new to this position. He tried pulling himself closer to the spike below him.

Megatronus merely laughed at the inexperienced attempts and quickly decided to help Orion sit more comfortably by smoothly yanking him closer. He then released one of the clerk's thighs, the servo slipped between their frames.

The archivist gasped, desperately trying to not flinch and cringe awkwardly at the sensation. Megatronus' digits stroked the entrance of the smaller valve, merely getting a feel for Orion's heat. The data clerk moaned in return, his valve compressing and releasing lubricants as the digit expertly circled the valve. Megatronus took a moment to observe Orion's facial expressions, his digit stopping in the process.

Orion's optics shuddered offline. "M-more... please, Megatronus."

The gladiator didn't hesitate and immediately, his thick, silver digit advanced up into the expecting heat, wriggling into the mesh of wires inside the tight valve.

With a smile, Megatronus watched as Orion's lip components hung open at the intrusive sensation. The archivist anxiously arched his back as the digit repeatedly worked its way deeper into his valve. The silver mech cautiously added another digit, watching with dim optics as Orion's widely spread, blue hips arched intermittently to the movements of the digits that continuously slipped in an out of his valve.

Megatronus knew it would be a taut fit, him being considerably larger than Orion Pax. As much as he wanted to, Megatronus couldn't simply take the archivist into a round of interfacing. It would most certainly strain Orion to not have his valve stretched properly to fit Megatronus' large spike. Even so, the process would begin with pain but soon be driven by pleasure.

The gladiator blissfully smirked at the throbbing flush of electricity that crackled within Orion's valve. Humid lubricants covered Megatronus' digits as they scissored their way as deep as they could reach.

Orion rocked into the sensation, trying not to cringe and flinch too erratically. His valve disagreed with his processor though and the clerk quickly lost control over his vocalizer once he felt a burning sensation ripple and vibrate deep inside his valve and he moaned wantonly.

"Relax, Orion," Megatronus rasped, slowly pulling his digits out from the stretched valve.

The archivist nodded quickly, releasing a gust of warm ventilated air as his frame was pulled forward by strong servos. Megatronus' slipped both servos under Orion's thighs, grasping the more delicate plating and gently prying his pedes further apart. Orion swayed his frame even closer, hitching up his pedes as his exposed valve touched Megatronus' suddenly very erect spike.

The clerk gasped at the feeling, instinctively grasping at Megatronus' shoulders with delicate servos. His small, ebony digits clenched around the metal and he bared his dental in an arousing grimace as he hovered over the swollen spike. Orion's valve compressed and released lubricants in anticipation. Megatronus' servos yanked him that much closer as he felt the rush of steam hit his spike. The gladiator's optics were dim, focusing on every little spasm and hitch in Orion's quaint movements, trying to savor the experience.


The silver mech looked up to Orion's bright face plates and found himself a bit surprised. Even in this position - having Orion Pax moaning, rocking and hovering over his member just waiting to be filled - the archivist still managed to look utterly chaste.

It only seemed to electrify Megatronus with a crackle of desire. The sensation rushed through his protoform. Pulling Megatronus from his reverie was a pair of soft lips that pressed against his own.

Before the gladiator could even return the quick kiss, he felt something warm drop on to the head of his spike. Megatronus groaned at the suddenness, optics flickering online to see Orion determinedly sinking lower.

The data clerk gasped something that Megatronus couldn't audio, too transfixed on the sight to focus on much anything else. The silver gladiator wanted to thrust up and tear into the heat because Primus, Orion was taking him in so slow and just so deep.

Every so often, Orion hitched up his shaking thighs and clenched his dental in his mouth. The size of Megatronus' spike was nearly to broad to trifle inside his valve, so at the given moment it was almost more painful than it was pleasurable. Yet Orion found himself hungry for the sensation buzzing through his systems and allowed himself the sink lower. Already more than half-way down on the spike, the archivist made the mistake of spreading hips and ended up shifting the angle inside him.

Orion cried out as the spike triggered the hidden sensory nodes deep within his valve, "A-ah..!"

Megatronus' lip components hung open at the scene, and he could instantly sense Orion trying to recoil from the pain. However the attempt didn't work and Megatronus held Orion firmly in place as he jerked.

It took another nano-klik for Orion to calm down. Megatronus stared up at him with encouraging optics. Beginning to rub at Orion's thighs smoothingly to stimulate him. It seemed to do the trick and the gladiator felt the quivering valve clasp on to his throbbing spike. Orion sunk that much lower.

Megatronus lined himself inside the valve, feeling the valve walls tighten around his spike. Orion intensely ventilated, his careful servos slid down to Megatronus' chassis. He shifted his weight before completely sinking down on to the interface. Megatronus merely hummed in appreciation as his spike filled the chaste valve.

Orion shuddered at the forgotten sensations. He instantly gasped as a powerful wave of pleasure striked his sensory nets. The spike inside him set of dozens of hyper-sensitive nodes so deep that Orion couldn't recall were ever there, even in his experience from previous relationships. The bliss was incomparable and his hips swayed to the feeling.

Megatronus groaned in pleasure, feeling Orion's small servos grasp at his armour.

Orion released a hot ventilation as he pushed himself up off the spike. After a short klik he slipped back down, taking Megatronus' throbbing spike inside of him again. The data clerk allowed himself to sink so low that his widely open, metal thighs scraped against Megatronus'.

Megatronus clenched his dental as he tightened his servos possessively around the archivist, their frames both buzzed with arousal. Orion's confidence grew as the process continued, faster. Dropping and quickly rising up. It was quite consuming.

What else was consuming was Megatronus' optics. Orion found himself transfixed on them as he started to bounce his thighs down on to the spike below him, his lip components dropping open at the fast pace. The dim, blue optics that affectionately gazed back blinked in amusement.

Megatronus ventilated heavily as a smirk split on his lips, he pulled him closer and stroked the modest mech's warm plating. "Just like that, Orion..." he purred encouragingly.

Orion couldn't seem to form words, too distracted by the sensation of being completely filled. But suddenly, he jumped. The data clerk moaned wantonly as he felt the sudden returning of powerful thrusts from Megatronus.


The silver mech merely watched with substantial lust as Orion moaned and cried out in time to each drop and to each time he circled his spike inside the stretched valve.

Orion panted Megatronus' name again as the intense friction between them increased. The gladiator began rutting up into Orion's gapping valve, the hard thrusts causing piles of hot lubricants to seep from the entrance and stain plating.

Megatronus knew Orion wouldn't last much longer, judging by the way his valve continuously clasped on to his spike. But Megatronus' thoughts were scrambled instantly as he felt Orion pound down on to him, staying in place and grinding their plating together.

Orion seemed to enjoy that motion, his cooling fans whirring so fast that Megatronus believed that Orion would pass out. Regardless, the gladiator repeatedly thrusted inside of him. His spike slammed against the back of the valve as Orion seductively scraped their interfaces together.

It was all so hot and so much and Orion gasped before freezing.

The archivists' valve finally clamped down and rippled around Megatronus' spike and he overloaded with a wail of pleasure. However Megatronus wanted to continue, he decided to go easy on the overloading mech on top of him and allowed himself to do the same with the strongest thrust he could muster. It seemed to trigger Orion again and he screamed. The beautiful vocals managed to take Megatronus into overload as well.

Still lost in the waves of a flushing overload, Orion's form tiredly fell. His helm clonked on to Megatronus' roaring chassis with a dull thud.

It took a breem of silence for them both to catch thier breaths, Megatronus being first to move. He cautiously ran a servo down Orion's backside, the other moving to cup the small blue helm on his chestplates. Orion looked up with weary optics and a mouth that was wide open and ventilated heavily. He did happen to look pleased with virtually everything at the moment and it was just adorable.

Megatronus offered a smile, his optics blinking, trying to hide the considerably strong affections he held for the clerk.

Orion blushed in response and he weakly lifted himself off of Megatronus' large spike. The gladiator groaned as he felt Orion's valve vibrate for the last time. Orion closed his panel and Megatronus decided to do the same. The clerk looked at the gladiator with the most loving optics Megatronus had ever seen. It almost sent Megatronus' frame heating again.

The archivist, nearly and inch from Megatronus's face plates opened his mouth to say something but got cut off by a kiss. Megatronus closed his optics, satisfied as he felt Orion relax his frame and move to curl up against him, managing to keep the kiss steady.

They both comfortably lay against eachother. Orion could feel recharge threatening his systems from being exposed to such an overload. Breaking off the kiss, Orion smiled and hit his fore helm against Megatronus'.

Megatronus chuckled, taking the clerk tighter in his servos. This time, closing his optics, all Megatronus saw was light. He had a strong ideal that recharging wouldn't be dreadful and overwhelmed with dreams of horrific memories this time. Not with having Orion asleep in his servos.

Megatronus onlined his optics one last time to get a final glance at the mech comfortably resting in his servo.

Sleeping Orion. Intaking Orion. His Orion.

The gladiator was suddenly to terrified to blink, afraid that had he closed his optics, then all of what he loved would fade away.

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