Starting a new story? Me? Well, procrastination is one of my many aliases.

*ahem* So I'm probably going to split this story into five blocks. I've already written 20 drabbles so far, so 80 more to go. That's 4 twenties to go. Every time I hit the next mark, I'll take a break until I have the next 20 written down. All the drabbles have themes in them. Some will be angsty, many will be cute. Tons of these are super short.

I'll update this every couple of days.

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Day 1: Beginnings

To Erza, the Tower of Heaven was no place for childhood. It wreaked of abuse, regret, and constant struggle. Slavery was no way for a child to live. It was not a place to start her life.

Erza was never sure what to think once she came to Fairy Tail. All she knew was that she had to find a place to train herself. She never expected to begin in Fairy Tail, though.

But she didn't regret it.

And she surely could never thank enough the person who made it all happen. He practically thrust her into the guild as a real member. A nakama. He was a person she cared about very deeply.

And when Erza told Gray about this, he chuckled in slight embarrassment.

But he couldn't deny the truth of it.