"Chris, I don't know what you're so worried about. It's only been two days." Prue was laying on her bed with several prints spread out in front of her, examing each of them in turn, while her son paced nervously across the room.

"Exactly. Two days without a word from him. Don't you find that the least bit concerning?" Chris quickly pointed out, folding his arms over his chest.

"Your father comes and goes as he's needed. He's had his hands full with that one charge of his in New Zealand. That's probably where he is now if nothing else." Prue replied calmly, selecting one of the prints and pinning it to the top of a manila folder before gathering the others and placing it inside. She got off the bed and walked over to her newly refurbished closet.

"Where are you going?" Her oldest son asked, following her across the room with his eyes.

"To work, I have to drop off the prints before nine." She told him, casually selecting her favorite purple blouse and pulling it on over the dark tank top and black jeans she was wearing. "Have you seen my leather jacket?"

"This one?" Piper was standing in the doorway, Prue's old black leather jacket in her hands. The one Prue was wearing when Shax threw her through the wall that cool spring day in May three years prior. The one Piper would later put on as a symbol of her new role as oldest sister and oldest Charmed One. She never imagined she'd be able to give that role, that weight, that power, back, and she was never so happy to return something in her life.

Prue turned to her youngest sister, a gentle smile on her lips. She cautiously reached out for the jacket, knowing full well what it meant for Piper to be returning it to her. "Yeah, that will do." She took the piece of clothing from the middle sister and slipped it over her shoulders, exhaling at the feeling of the leather against her skin. Just like old times. Finally.

Chris to his credit stayed quiet through the moment, and once it had past spoke up again. "Don't you want to wait for Connor and Caleb to get back?"

Prue rolled her eyes and smirked lightly. "No son, your brothers are perfectly capable of looking out for themselves." She grabbed Piper's arm and walked out of the room before Chris could say another word.

Out in the hall Piper eyed Prue curiously. "You're not worried?" She asked, linking arms with her sister as they walked down the stairs.

"Of course I'm worried, I haven't heard from my husband in 48 hours, and two of my sons are tearing through the Underworld by themselves with only the power to orb and an unreliable ability to cause things to explode between them. But, I'm trying not to turn my baby into such a neuronic little-" She was cut off by white orbs forming at the bottom of the stairs. "Cole?"

The orbs however dissipated into Paige who scowled a little. "Oh great, am I going to get mistaken for Cole from now on?"

Piper laughed out loud. "Looks that way." She said with a grin. "What's up?"

"Have you guys seen my black jeans? The ones with the studs on the back pockets?" Their baby sister asked, putting her hands on her hips. She did look a little out of place, Prue and Piper realized, as though she had started to get ready and then realized she had forgotten something important. She had eyeliner on, but no lipstick, and her hair was down but only partially brushed out. And she was wearing flannel pajama pants under her half buttoned baby pink blouse. "I want to wear them to work today."

Piper cast a sideways glance at her oldest sister and then dropped her eyes back behind her for a moment. Paige followed Piper's eyes and then raised an eyebrow at Prue. Prue, noticing the attention, crossed her arms sternly over her chest. "These are mine." She said firmly. "I bought them in Paris with Cole." Piper raised an eyebrow at this, it was a little unlike her sister to spend a lot of money on clothes, of course Prue always did prefer a dark, sultry but still comfortable, look when she wasn't dressed professionally.

"No, they're mine." Paige insisted. "Look, that's the stain from where I spilled Piper's cranberry sauce last thanksgiving." She pointed to a reddish blot high on one thigh, near the stitching.

Prue shook her head. "That's the merlot Cole spilled on me on our last anniversary."

"Piper!" Paige turned to her second oldest sister incredulously. "I'm gonna be late, make Prue give me my jeans."

"I'm gonna be late too, I need to drop off my prints." Prue shot back.

Piper to her credit hid her amusement at seeing Prue and Paige argue. She was wondering when it would start. "Woah, woah, what's going on down here?" Phoebe appeared on the stairs, still dressed in her bathrobe with her hair up in a towel. "I can here you guys with the water running."

"Prue is wearing my jeans."

"Paige is making me late."

Phoebe raised both eyebrows and looked at Piper. "Well whose jeans are they?"

"Mine!" Both sisters chimed in at once and then glared at each other. Phoebe shook her head and walked down the stairs to join her sisters.

"Okay," Piper piped up, moving slightly between her sisters. "well Paige if Prue says they're her jeans, then they're hers. Go find something else to wear." Paige immediately started pouting, while Prue smirked in triumph.

"Woah, woah, woah, Piper. We don't know that those aren't Paige's jeans. Prue, you just have to drop off prints, right? So go change quick and let Paige have her jeans so she won't be late." Phoebe shot back, also moving between Prue and Paige. To that Paige grinned while Prue sent a glare at her younger sister.

"Hey. We can't both be the middle sister here, Pheebs." Piper said sternly. "Prue doesn't need to change when Paige can just go home and find something else."

"If they're Paige's jeans she has a right to wear them if she wants to. Prue has other clothes too and besides Paige has to get to work."

"Um…are we interrupting something?" Chris, Connor, and Caleb stood at the top of the stairs, the Book of Shadows clutched in Connor's grip. "Cause I'm sure the demon can come back later, maybe we'll even invite him to tea."

"Demon." Paige whined softly. "I have to go to my temp job."

"At least you're wearing clothes." Phoebe retied her bathrobe tighter around her body.

"Is it in the attic? Did you check on Wyatt?" Piper asked starting up the stairs.

"Are you okay, boys?" Prue, concerned, followed Piper up the stairs.

"It's gone for now. Chris threw it into the door and then Connor tried to blow it up and it disappeared." Caleb explained, walking with his mother, aunt, and brothers towards the attic.

"You threw it into the door?" Prue asked, eyeing the attic door, which didn't seem to be damaged.

"It can teleport." Connor explained. "But it's not in the book. We already checked."

"Cole!" Prue called, looking slightly over her shoulder. "Cole, it's important."

"Leo!" Piper called a moment later, reappearing with Wyatt in her arms.

"Cole, Leo!" Phoebe called not even a second later, walking up the steps to join her sisters.

"You go put clothes on, and since when do you call for Cole?" Paige asked, redirecting her sister towards her bedroom.

"Since we need a whitelighter." Phoebe said as though it was the most obvious thing ever, to which Chris sent her a glare. She shrugged. "No offense, Chris." She called over her shoulder as she headed to her room.

"Cole!" Prue tried again, crossing her arms.

"Leo!" Piper echoed. "Where are they?"