"Are you Wyatt's little brother?"

Phoebe watched as Chris's expression became dark and somber. He looked broken and tired; his emerald eyes glistened with tears. He looked at floor, his shoulders heaving as he tried to find the right words. "No." He finally said.

Phoebe's eyes widened. She had been so sure, so confident that she had finally figured out his secret. "But…but I saw…"

"No. You didn't." His voice was hard. He reached out suddenly and grabbed for her empty hands, curling his fingers heavily around hers. She gasped as the familiar psychic pull engulfed her, sucking her into a premonition.

She was back in the manor. In the sunroom. It was morning, and the bright sun was pulsating into the room where she had seen the two young boys playing. The scene began to unfold, the characters appearing to play their roles. The blonde boy had a videogame in his hands, his head bent over it greedily. The brunette boy was not standing beside him as he had been earlier. In his place a brunette girl with braids and dark eyes tired to reach for the videogame while the blonde boy held it out of her reach. Piper, walking in with a plate of cookies and her cellphone to her ear, tapped the game as she passed. "Wyatt, let your little sister play, please." She scolded, gently. She walked past Phoebe and put the plate down on the table.

Phoebe looked around, searching for the brunette boy. "Piper, can you take Phoebe to the doctor please?" Paige, her hair dyed red instead of brown, swept into the room, her black robe falling freely over her shoulders like wings. "I have so many papers to grade." She added with an exasperated sigh.

Piper looked up from the table, her cellphone still cradled between her neck and shoulder. "I have to go the restaurant. Apparently the lobster I ordered for the menu tonight went bad." Paige put her hands on her hips and frowned. Before she could protest Piper continued. "Ask Prue."

"Prue?!" Phoebe whirled around in shock and surprise at the sound of her late sister's name. As if on cue Prue stepped into the room. Phoebe stared at her sister with her mouth agape. Prue was more beautiful then she remembered: her thick dark hair hung loose over her shoulders, bangs brushed quickly to either side. She was dressed comfortably in jeans and a flowing black top with mesh sleeves that she pushed up before crossing her arms, her emerald eyes darting suspiciously between Piper and Paige. "Prue, can you please take Phoebe to the doctor?" Paige asked, her hands still firmly planted on her hips. "I have to get all these papers graded by tonight."

Phoebe watched, still absolutely speechless as Prue brought a hand up to brush her stubborn bangs back and turned to look at Piper. "I have to get the restaurant and change my menu for tonight." Piper explained, before returning to her phone call.

"Please Prue. I promise I'll make it up to you." Paige begged, her lips puckering into a frown.

Prue laughed and Phoebe had to hold her breath. She never dared to imagine the sound of Prue laughing. Her laugh was high and sincere, and when she finished, she was smiling. It made Phoebe weak in the knees to see her sister smiling again. Before Prue could speak, however, the brunette boy Phoebe had been looking for raced into the room. "Mommy! Mommy!" Phoebe couldn't have been any more shocked then to watch as he passed by Piper and ran into Prue's arms instead.

Phoebe stepped back from Chris's grip, breathing heavily and shaking. Chris reached out to steady her, but she shoved him away, gripping unto the wall and grabbing for her chest with her free hand. "You…" She couldn't form the words. She couldn't believe. She didn't dare believe. "You're…"

"Prue's son."