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He's been working at MI6 for several weeks before anyone invited him out for drinks after work. He considered declining, but remembers that human beings have difficulty undertaking actions that have the potential to alter the social status quo. If he passed up this offer, there would likely never be another one. So as the rest of the technicians started finishing up their projects for the night, Q followed suit. He made double and triple sure that everything was saved and secured behind his own personal firewalls. Then he zipped up his cardigan, gathered up his coat and locks his office. He stood awkwardly near the door of Q-branch until the rest of his co-workers (employees, technically) are ready to leave.

There are only a handful left- Q runs over their names as he follows their discussion about which pub to hit. Abbey argued somewhat passionately for The Blue Boar; Everett disagreed, favoring The Queen's Head. Morris and Kade didn't seem to really care, but took great pleasure in egging on Abbey and Everett's disagreements. Q just tailed along behind, hands shoved into his coat pockets, content to listen. He'd forgotten how much he enjoyed being around people; he'd gone straight to work for MI6 after two solitary years working on a doctorate. He tried to calculate the last time he'd actually deliberately gone out into public for social reasons. He seemed to remember needing to create a new I.D. to order his own drinks. So it had to be five years, at least.

"Hey, Quartermaster, the vote is tied."

Q snapped back into the conversation. Abbey was the one who'd spoken; they were standing at a tube station, apparently trying to decide on a pub so they could take the appropriate line. Everyone else was watching him expectantly. He wondered briefly if it bothered them, not knowing his real name. He hesitated, unsure of the appropriate response, then shrugged.

"Toss a coin?" he suggested.

Abbey crowed, Everett protested, but in the end they flipped the coin. The Queen's Head it was. They stormed in together and settled into a table. Q slid in first, feeling perhaps a little more comfortable with a wall at his back.

Since Kade was most easily positioned to get out, they sent him to order the drinks. When he asked Q what he wanted, his mind went blank. It had been a very long time since he'd had anything other than the occasional glass of wine with dinner.

"I'm not really sure. Pick something for me," he decided quickly.

Kade grinned, and Q immediately regretted his decision. He did not always react well under social pressure. If it was life-or-death he could keep it together, but what to order? Forget it. He didn't know exactly how much he regretted it, though, until Kade slide a Pimm's in front of him.

Q eyed the fruity concoction dubiously while Everett snorted into his hand. Abbey was glaring at Kade, but Q pretended not to notice. It wasn't as if he knew what he really liked anyway, or had a particularly masculine reputation to protect. He looked up to catch Kade's challenging look, shrugged, and took a sip.

Then another.

It wasn't bad, really, aside from the principal of it. He could barely taste the alcohol, which was a bonus. It was perhaps a little sweet for Q's taste, but he could live with it. He glanced around the table, and broke the tension with a quirk of a smile. Abbey positively beamed, Morris and Everett looked relieved, and even Kade nodded grudgingly. After that, conversation came more easily, and Q chipped in more and more often as the level of his drink sank. Soon, they were all in stitches, ordering more drinks, and Q wondered fuzzily if he had always been this funny and just didn't know it, or if it was a recent development. He should probably look into it. At some point, they turned on more lights, or the ones that were on got brighter. Of course they didn't get brighter, he scolded himself, momentarily alarmed by his lack of basic electrical knowledge. His glass started to get slippery. He decided it was probably condensation and ordered another.

It was Kade who suggested that it was time to go home. They tried to arrange to help each other home, but it proved far too complicated, and they decided to just take their own tubes and ride together if their routes coincided. Thankfully, Abbey and Q shared a tube for a few stops, and then Q realized where he was.

"I can make it from here," he reassured her. "Are you lost? Can you make it home?"

She seemed to be nodding, but her eyes were having a hard time focusing.

"Abbey, do you know your way home?"

She looked up as if she had just noticed him.

"Oh! Q, I forgot you were there! You're so nice, making sure I get home. Have I ever told you that? You're a good boss." She patted his cheek kindly, then giggled. "And you have nice hair."

Q didn't quite follow the sequence of her logic, but he smiled anyway. He had never thought that he might be a good boss. Mostly he thought that the rest of Q-branch tolerated him because he was a genius. He told her that, and then she recognized her street, and went home. He went home, too, and was briefly puzzled by his own security system. How was he supposed to decode the lock if he didn't know the key? But then he remembered that he did know the key, because he had picked it, and he was extra-sure to lock the door behind him. For some reason, he wasn't entirely confident in his current cognitive abilities.

He couldn't go to bed without brushing his teeth, of course, though the toothpaste tasted awful when combined with the lingering fruity taste in his mouth. He brushed his teeth anyway, because he was very sure that he didn't want cavities. He remembered to change into his pyjamas, too, though he decided the buttons could wait until morning. By the time he pulled off his glasses and clambered into bed, some of the giddiness had worn off, leaving him feeling a little warm and sleepy.

He'd forgotten how nice it was to sometimes go out for drinks.

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